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Arnold - The Early Years Arnold - The Early Years   Apart from the 73 minutes of early contest and outdoor posing footage of Arnold and Franco, the bonus material from this collector's DVD includes more recent out-takes, on-stage and behind the scenes video from the Arnold Classic. See approximately 109 minutes of Arnold. In 1980 Arnold made his comeback in Australia at the Mr Olympia contest held at the Sydney Opera House. It was to be Olympia victory # 7. See his solo posing, many comparisons, compulsory poses and more as Arnold once again stands victorious. Includes scenes of many of his closest rivals from Mentzer to Zane etc. A tour de force with Arnold, since voted the most popular bodybuilder of all time.
GMV-250DVD | $44.95
FIBO 2001 Monstrous Men FIBO 2001 Monstrous Men   Once again, the very best of FIBO, with all the stars, interviews, pumping, oiling, posing and working out. It features some wonderful footage of Ronnie Coleman, Jay Cutler, Nasser El Sonbaty, Gunter Schlierkamp, Ernie Taylor, Francis Benfatto, Paco Bautista etc and many more.
V-173DVD | $29.95
2003 Mr. Olympia - Prejudging & Finals - Double DVD Set 2003 Mr. Olympia - Prejudging & Finals - Double DVD Set   At last you can enjoy the Mr. Olympia contest at home using your DVD player for maximum definition of the world's greatest physiques! This special double-DVD release includes both the 90-minute Prejudging Video (with the Symmetry Round, the solo compulsory poses of every athlete, and the Muscularity Round man-against-man comparisons); PLUS The 90-minute Finals DVD with the individual posing routines of every athlete, an appearance by Arnold Schwarzenegger, award presentations, and Ronnie Coleman's victory speech.
A-1072DVDSP | $39.95
2003 Mr Olympia Pump Room #1 - The Prejudging 2003 Mr Olympia Pump Room #1 - The Prejudging   The competitors this year had a special bonus in the pump up area. With more gym equipment than ever before, we shot more hard core pumping than in any other year. Every competitor is included and is named the first time he appears on screen. See lots of action from the newer guys such as ART ATWOOD, JOHNNIE JACKSON, JONATHON DAVIE and TROY ALVES. Plus JOE WEIDER chats to the guys in the pump room.
GMV-559DVD | $39.95 $34.95
2003 Mr Olympia Pump Room #2 - The Show 2003 Mr Olympia Pump Room #2 - The Show   Also shot with 2 cameras, the Finals Pump Room was a mass of pumping, posing and sweating guys, all eager to get on stage. You get more of massive RONNIE COLEMAN than ever before as he pumps his incredible arms and back to the max! He easily wins his 6xth Olympia title with his "muscles on muscles". All competitors are shown and named as they pump, oil and pose. Plus guest poser SIMON ROBINSON with ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER and KERRY KAYES. Hardcore bodybuilding pump room action at it's very best!
GMV-560DVD | $39.95 $34.95
Ronnie Coleman: The Cost of Redemption Ronnie Coleman: The Cost of Redemption   This is Ronnie Coleman how we all love to see him - training and training hard. It showcases his campaign for the 2003 Olympia, when he came in bigger, harder and more ripped than we have ever seen him before. The total running time is 3 hours 15 minutes. More than 3 whole hours of Ronnie.
A-1082DVD | $39.95
Ronnie Coleman - The Unbelievable Ronnie Coleman - The Unbelievable   One of the roughest, toughest workout imaginable. Just see the weights - unbelievable, man, simply unbelievable. Ronnie shows how he came to be Mr. Olympia, and how he holds the title year after year. He has given a new benchmark for this prestigious title. The DVD also goes into the background of Ronnie's police career, plus an indepth interview.
A-4308DVD | $39.95
The Battle for the Olympia 2003 2 DVD set The Battle for the Olympia 2003 2 DVD set   The long-awaited Battle 2003 is now available!! Predominantly workout from 12 great Mr. Olympia contenders. All the top names: Ronnie Coleman, Jay Cutler, Troy Alves, Dennis James, Dexter Jackson, Günter Schlierkamp, Claude Groulx, Darrem Charles, Art Atwood, Rodney St. Cloud, Jonathan Davie and Melvin Anthony.
A-1086DVD | $39.95
2004 Mr. Olympia Prejudging and Show - 2 DVD set 2004 Mr. Olympia Prejudging and Show - 2 DVD set   New Double-DVD Set! Mr. Olympia Prejudging and Finals on two DVD discs - 3 hours of muscle and all the excitement of the Olympia. KING RONNIE crowned by the Governator! Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger walked onto the Olympia stage holding the Sandow trophy and presented it to Ronnie Coleman for tying his record. Both men stand only one victory away from all-time leader Lee Haney.
A-1088DVDSP | $39.95
2004 IFBB English Grand Prix; 2004 EFBB Amateur Grand Prix 2 DVD Set 2004 IFBB English Grand Prix; 2004 EFBB Amateur Grand Prix 2 DVD Set   The 2004 English Grand Prix, presented by Chemical Nutritional Products, was held at the Wembley Conference Centre. It saw a record number of 16 top class amateur competitors. They were followed by 18 top professionals with the winner being 7 times Mr Olympia - RONNIE COLEMAN. This double DVD set brings you the complete event. From every single round of the prejudging through to the posing routines, posedown and awards. This is complete for both the Amateur and Pro Grand Prix
GMV-593DVDSP | $39.95
2004 Mr. Olympia - Prejudging Pump Room 2004 Mr. Olympia - Prejudging Pump Room   See all 19 competitors named on screen as each one first appears in the pump room. Includes sensational footage of King Ronnie as he prepares to win Mr. Olympia title #7. 46mins of pumping, oiling, and posing from our camera #1 followed by 37mins of intense pump room action from camera #2, with many great close-ups.
GMV-598DVD | $34.95
2004 Mr. Olympia - Finals Pump Room 2004 Mr. Olympia - Finals Pump Room   In the 2004 Mr. Olympia Finals Pump Room you will see all 19 competitors as they pump, pose and await the results on stage. Includes sensational footage of RONNIE COLEMAN posing with victory medal #7. You get the very best footage from both our cameras as we mix the action with the drama of this world’s greatest bodybuilding show.
GMV-599DVD | $29.95
Mike & Ray Mentzer - Gym Workout Mike & Ray Mentzer - Gym Workout   The awesome Mentzer brothers, fuelled by their intense rivalry, show what they can do when they pump iron at the gym. Filmed in the gym late at night, they blast their way through display workout routines with heavy weights which are a little less than they would normally use. However this is the only known footage of them training together. See Mike's personal comments to Wayne!
V-121DVD | $34.95
Fibo Gold 1985-2005 Fibo Gold 1985-2005   20 YEARS OF DRAMATIC ACTION FROM THE FIBOS IN GERMANY FROM 1985 TO 2004 INCLUSIVE, DVD released at FIBO 2005. SEE ALL THE SUPERSTARS - POSING SHOWS - SEXY FITNESS & BODYBUILDING CHAMPIONS AND MORE. Experience the best of the best from the international Fitness and Bodybuilding scene.
A-1098DVD | $34.95
2003 IFBB San Francisco Pro Grand Prix 2003 IFBB San Francisco Pro Grand Prix   Jay Cutler proved he is the ULTIMATE BEEF making it 3 victories in a month as he took out the 2003 San Francisco Pro Grand Prix. Chris Cormier again had to settle for 2nd place with Dexter Jackson 3rd. Held in the Zellerbach Hall on the UC Berkeley Campus, the event was packed to the rafters with cheering fans. Plus!! Special guest appearances by RONNIE COLEMAN and GÜNTER SCHLIERKAMP as they faced off and hit poses in this build up to the Mr. Olympia.
GMV-528DVD | $39.95 $34.95
2005 The FitExpo - California's Premier Fitness Event 2005 The FitExpo - California's Premier Fitness Event   This DVD brings you a feast of highlights from the very popular FITEXPO. See Posing, Lifting, World Class Seminars and brief interviews as the stars share their secrets on diet, conditioning, training and cardio. Plus MET-Rx Strong Man Pro Events, Bench Press Classic and more.
V-194DVD | $24.95
The Battle for the Olympia 2004 2 DVD Set The Battle for the Olympia 2004 2 DVD Set   This DVD is the ninth in the annual series of pre Olympia prep videos featuring many of the top competitors training for the big show. Clocking in at a massive seven hours and thirteen minutes on two discs, Battle 2004 is the biggest bodybuilding/training DVD released to date. This mammoth offering has more muscle than ever before, but still at the same price as in previous years.
A-1101DVD | $39.95
1996 IFBB ENGLISH GRAND PRIX - Dorian Yates Last Grand Prix Win 1996 IFBB ENGLISH GRAND PRIX - Dorian Yates Last Grand Prix Win   One of the most incredible Grand Prix ever recorded. This is probably the last time you will see 4 guys place ahead of Ronnie Coleman. Includes rounds one, two and three, and around 20 minutes of the most incredible pump room action you will ever see!! This was Dorian's last GP appearance and of course his final GP victory. He retired in 1997.
GMV-243DVD | $39.95
Wayne Gallasch on George Negus Tonight TV Show Wayne Gallasch on George Negus Tonight TV Show   Wayne talks about how it all began, from working with the biggest names of the 70s such as Arnold Schwarzenegger, Mike Mentzer, Frank Zane, Sergio Oliva, and Bill Pearl up to modern day stars such as Ronnie Coleman, Dorian Yates, Lee Priest, Lenda Murray, Juliette Bergmann and many more. The DVD also includes an overview of the GMV Bodybuilding studio including edit room, staff and more at head office in Adelaide, South Australia. It provides you with a peek behind the scenes at GMV.
A-1084DVD | $9.95
The Battle for the Olympia 2002 2 DVD Set The Battle for the Olympia 2002 2 DVD Set   This classic 2 disc version from 2002 has been totally expanded and there is even more footage of each of the athletes that were taped. See all the pros before they go on stage and you can decide the winner and how you feel the placings should have turned out! This is another classic "Battle " DVD. The 2002 Battle for the Olympia is a very good glimpse into the pre-contest training of several top Mr. Olympia contenders.
A-1104DVD | $39.95
FIBO 2005 - Russian Conquest FIBO 2005 - Russian Conquest   Experience the fire-power of Europe's best bodybuilders, live on stage at FIBO 2005. Russian superstar Alexander Federov was the surprise package this year with his sensational appearance in Essen, Germany. He will soon do battle with Ronnie Coleman in the 2005 Olympia. Many believe Federov will become the most muscular human being on earth having already placed 2nd to Coleman in a GP.
V-195DVD | $34.95
Men of Muscle # 4: More Men with Attitude Men of Muscle # 4: More Men with Attitude   Finally on DVD, this Men’s Muscle feature is jam packed with some of the greatest stars of all time. See an extensive tribute to the massive six times Mr Olympia winner DORIAN YATES that includes footage from several of his Pro Show wins, including the English Grand Prix and Olympia. He discusses his reasons for retirement in a tell all interview exclusively for the GMV cameras. An extra special treat is a posing routine at the 1997 English Grand Prix from the great RONNIE COLEMAN before he broke through to become the reigning Mr. Olympia and most muscular man of all time.
GMV-317DVD | $29.95
2005 IFBB Victorian Championships - Guest Poser Ronnie Coleman 2005 IFBB Victorian Championships - Guest Poser Ronnie Coleman   In this DVD you will see the complete contest from prejudging to finals. Includes comparisons, posing routines, posedowns and awards. *** Special Highlight is the guest posing routine from RONNIE COLEMAN, 8 TIMES MR. OLYMPIA, just seven days after his crushing eighth Olympia victory.
GMV-619DVD | $39.95 $34.95
Ronnie Coleman - On The Road Ronnie Coleman - On The Road   See Ronnie's full HARDCORE WORKOUT and POSING when on the road! Shot in Australia over 3 days in October 2005 with 3 cameras, just 5 days after his historic 8th Olympia victory. Ronnie is hard and ripped - you've never seen him like this for a full body workout shoot. Between sets, Ronnie explains how and why he does each exercise - Mr. Olympia reveals his secrets. Witness the insanely heavy weights used, this isn't performed for the camera, it's real and intense.
GMV-620DVD | $34.95
2005 Mr. Olympia DVD - 2 Disc Set 2005 Mr. Olympia DVD - 2 Disc Set   The all-new 2005 Mr. Olympia DVD has now been released. See Ronnie Coleman defeat a host of great challengers, plus special appearances by Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and the legendary Joe Weider. This is a classic year in the Olympia series of DVDs. It is Ronnie's final Olympia victory. Plus the Wildcard Showdown highlights - won by David Henry.
A-1107DVD | $39.95
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WAYNE'S HARD NEWS - Retrospective 2018 Olympia Report
Pro Men: Shawn Rhoden becomes the 14th Mr Olympia winner as he stunningly took home the top prize in 2018. Phil Heath has held the title for the last 7 years, but on the big night this year, it was not to be his record-equaling victory # 8.