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OHF Hall of Fame # 8: Tribute to Arnold plus Earl Maynard OHF Hall of Fame # 8: Tribute to Arnold plus Earl Maynard   COMING SOON ON DVD. The 11th Annual OHF Dinner and Hall of Fame Awards, held in 2002 Featuring Earl Maynard and Louis Martin, O.B.E., Wag & Diane Bennett, William Slater CBE, David Gentle and Bill Palmer.
A-4341 | $.00
Arnold - The Early Years - Arnold's early career in bodybuilding Arnold - The Early Years - Arnold's early career in bodybuilding   Apart from the 73 minutes of early contest and outdoor posing footage of Arnold and Franco, the bonus material from this collector's DVD includes more recent out-takes, on-stage and behind the scenes video from the Arnold Classic. See approximately 109 minutes of Arnold. In 1980 Arnold made his comeback in Australia at the Mr Olympia contest held at the Sydney Opera House. It was to be Olympia victory # 7. See his solo posing, many comparisons, compulsory poses and more as Arnold once again stands victorious. Includes scenes of many of his closest rivals from Mentzer to Zane etc. A tour de force with Arnold, since voted the most popular bodybuilder of all time.
GMV-250DVD | $39.95
Pumping Iron Pumping Iron   The 25th Anniversary special edition DVD of Pumping Iron is now available. Most of the film focuses on the intense rivalry and competition between Arnold Schwarzenegger and Lou Ferrigno. The production also features some segments on other bodybuilders such as Franco Columbu, Ken Waller, Mike Katz, Ed Corney, Serge Nubret, Paul Grant and other top men of that time.
A-1071DVD | $39.95
The Comeback: Arnold at the 1980 Mr. Olympia The Comeback: Arnold at the 1980 Mr. Olympia   This is the story of one of the greatest comebacks of all time. Also starring with Arnold are Tom Platz plus appearances by a number of the Mr. Olympia contenders - Frank Zane, Boyer Coe, Dennis Tinerino, Mike Mentzer, Chris Dickerson, Samir Bannout, Roy Callendar and Roger Walker. Includes scenes of Arnold training in the gym in Sydney, plus contest pump room scenes, interviews, and contest posing by some of the other competitors. See the complete posing routines of Arnold, Platz and Zane, plus the incredible posedown.
V-144DVD | $39.95
2003 Mr. Olympia - Prejudging & Finals - Double DVD Set 2003 Mr. Olympia - Prejudging & Finals - Double DVD Set   At last you can enjoy the Mr. Olympia contest at home using your DVD player for maximum definition of the world's greatest physiques! This special double-DVD release includes both the 90-minute Prejudging Video (with the Symmetry Round, the solo compulsory poses of every athlete, and the Muscularity Round man-against-man comparisons); PLUS The 90-minute Finals DVD with the individual posing routines of every athlete, an appearance by Arnold Schwarzenegger, award presentations, and Ronnie Coleman's victory speech.
A-1072DVDSP | $39.95
2003 Mr Olympia Pump Room #2 - The Show 2003 Mr Olympia Pump Room #2 - The Show   Also shot with 2 cameras, the Finals Pump Room was a mass of pumping, posing and sweating guys, all eager to get on stage. You get more of massive RONNIE COLEMAN than ever before as he pumps his incredible arms and back to the max! He easily wins his 6xth Olympia title with his "muscles on muscles". All competitors are shown and named as they pump, oil and pose. Plus guest poser SIMON ROBINSON with ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER and KERRY KAYES. Hardcore bodybuilding pump room action at it's very best!
GMV-560DVD | $39.95 $34.95
Ronnie Coleman: The Cost of Redemption Ronnie Coleman: The Cost of Redemption   This is Ronnie Coleman how we all love to see him - training and training hard. It showcases his campaign for the 2003 Olympia, when he came in bigger, harder and more ripped than we have ever seen him before. The total running time is 3 hours 15 minutes. More than 3 whole hours of Ronnie.
A-1082DVD | $39.95
Tommi Thorvildsen - California's Muscle Machine Tommi Thorvildsen - California's Muscle Machine   See the incredible story of Tommi Thorvildsen rise from young pro bodybuilder to star Mr. Olympia competitor. This film has it all from prejudging comparisons to his posing at FIBO, Grand Prix, the Arnold Classic to his appearance in the Olympia pump room. (Includes a brief interview by Shawn Ray) The finale is his pumping, oiling and posing poolside in Las Vegas with AHMAD HAIDAR on the day after the Mr. Olympia.
GMV-571DVD | $39.95 $24.95
1980 Mr. Olympia 1980 Mr. Olympia   SPECIAL EDITION DVD DIGITALLY REMASTERED CLASSIC. Besides Arnold, the line up also included Mike Mentzer, Chris Dickerson, Frank Zane, Boyer Coe, Roy Duval, Casey Viator, Roy Callender, Ken Waller, Samir Bannout, Tom Platz, Danny Padilla, Roger Walker, etc. Includes prejudging footage plus the show. Strictly a hard core contest DVD showing all competitors.
V-103DVDSP | $34.95
2004 Mr. Olympia Prejudging and Show - 2 DVD set 2004 Mr. Olympia Prejudging and Show - 2 DVD set   New Double-DVD Set! Mr. Olympia Prejudging and Finals on two DVD discs - 3 hours of muscle and all the excitement of the Olympia. KING RONNIE crowned by the Governator! Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger walked onto the Olympia stage holding the Sandow trophy and presented it to Ronnie Coleman for tying his record. Both men stand only one victory away from all-time leader Lee Haney.
A-1088DVDSP | $39.95
Mike & Ray Mentzer - Gym Workout Mike & Ray Mentzer - Gym Workout   The awesome Mentzer brothers, fuelled by their intense rivalry, show what they can do when they pump iron at the gym. Filmed in the gym late at night, they blast their way through display workout routines with heavy weights which are a little less than they would normally use. However this is the only known footage of them training together. See Mike's personal comments to Wayne!
V-121DVD | $34.95
Fibo Gold 1985-2005 Fibo Gold 1985-2005   20 YEARS OF DRAMATIC ACTION FROM THE FIBOS IN GERMANY FROM 1985 TO 2004 INCLUSIVE, DVD released at FIBO 2005. SEE ALL THE SUPERSTARS - POSING SHOWS - SEXY FITNESS & BODYBUILDING CHAMPIONS AND MORE. Experience the best of the best from the international Fitness and Bodybuilding scene.
A-1098DVD | $34.95
Serge Nubret - Seminar Pt. 1 and Posing Serge Nubret - Seminar Pt. 1 and Posing   The Black Prince of Paris: Mr. Europe - Mr. World - Mr. Universe. Nubret is a legend in the world of bodybuilding! A master poser who presents the perfection of a seasoned champion, and the powerful muscular display of a world class physique. His superb classical posing is designed to show off the flawless symmetry and beauty of his body. Truly one of the all time legends of bodybuilding!
GMV-075DVD | $29.95
1970 & 1971 NABBA Mr Universe Contests (Remastered Version) - Arnold's last NABBA Crown 1970 & 1971 NABBA Mr Universe Contests (Remastered Version) - Arnold's last NABBA Crown   1970 and a still young Arnold Schwarzenegger wins his final NABBA crown in England. A very historic release. You'll also see Frank Zane, Franco Columbu, Frank Colombera, Johnny Fuller, Chris Dickerson, Boyer Coe, Dave Draper, Reg Park, Al Beckles, John Citrone, Walter O'Malley, Helmut Riedmeier, Brian Eastman & Frank Richard. And also on this tape the 1971 NABBA Universe - the Amateur winner was Ken Waller the Professional winner was Bill Pearl. Also includes Frank Zane, Reg Park and the great Sergio Oliva.
V-108DVD | $29.95
Wayne Gallasch on George Negus Tonight TV Show Wayne Gallasch on George Negus Tonight TV Show   Wayne talks about how it all began, from working with the biggest names of the 70s such as Arnold Schwarzenegger, Mike Mentzer, Frank Zane, Sergio Oliva, and Bill Pearl up to modern day stars such as Ronnie Coleman, Dorian Yates, Lee Priest, Lenda Murray, Juliette Bergmann and many more. The DVD also includes an overview of the GMV Bodybuilding studio including edit room, staff and more at head office in Adelaide, South Australia. It provides you with a peek behind the scenes at GMV.
A-1084DVD | $9.95
John Citrone John Citrone "Maximum Damage" Workout   John Citrone, multi Mr. Universe and Mr. World winner is probably England’s most titled bodybuilder. He has won every contest available to him from Junior Mr. Britain to Mr Universe through to his recent Masters Mr. World title in 2005. In a career spanning more than 48 years John has battled with many of the greats of bodybuilding including Arnold Schwarzenegger back in the 60s!
GMV-231DVD | $39.95 $29.95
2005 Mr. Olympia DVD - 2 Disc Set 2005 Mr. Olympia DVD - 2 Disc Set   The all-new 2005 Mr. Olympia DVD has now been released. See Ronnie Coleman defeat a host of great challengers, plus special appearances by Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and the legendary Joe Weider. This is a classic year in the Olympia series of DVDs. It is Ronnie's final Olympia victory. Plus the Wildcard Showdown highlights - won by David Henry.
A-1107DVD | $39.95
Bodybuilding - Jusup Wilkosz with special guest Arnold Schwarzenegger Bodybuilding - Jusup Wilkosz with special guest Arnold Schwarzenegger   Wilkosz is the first German World Amateur and Professional Bodybuilding Champion. Here at last is a workout DVD which shows what bodybuilding is all about - the blood, sweat and tears of top level training. This Video shows in various gym training sequences the full challenge of striving to fulfil one’s own potential, as Wilkosz, like Vulcan, powers his way through a gruelling workout. He is assisted by his guests who include Arnold Schwarzenegger, Al Beckles, Ed Corney, Tony Pearson, Josef Petr and Peter Fules.
V-013DVD | $29.95
The Golden Age Of Muscle: Part 1 1982/83 Mr Olympias The Golden Age Of Muscle: Part 1 1982/83 Mr Olympias   Mr Olympia 1982 The unforgettable Mr Olympia in the UK - including Chris Dickerson, Frank Zane, Tom Platz and Brutal Bertil Fox! Mr Olympia 1983 Watch the amazing Samir Bannout take 1st place, beating Lee Haney, Frank Zane and many more. Battle For Gold Includes a workout with Lee Haney, Rich Gaspari and segments on many other champions.
A-1167DVD | $39.95
The Golden Age Of Muscle: Part 2 1984/85 Mr Olympia The Golden Age Of Muscle: Part 2 1984/85 Mr Olympia   Mr Olympia 1984 Watch the legendary Lee Haney take his first Mr O, beating the all time greats, Sergio Oliva, Mohamed Makkawy, Tom Platz and more. Mr Olympia 1985 Lee Haney takes win No. 2 over Gaspari, Christian, Beckles, Padilla, Platz and more. A real champ. The Challengers Includes the following: Tom Platz training, Rich Gaspari training and posing, Lee Haney, Al Beckles training arms and posing, Bob Paris interview plus training and posing, Frank Richards training and posing.
A-1168DVD | $39.95
The Golden Age Of Muscle: Part 3 1986 Mr Olympia etc The Golden Age Of Muscle: Part 3 1986 Mr Olympia etc   Mr Olympia 1986 Remember Eduardo Kawak? Berry de Mey? Bertil Fox? Beckles? Christian? Gaspari? No-one can stop Freight Train Haney now. Win No. 3.and counting. The Olympians This lead up to the Olympia documentary stars Berry DeMey, Gary Strydom, Ellen Van Maris, Juliette Bergmann and more. Complete workouts with top champions, including tips on dieting and motivation to get you into contest shape. Inspiration and motivation. Schwarzeneggers Superstars of Muscle Narrated by Arnold as various superstars are introduced, including the following: Lee Haney training, interview and posing, Rich Gaspari training, Reg Park training and interview, Gary Strydom training and posing and many more stars.
A-1169DVD | $39.95
2006 PDI NIGHT OF CHAMPIONS 2 DISC SET 2006 PDI NIGHT OF CHAMPIONS 2 DISC SET   The 27th staging of the Night of Champions in New York was this time staged under Wayne DeMilia’s new PDI banner. This 2006 NOC 2 Disc Set is the FIRST EVER NOC release on DVD. In fact this famous event has almost never ever had a video record made for public consumption. It was held in the Town Hall Theatre on 43rd Street where Arnold Schwarzenegger won his first ever Mr Olympia title in 1970. It was also the home of many early NOC events. As the event flyer said “See the hottest, sexiest best-built men in the world” – “The ultimate in Professional Bodybuilding Entertainment”. Those words pretty well summed up the tone and the feel of the contest.
GMV-648DVD | $55.95 $32.50
2006 PDI Night of Champions - Pump Room 2006 PDI Night of Champions - Pump Room   This DVD is the FIRST EVER NOC Pump Room release on any medium. See all of the top guys from the Pro Qualifier along with the NOC pro show with its total of 23 competitors. Watch winner LEE PRIEST as he prepares to do battle with his challengers such as Sami Al-Haddad, Andreas Frey, Steph Sinton and more. Catch all the oiling, pumping and drama from backstage at this famous event. Some of the guys specially posed for our camera. Includes LEE PRIEST posing with his trophy backstage after the event.
GMV-654DVD | $34.95
1995 Masters Olympia, with Mr. Olympia Reunion 1995 Masters Olympia, with Mr. Olympia Reunion   See "History in the Making" as Sonny Schmidt becomes the second Masters Olympia winner and the first and only Olympia winner from Australia. The line-up also included Boyer Coe, Ed Corney, Rod Koontz, Casey Viator, Robby Robinson, Patrick Nicholls, Charles Glass and other greats of the Golden Era of bodybuilding. Quite a few of whom have passed before the cameras of a certain Wayne R. Gallasch at one time or another!! However all eyes are on the Mr. Olympia Reunion including Larry Scott, Sergio Oliva, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Franco Columbu, Frank Zane, Chris Dickerson, Samir Bannout, Lee Haney, and Dorian Yates - all on stage at one time! See Joe Weider as he laughs and chats with the various Mr. Olympia winners starting with Larry Scott, winner from 1965/1966.
A-0839DVD | $25.00
2007 IFBB Sacramento Grand Prix 2007 IFBB Sacramento Grand Prix   Held in the wonderful Art Deco Crest Theatre, it was soon evident at the Prejudging that Toney Freeman and Silvio Samuel would be the men to beat. From there on down the field was very even for the next 5 or 6 placings. It was an historic moment when Hide Yamagishi was announced in 3rd place, thus qualifying him for the 2007 Olympia. He will be the FIRST EVER Japanese competitor in the Mr. Olympia event. Unlucky to miss out on Olympia qualification was 4th placed Ahmad Haidar with his outstanding physique and incredible abs.
GMV-660DVD | $39.95
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WAYNE'S HARD NEWS - Retrospective 2018 Olympia Report
Pro Men: Shawn Rhoden becomes the 14th Mr Olympia winner as he stunningly took home the top prize in 2018. Phil Heath has held the title for the last 7 years, but on the big night this year, it was not to be his record-equaling victory # 8.