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Jay Cutler - The Ultimate Beef: A Massive Life in Bodybuilding - 2 DVD set
Jay Cutler -
The Ultimate Beef:
2 DVD set

The Legends Reunion at World Gym - 2 DVD Set
The Legends Reunion
at World Gym Set

BRANCH WARREN - TRAIN INSANE (Dual price US$39.95 and A$59.95)
Branch Warren -
Train Insane.

2010 Arnold Strongman Classic
2010 Arnold Strongman Classic.
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Mr. Olympia -
Golden Years
'71, '74, '75,'79
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Dorian Yates Blood & Guts DVD - 15 Years Anniversary Edition -
2-DVD set
Updated  Version  

Sergio Oliva – The Myth
One of the greatest bodybuilders of all time.
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"The Austrian Oak"

4 time NABBA Universe Champion.
To celebrate our new
"NABBA Universe History  Section"
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To see Arnold's last NABBA Universe victory, 
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ARNOLD THE EARLY YEARS, click here for GMV-250DVD.
Arnold's 1980 Mr. Olympia victory,
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The Oscar Heidenstam Foundation 16th Annual MEMORIAL DINNER and HALL of FAME AWARDS
2007 Honouree -
Wayne R. Gallasch

Read Wayne's report on the OHF Awards here.

Read the acceptance
speech given by
Wayne Gallasch
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2006 Classic Anatomy Gym Bodybuilding Hall
Fame award to 
For the full story,
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2015 Olympia DVDs!

2015 Olympia Women 2 DVD Set (Dual price US$39.95 & A$49.95)
2015 Olympia
2 DVD Set


2015 Mr. Olympia  2 DVD Set (Dual price US$39.95 & A$49.95)
2015 Mr. Olympia
2 DVD Set

(7 hours)



Welcome to GMV bodybuilding DVDs - the largest collection in the world featuring the top male and female bodybuilders on DVD. We can say this because GMV Productions has been filming and producing bodybuilding workouts, bodybuilding contests, strength events and bodybuilding features for 46 years. There are more than 1000 bodybuilding DVD titles to select from.

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Jen Hendershott's Total Training Series 2 – HOME TRAINING  (Dual price US$99 or A$119)
Jen Hendershott's
Total Training
Series 2 – Home Training

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Eduardo Correa – Revealed! Training & Shredded Posing

Eduardo Correa – Revealed! Training & Shredded Posing
Eduardo Correa won his debut Pro contest, the 2009 IFBB Pittsburgh Pro 202 event and is destined for much greater honours. He is also a NABBA Universe winner from his Junior competition days. He is one of the most outstanding new young physique stars to come on the scene in many years. His physique looks like it has been carved out of granite, with rock hard muscularity, bulging veins, great size and symmetry, “striations on his striations” and leg and back development the envy of Mr. Olympia competitors. To top it all off, his Latin good looks!
Please click here for GMV-773DVD, EDUARDO CORREA - REVEALED!

American Muscle Fantasy with Alina Popa (Dual Price US$39.95 or A$54.95)

American Muscle Fantasy with Alina Popa

This exciting DVD follows Alina over several days day from arriving in Los Angeles to visit with Bill Dobbins, to participating in a glamorous photo shoot, working out at Gold's Gym in Venice, California, posing on Venice Beach as well as posing in the desert. Plus much more! Alina lived the dream of her American Muscle Fantasy! Includes a MASSIVE PHOTO GALLERY.


Zack Khan - King Khan
In this amazing new DVD from UK, KING KHAN takes you deep inside two of the world’s most hardcore gyms in the UK. First of all, you witness new IFBB Pro bodybuilder Zack Khan training at full intensity at his own gym in Sheffield, England.

This DVD is a “must have” for all true HARDCORE bodybuilding fans. Zack is awesome, brutal, and totally out of sight with his massive 24" arms.

Please click here for A-1336DVD, ZACK KHAN - KING KHAN. 

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IFBB Mr. Olympia Complete History

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Updated 7th July, 2017


The producers of the DVD Generation Iron have advised that they will be sending me the Director's Cut version of this movie towards the middle of March for a planned street date release on DVD in early April, 2014.

Please let me know at if you wish to reserve a copy now.

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Frank Zane – Physical Perfection
Frank Zane –
Physical Perfection

Pumping Iron
Pumping Iron

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Ronny Rockel


Larry Scott  'A Life in Bodybuilding' - The first ever Mr Olympia 1965 - 1966
Larry Scott 
'A Life in Bodybuilding' -
The first ever Mr Olympia
1965 - 1966

Ronnie Coleman - On The Road (Dual price US$39.95 or A$59.95)
Ronnie Coleman -
On the Road

60 Year History of the NABBA Universe  1950 - 2010  2 DVD Set
60 Year History of the
NABBA Universe 1950 - 2010
2 DVD Set

The Golden Age Of Muscle 1984/85 Mr Olympia (Dual price US$79.95 or A$124.95)
Lee Haney wins his
first 2 Olympias,
1984 & 1985

My Passion In Life.               

Passion is an extremely emotive subject. During my journey through life, I want to see what I can learn and experience along the way in the field of bodybuilding. Then putting 100% effort from my heart and soul into recording on video and in photos every moment I can possibly capture.

Shooting bodybuilding's up and comers to star competitors to competitions at all levels. This is all part of the sport's fascinating history.

This journey started for me in 1966, and has not simply been a record for myself but for the greater good of the sport, for all the fans world wide who love bodybuilding and all those who will follow after me. Show your passion for life and don't hold back!


Wayne R. Gallasch






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Farewell Mishy by Tina and Wayne Gallasch
9 November 2013 - 2 June 2017. Mishy was our much loved GMV team member and our first ever GMV family dog.
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