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2003 Masters Olympia DVD 2003 Masters Olympia DVD   Claude Groulx triumphant in his first Olympia victory!! 40 year old Groulx dominated the field of 27 competitors at this year’s event. Claude took straight firsts leaving Johnny Stewart, Darryl Stafford, Dave Hawk and George Turman to round out the top 5.
GMV-550DVD | $49.95 $34.95
Vince Taylor Workout - Getting Pumped Vince Taylor Workout - Getting Pumped   Hear the invincible Vince Taylor explain his training secrets in this superb workout video "Getting Pumped". Shot in Germany some years ago, Vince is in incredible condition. Vince Taylor became one of the greatest professional bodybuilders of all time, winning more GPs, as far as we know, than any other champion. He also won many Sandow awards as Masters Olympia winner where he was virtually unbeatable. This video now on DVD pays tribute to Vince in his earlier years.
V-008DVD | $29.95
2002 Masters' Olympia: Prejudging & Show 2002 Masters' Olympia: Prejudging & Show   Held in Lynchburg, Virginia, the 2002 Jan Tana Masters Olympia saw a role reversal for Don Youngblood and Vince Taylor with Youngblood stealing the coveted trophy this year by just 6 points. It was a massive upset.
GMV-498DVD | $39.95 $34.95
2001 Masters' Olympia 2001 Masters' Olympia   Vince Taylor scraped home by only 2 points over Don Youngblood to take his 5th Masters crown. Robby Robinson won the Over 50 Masters Olympia title and Honore Cironte took the Over 60 title. Ed Corney presented his own special award to Vince Taylor !! Sadly Don Youngblood and Hans Hopstaken have passed away since this was first released.
GMV-476DVD | $39.95 $34.95
2000 Masters' Olympia 2000 Masters' Olympia   Invincible Vince Taylor breezed into Roanoke to capture another Masters’ Mr. Olympia title, making it 4 in a row. See how convincingly he did it! Vince is one of the greatest Pro bodybuilders of all time!
A-1020DVD | $39.95 $34.95
No Pain, No Gain: The Movie No Pain, No Gain: The Movie   This award-winning 35mm film was seen in movie theaters across the USA and praised by newspapers, magazines, television and radio. Includes Dennis Newman and many more stars.
A-1166DVD | $29.95
Serge Jacobs, Bill Grant & Harold Dickinson Serge Jacobs, Bill Grant & Harold Dickinson   All stars pose in solo segments in this classic colour film now on DVD, and all are physique multi-title winners. Serge Jacobs was Mr. Belgium and Harold Dickinson was Mr. Europe. Bill Grant is a former Mr. World, Mr. America and Mr. International winner and competed in the Olympia and Masters Olympias. He is still in incredible shape today.
V-141DVD | $39.95
1996 Fitness Olympia with Masters (Historic DVD) 1996 Fitness Olympia with Masters (Historic DVD)   "New Champions" -- Two dynamic contests continue to grow in popularity. From Chicago, Illinois. FITNESS OLYMPIA: Saryn Muldrow (1), Mia Finnegan (2), Karen Hulse (3), Dale Tomita (4), Carol Semple-Marzetta (5), Teresa Hessler (6), Monica Brant (7), Michelle Bellini (8), Debi Lee (9), Claire Hillman (10). MASTERS OLYMPIA: Vince Taylor (1), Sonny Schmidt (2), Yohnnie Shambourger (3), Robby Robinson (4), Quincy Roberts (5), Samir Bannout (6), James Roberts (7), Emeric Delczeg (8), Katsumi Ishimura (9), Jim Morris (10), Ed Corney (11), Rod Koontz (12).
A-0887DVD | $39.95
1997 Fitness Olympia with Masters Olympia (Historic DVD) 1997 Fitness Olympia with Masters Olympia (Historic DVD)   "Coast to Coast Competitions" -- The Fitness Olympia gains new prominence in New York, while the Masters impress the Mr. Olympia crowds in Long Beach. FITNESS OLYMPIA: Carol Semple (1), Saryn Muldrow (2), Lena Johannesen (3), Susan Curry (4), Dale Tomita (5), Monica Brant (6), Karen Hulse (7), Theresa Hessler (8), Carmen Morena (9), Alexandra Beres (10), Timea Majorova (11), Michelle Bellini (12), Stephanie Worsfold (13), Jenifer Collins (15), Melissa Frabbiele (16). MASTERS OLYMPIA: Vince Taylor (Over-40 champion), Robbie Robinson (Over-50 champion), Honore Cironte (Over-60 champion), Ali Malla, Quincy Roberts, Sonny Schmidt, Daniel Coussier, Steve Davis, Yohnnie Shambourger, Emeric Delczeg, Nicholas Fotulu, James Roberts, Katsumi Ishimura, Ed Corney.
A-0947DVD | $39.95
1995 Masters Olympia, with Mr. Olympia Reunion 1995 Masters Olympia, with Mr. Olympia Reunion   See "History in the Making" as Sonny Schmidt becomes the second Masters Olympia winner and the first and only Olympia winner from Australia. The line-up also included Boyer Coe, Ed Corney, Rod Koontz, Casey Viator, Robby Robinson, Patrick Nicholls, Charles Glass and other greats of the Golden Era of bodybuilding. Quite a few of whom have passed before the cameras of a certain Wayne R. Gallasch at one time or another!! However all eyes are on the Mr. Olympia Reunion including Larry Scott, Sergio Oliva, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Franco Columbu, Frank Zane, Chris Dickerson, Samir Bannout, Lee Haney, and Dorian Yates - all on stage at one time! See Joe Weider as he laughs and chats with the various Mr. Olympia winners starting with Larry Scott, winner from 1965/1966.
A-0839DVD | $25.00
1993 Gold Star Classic - Men's Pro/Am Bodybuilding Contest 1993 Gold Star Classic - Men's Pro/Am Bodybuilding Contest   This DVD is dedicated to the wonderful career of Edward Kawak who passed away in 2006. On Sunday 26th September 1993, in Newcastle England, a new chapter in British bodybuilding history was born. It was Rafik Caprelian's staging of the first ever GOLD STAR CLASSIC for men, with amateur and professional divisions. An international field came to do battle in this spectacular event with the standard and condition of the contestants quite awesome.
GMV-176DVD | $34.95
2007 Australian Grand Prix DVD  -  2 DVD set 2007 Australian Grand Prix DVD - 2 DVD set   The 2007 Australian Grand Prix saw DEXTER "The Blade " JACKSON take his first victory for the 2007 season. Eleven pros took to the stage at the Dallas Brooks Centre, Melbourne's spiritual home of bodybuilding.
GMV-662DVD | $34.95
1995 English Grand Prix 1995 English Grand Prix   The top 5 competitors, VINCE TAYLOR, KEVIN LEVRONE, CHARLES CLAIRMONTE, NASSER EL SONBATY and CHRIS CORMIER were all so close it was a judge's nightmare. This was to be Vince's last victory at the English Grand Prix before winning 5 Masters Olympia titles. Vince is still competing today and will compete in the 2007 Mr Olympia in Las Vegas. This is one of the few DVDs we have that includes Paul DeMayo.
GMV-214DVD | $34.95
1994 Masters Olympia (Historic DVD) 1994 Masters Olympia (Historic DVD)   Lou Ferrigno returns to an Olympia stage for the third time in the 90's for this first-ever Masters Olympia competition, created by Joe Weider for former bodybuilding champions now over 40 years old. However Lou's dream was shattered by the incredible physique of winner ROBBY ROBINSON. The Results were as follows: Robby Robinson (1), Lou Ferrigno (2), Boyer Coe (3), Chris Dickerson (4), Olev Annus (5), Bernard Sealy (6), Danny Padilla (7), Bill Grant (8), Hubert Metz (9), Ed Corney (10), Scott Wilson (11), Herman Hoffend (12), Greg DeFerro (withdrew).
A-0806DVD | $39.95
1994 IFBB Iron Man Pro Invitational 1994 IFBB Iron Man Pro Invitational   Another spectacular lineup of magnificent muscle. Includes prejudging highlights. It was another magnificent professional victory for VINCE "THE PRINCE" TAYLOR. This was also a rare appearance of Bertil Fox in this event. Cormier and Priest both went on to be future winners of the Iron Man Pro.
V-085DVD | $29.95
2000 Mr. Olympia - The Pump Room # 1 2000 Mr. Olympia - The Pump Room # 1   Share the intimate Pump Room experience back stage at the 2000 Olympia in Las Vegas. It’s every man for himself in the tense moments before their on-stage battle for bodybuilding’s ultimate prize - THE 2000 MR. OLYMPIA TITLE!! In particular we feature the pump room preparation of Günter Schlierkamp, Jay Cutler, Nasser El Sonbaty, Lee Priest, Markus Rühl, Orville Burke & Kevin Levrone. This was the closest Kevin came to winning Mr Olympia. His condition was sensational. It took the incredible size, shape and condition of Ronnie to deny him the title.
GMV-386DVD | $29.95
2000 Mr. Olympia - The Pump Room # 2 2000 Mr. Olympia - The Pump Room # 2   This DVD (Part 2 of a 2 part series), was shot primarily during the tense Round 3 Pump Room Section of the Mr. Olympia evening finals. In 1999 we pioneered Mr Olympia Pump Room DVDs. This is the second year in our Olympia Pump Room series. See the normally private back stage pump up area and hear the final instructions to the nervous, tense competitors, all trying to gain the edge. Most fans never ever get the chance to set foot in this pump room area. This is your chance to see what really takes place back stage at the Olympia!
GMV-387DVD | $29.95
2000 Mr. Olympia: Controversial Muscle! 2000 Mr. Olympia: Controversial Muscle!   This DVD has a real "edge" to it and is completely different to anything we have ever offered before. If you like a little controversy, this DVD is for you! Now you too can be a fly on the wall at the Mr. Olympia athlete's meeting and hear the heated debate between Shawn Ray and Wayne DeMilia about the Round One judging procedure. You can hear the controversy surrounding the Press Conference with Shawn Ray, Ronnie Coleman and then Flex Wheeler taking on Big Sean Allan. You’ll also see Sean Allan posing for us at Shark Reef.
GMV-391DVD | $29.95
1989 IFBB Men's World Pro Bodybuilding Championships 1989 IFBB Men's World Pro Bodybuilding Championships   Held in the glamorous Convention and Exhibition Centre in Sydney, Australia, the World's best bodybuilders gathered to fight it out for the IFBB Professional World Championships. The battle between the top three was controversial. Many thought Strydom should have won and one week later in the next Grand Prix he reversed the placement over Robby Robinson. The judges saw Robby Robinson as clearly the best with his victory being quite clear cut. Bob Paris revealed a stunning routine, and was in his best shape for some time. Albert Beckles was 4th with Bertil Fox in 5th place.
V-037DVD | $29.95
1995 English Grand Prix: Pump Room and Seminar 1995 English Grand Prix: Pump Room and Seminar   Our first men's DVD of 2 from this event, it is the most mind blowing pump room footage you will ever see (approx. 30 mins), followed by the champions seminar (approx. 30 mins). In the informal seminar, VINCE TAYLOR, KEVIN LEVRONE & PAUL DEMAYO (with assistance from promoter Wayne DeMilia) answered many questions from the audience. To our knowledge this is the first and only Grand Prix seminar footage on these 3 stars.
GMV-213DVD | $29.95
2015 Mr. Olympia 2 DVD Set 2015 Mr. Olympia 2 DVD Set   Once again these are massive DOUBLE-DVD sets – the Olympia Men's 2 disc set includes Mr. Olympia Prejudging, Mr. Olympia Finals, 212 Showdown and the Olympia Physique competition, plus a bonus of the Men’s Model Search and some Pump Room action from backstage of the men preparing to go out on stage. Pump room footage shot by GMV in a first-ever for a Mr. Olympia DVD. This DVD set contains over SEVEN HOURS of amazing Olympia coverage!
A-1455DVD | $39.95
CONTEST RESULTS INDEX CONTEST RESULTS INDEX   Contest Results Index - year by year to date.
Contest Res - Index | $.00
Olympia DVD Collection Index - The Men Olympia DVD Collection Index - The Men   Complete Mr. Olympia DVD Index from 1971 onwards. Now includes the Amateur Olympia video files as from 2017 onwards for Men & Women.
Olympia DVDs | $.00
Masters Olympia History on DVD from 1994 to 2003 Masters Olympia History on DVD from 1994 to 2003   See the complete Masters Olympia History on DVD from 1994 to 2003. That was the last year the contest was recorded for video.
Masters Olympia DVDs | $.00
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WAYNE'S HARD NEWS - Retrospective 2018 Olympia Report
Pro Men: Shawn Rhoden becomes the 14th Mr Olympia winner as he stunningly took home the top prize in 2018. Phil Heath has held the title for the last 7 years, but on the big night this year, it was not to be his record-equaling victory # 8.