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Arnold - The Early Years Arnold - The Early Years   Apart from the 73 minutes of early contest and outdoor posing footage of Arnold and Franco, the bonus material from this collector's DVD includes more recent out-takes, on-stage and behind the scenes video from the Arnold Classic. See approximately 109 minutes of Arnold. In 1980 Arnold made his comeback in Australia at the Mr Olympia contest held at the Sydney Opera House. It was to be Olympia victory # 7. See his solo posing, many comparisons, compulsory poses and more as Arnold once again stands victorious. Includes scenes of many of his closest rivals from Mentzer to Zane etc. A tour de force with Arnold, since voted the most popular bodybuilder of all time.
GMV-250DVD | $44.95
Pumping Iron Pumping Iron   The 25th Anniversary special edition DVD of Pumping Iron is now available. Most of the film focuses on the intense rivalry and competition between Arnold Schwarzenegger and Lou Ferrigno. The production also features some segments on other bodybuilders such as Franco Columbu, Ken Waller, Mike Katz, Ed Corney, Serge Nubret, Paul Grant and other top men of that time.
A-1071DVD | $39.95
The Comeback: Arnold at the 1980 Mr. Olympia The Comeback: Arnold at the 1980 Mr. Olympia   This is the story of one of the greatest comebacks of all time. Also starring with Arnold are Tom Platz plus appearances by a number of the Mr. Olympia contenders - Frank Zane, Boyer Coe, Dennis Tinerino, Mike Mentzer, Chris Dickerson, Samir Bannout, Roy Callendar and Roger Walker. Includes scenes of Arnold training in the gym in Sydney, plus contest pump room scenes, interviews, and contest posing by some of the other competitors. See the complete posing routines of Arnold, Platz and Zane, plus the incredible posedown.
V-144DVD | $39.95
1980 Mr. Olympia 1980 Mr. Olympia   SPECIAL EDITION DVD DIGITALLY REMASTERED. Besides Arnold, the line up also included Mike Mentzer, Chris Dickerson, Frank Zane, Boyer Coe, Roy Duval, Casey Viator, Roy Callender, Ken Waller, Samir Bannout, Tom Platz, Danny Padilla, Roger Walker, etc. Includes prejudging footage plus the show. The most controversial Mr. Olympia of all time! Strictly a hard core contest DVD showing all competitors.
V-103DVDSP | $39.95
HEIKO KALLBACH - The Berlin Wall Workout HEIKO KALLBACH - The Berlin Wall Workout   Heiko Kallbach - the Berlin IFBB Professional demonstrates his personal training style in his first film. A COMPLETE 5-DAY WORKOUT WITH FULL INTENSITY. He also gives general advice on training methods and nutrition. Experience Heiko in a private atmosphere and amongst his fans. Also includes posing routines.
A-1087DVD | $39.95
Bertil Fox, Phil Toppin & Warren Frederick Bertil Fox, Phil Toppin & Warren Frederick   Shot in London in September 1976, the first part of this video (approx. 30 mins) explores the FOX/TOPPIN training team. A complete gruelling workout, with muscle flexing between exercises. Full screen closeups of Bertil's arms as he presses the biggest pair of dumbells ever seen! The final segment is Bertil posing in a park plus a posedown with Toppin. A young Fox at his peak! Brutal Bertil won three Universe titles, and went on to become a top IFBB Professional.
V-117DVD | $34.95
2005 Mr. Olympia DVD - 2 Disc Set 2005 Mr. Olympia DVD - 2 Disc Set   The all-new 2005 Mr. Olympia DVD has now been released. See Ronnie Coleman defeat a host of great challengers, plus special appearances by Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and the legendary Joe Weider. This is a classic year in the Olympia series of DVDs. It is Ronnie's final Olympia victory. Plus the Wildcard Showdown highlights - won by David Henry.
A-1107DVD | $39.95
Muscletime #4 - The Pro World  #2 Muscletime #4 - The Pro World #2   The DVD features the following stars: Lee Priest, Dennis James, Branch Warren, Armin Scholz, Dorian Yates, Victor Richards, Gary Strydom and many more IFBB Super Stars. YOU WILL SEE THE FOLLOWING CONTENT: In the gym with - Quincy Taylor, George Farah, Tommi Thorvildsen. 2005 Charlotte Pro - backstage, onstage - Featuring: Dennis James, Branch Warren, Mustafa Mohammad, Fakhri Mubarak, Armin Scholz, Craig Richardson..... In Room posing - Lee Priest. BONUS: Muscletime Oldtimers: Gary Strydom, Victor Richards, Dorian Yates.
A-1111DVD | $32.95
2006 San Francisco Grand Prix 2006 San Francisco Grand Prix   Witness the incredible battle of GUSTAVO BADELL versus BRANCH WARREN as they slug it out on stage at this year's San Francisco Grand Prix. Pose for pose, comparison by comparison we have never seen such raw aggression, noise and determination on stage as Gustavo reversed his defeat at the hands of Branch from the week before in Columbus, Ohio! This will go down in the record books as a classic confrontation! This takes nothing away from Melvin, Mustafa,Toney and all of the other great competitors in the field of 26.
GMV-628DVD | $29.95
2006 Arnold Classic - Prejudging 2006 Arnold Classic - Prejudging   You get the entire Prejudging phase of the Arnold Classic, including the solo compulsory poses of every athlete, the relaxed symmetry comparisons and the dynamic muscularity round comparisons. Plus, as an added bonus, a special tribute to 8-time Mr. Olympia LEE HANEY. Lee joins journalist Dave Bontempo and bodybuilding legend Vince Taylor in a discussion of the posing routines and athletes in the Finals.
A-1130DVD | $34.95
2006 Arnold Classic - Finals 2006 Arnold Classic - Finals   This disc includes a show preview by bodybuilding legend Vince Taylor and journalist Dave Bontempo, the Opening Ceremony, the complete posing routines of all 15 athletes – plus a presentation from the host and the triumphant Awards Ceremonies. Don’t miss the creative posing by such stars as Melvin Anthony, Branch Warren, and Lee Priest – not to mention the flawless, razor-sharp and elegant physique of two-time champion Dexter Jackson.
A-1131DVD | $34.95
2006 Arnold Classic - Prejudging & Finals 2 Disc Set 2006 Arnold Classic - Prejudging & Finals 2 Disc Set   Buy the complete 2006 Arnold Classic from the beginning of the prejudging right through to the end of the final awards. A bodybuilding bonanza, being the first time ever the complete Arnold Classic has been offered on DVD. This 2 disc set is destined to become a collector’s item. See Dexter Jackson make it two in a row in this classic contest from Columbus, Ohio. Shot with multiple cameras, the whole production is of the highest quality.
A-1132DVDSP | $39.95
2006 Arnold Classic - Pump Room 2006 Arnold Classic - Pump Room   Due to the prestige of this event we shot with 2 cameras so that we would not miss a moment of the exciting pump room and backstage action. The DVD covers both the prejudging and evening finals pump rooms, plus some posing in the photo booth. We captured a mass of oiling, pumping, posing and sweating guys, all eager to get on stage. You see plenty of BRANCH WARREN as he pumps and prepares for his sensational second placing to eventual winner DEXTER JACKSON.
GMV-631DVD | $39.95
The Battle for the Olympia 2005 3 DVD set The Battle for the Olympia 2005 3 DVD set   This fantastic 3 disc set running a massive 540 minutes total is always one of our best selling DVD sets each year. This year is the 10th anniversary of this classic series showing the guys training as they prepare for the 2005 Mr Olympia.
A-1140DVD | $39.95
POWERSURGE - RONNY ROCKEL & JAROSLAV HORVATH POWERSURGE - RONNY ROCKEL & JAROSLAV HORVATH   Feel the power as RONNY ROCKEL and JAROSLAV HORVATH turn it on in the gym on the day after the IFBB Australian Grand Prix. Both men were in fantastic condition, rock hard and shredded. See their favourite exercises as they power their way through their workout, blasting set for set. Also includes highlights of both guys in the pump room, GP prejudging comparisons and footage of Ronny at the Mr. Universe when competing as an amateur.
GMV-641DVD | $34.95
2006 IFBB Australian Pro Grand Prix 2006 IFBB Australian Pro Grand Prix   LEE PRIEST was back to defend his title but a ripped RONNY ROCKEL proved the best on the day. The aesthetic German outclassed some of the biggest names in bodybuilding to seize his first Pro Victory. There were no boos from the parochial Australian Gold Coast crowd, who were mainly gunning for PRIEST - they all could see that ROCKEL was a clear winner.
GMV-645DVD | $34.95
2006 Mr. Olympia 2 disc set 2006 Mr. Olympia 2 disc set   This year there was a huge upset as Jay Cutler dethrones 8-time Mr. Olympia Ronnie Coleman!! A new Mr. Olympia is crowned and 8-time Mr. Olympia Ronnie Coleman gets 2nd place to the awesome Jay Cutler! Although Ronnie was in great shape the extra 10 pounds of hard muscle put on by Cutler tipped the balance in his favour, Cutler won all four rounds of the show for a historic victory.
A-1171DVD | $39.95
2006 Mr. Olympia Finals Photo DVD 2006 Mr. Olympia Finals Photo DVD   Our brand new 2006 Mr Olympia Finals photo DVD is a slide show with background music that will play in your DVD player. It is not a photo CD simply for playing in your computer. However it will play in your computer's DVD drive if you wish. Sit back and watch these great champions in their finest hour, all 275 photos have been hand picked by the legendary bodybuilding photographer Wayne Gallasch and rendered to DVD in the highest quality. You will see every detail from this key position in the press pit. This DVD is a wonderful photographic record of Jay Cutler's historic victory.
GMV-656FPCD | $24.95
The Jeff King Seminar plus Posing The Jeff King Seminar plus Posing   Jeff King was the 1983 AAU Mr America and 1983 NABBA Amateur Mr Universe winner. At the time he was one of the best amateur bodybuilders in the world. If he was a pro star in the current era he would no doubt be compared with a Branch Warren when in his peak condition. I would say that Jeff's genetic structure was more like that of Branch Warren than any other pro bodybuilder that I have seen in the last 25 years.
GMV-009/010DVD | $39.95 $29.95
The Battle for the Olympia XI - 2006: 3 disc set The Battle for the Olympia XI - 2006: 3 disc set   This fantastic 3 disc set runs in excess of 7 hours and is always one of our best selling DVD sets each year. This year is the 11th anniversary of this classic series showing the Olympia guys training as they prepare for the 2006 Mr Olympia. What makes the set historically different this year is the footage of Jay Cutler who later went on to claim the title. His first ever Olympia crown.
A-1185DVD | $39.95
Branch Warren - UNCHAINED / RAW-REALITY 2 Disc Set Branch Warren - UNCHAINED / RAW-REALITY 2 Disc Set   This awesome 2 DVD set includes Branch's whole-body workout filmed over five gut-wrenching days. 98% of this DVD is Black & White by request of Branch to highlight every raw detail of his awesome physique. This has not been done since Bodybuilding's best seller Dorian Yates - Blood & Guts.
A-1206DVD | $39.95
2007 Arnold Classic - 2 disc set 2007 Arnold Classic - 2 disc set   3 HOURS OF PROFESSIONAL MUSCLE ON SHOW IN A 2 DISC SET!! For the second year in a row we are proud to offer the complete 2007 Arnold Classic men's DVD as a 2 disc set. You get the prejudging and the complete finals through to the awards. 90 minutes of hard core mind-bending muscle action on EACH disc. See how Victor Martinez was able to surpass Dexter Jackson and Toney Freeman after a titanic battle.
A-1209DVD | $39.95
2005 Charlotte Pro - Men's & Women's Finals 2 Disc Set 2005 Charlotte Pro - Men's & Women's Finals 2 Disc Set   The first-ever Charlotte pro took place on September 30 and October 1, 2005. This innagural show will go down in history of one of the best Pro Bodybuilding shows in history. Witness the amazing fitness routines, breathtaking figure competitors and the intense bodybuilding posedown featuring Dennis James, Branch Warren and Quincy Taylor.
A-1216DVD | $39.95
Men of Muscle # 7 - Back with a Vengeance: “VICIOUS MUSCLE” Men of Muscle # 7 - Back with a Vengeance: “VICIOUS MUSCLE”   Men of Muscle is back with a vengeance in # 7 “VICIOUS MUSCLE” as we showcase a number of the best male bodybuilders from around the world. A “best of the best” in our semi-annual muscle-fest all male release! It is 130 minutes of non-stop “vicious” hardcore posing, pumping and training.
GMV-677DVD | $39.95
2008 Arnold Classic - 2 Disc Set : Prejudging & Finals 2008 Arnold Classic - 2 Disc Set : Prejudging & Finals   In the PREJUDGING Disc #1 we include every single comparison from all 15 competitors, shot from our central front camera in the press pit. In the FINALS Disc #2 you will see the exciting opening of the show, then all 15 athletes perform their complete posing routines through to top 6 posedown and awards. This FINALS disc has been edited from 4 different cameras using the best angle and the best possible image of the bodybuilders at all times. The footage was shot from Wayne’s central camera position in the press pit and from the 3 house cameras of LIVE TECHNOLOGIES, producing the best ever and most comprehensive record of the Arnold Classic Finals.
GMV-692DVD | $39.95
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WAYNE'S HARD NEWS - Retrospective 2018 Olympia Report
Pro Men: Shawn Rhoden becomes the 14th Mr Olympia winner as he stunningly took home the top prize in 2018. Phil Heath has held the title for the last 7 years, but on the big night this year, it was not to be his record-equaling victory # 8.