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Bob Paris - brief bio and contest history:

Born: December 14, 1959, Indiana
Residence: California and Washington State, USA
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 220 lbs 

Bob Paris, a former Mr. Universe, is a gay activist and motivational speaker of international renown and the author of six books. He lives in Washington State and California these days.

By the time Bob Paris was 23 years old he had won both the NPC National Championships and the IFBB World Championships (Mr. Universe). Along the way Bob also won the Mr. Los Angeles and Mr. Southern California. Although his rise to the top of the bodybuilding world seemed meteoric, he overcame tremendous odds in his quest to fulfil his dreams. In a matter of four years Bob Paris went from being a homeless teenager to World Champion, becoming one of the most respected, celebrated and photographed athletes in the history of bodybuilding.

From the very early days of his bodybuilding journey, Bob decided to blend his artistic and athletic backgrounds to create a physique that exceeded the limitations of the competitive stage, emphasizing beauty over mass, intelligence over brutality. Sculpting a classic physique and utilizing intelligent training techniques became Bob Paris's trademarks. Having placed an indelible stamp on his sport, Bob then defied the reductionist stereotypes many hold about bodybuilders, evolving into an acclaimed writer, award winning lecturer, actor and model.

For the past fifteen year, Bob has travelled the world speaking at universities and corporations on a variety of topics ranging from fitness, self-improvement and motivation, to overcoming adversity and self-esteem. He has been nominated Lecturer of the Year on the national collegiate speaking circuit and has also received recognition for his work, ranging from national awards for his philanthropic efforts, to local awards such as receiving the key to the city of his hometown in Indiana. Throughout his long and varied career, he has appeared extensively on television and has been the subject of countless magazine and newspaper articles.

Bob has been photographed by the world's foremost photographers, including Bruce Weber (for Italian Vogue), Robert Mapplethorpe (Certain People) and Herb Ritts (Interview; Visual Aid; Duo).

Also a classically trained actor, Bob has appeared in a number of regional theatre productions to great acclaim. In late 1998, Bob made his New York stage debut, starring at Carnegie Hall--opposite Bea Arthur and Tyne Daly--in the Broadway musical, Jubilee.

As an author, Bob Paris began by writing fitness books. They include the titles, Beyond Built, Flawless and Natural Fitness. His workout books are considered among the best in the field because they transcend the simple mechanics of exercise and diet, and explore the deeper aspects of true fitness and self-esteem. He has received tens of thousands of letters over the years from readers who have used his advice to transform their lives, and continues to receive testimonials from people whose lives he has positively affected.

Bob's writing has evolved over the years to include the critically acclaimed personal memoir, Gorilla Suit: My Adventures in Bodybuilding (Kirkus Reviews called it "unexpectedly once empathetic and scathing."). He also wrote Generation Queer, a book of personal essays and his answers to frequently asked questions (it has been called, "Enlightened.thoughtful.a spiritual journey.") This book capped off a long period of intense personal activism in Bob's life.

Bob is currently at work on his latest book: Prime, which will be released in December 2001 by Putnam(Perigee). He recently completed writing his second feature screenplay and is at work on a first novel. (Courtesy Critical Bench.)

Bodybuilding Titles Won:

1981 Mr. Los Angeles 1st
1982 Mr. California - NPC 2nd, Lightheavyweight
1982 Nationals - NPC 4th, Heavyweight
1982 IFBB North American Championships 3rd, Heavyweight
1982 NPC USA Championships 3rd, Heavyweight
1983 NPC Nationals Overall Winner
1983 NPC Nationals 1st, Heavyweight
1983 IFBB World Amateur Championships Overall Winner (Mr. Universe)
1983 IFBB World Amateur Championships 1st, Heavyweight
1984 Mr. Olympia 7th
1985 Mr. Olympia 9th
1986 IFBB Los Angeles Pro Championships 7th
1986 IFBB World Pro Championships 6th
1988 IFBB Chicago Pro Invitational 5th
1988 IFBB Grand Prix (England) 6th
1988 IFBB Grand Prix (France) 4th
1988 IFBB Grand Prix (Germany) 6th
1988 IFBB Grand Prix (Greece) 6th
1988 IFBB Grand Prix (Italy) 3rd
1988 IFBB Grand Prix (Spain) 5th
1988 IFBB Grand Prix (Spain) [2] 4th
1988 IFBB Niagara Falls Pro Invitational 3rd
1988 IFBB Night of Champions 3rd
1988 Mr. Olympia 10th
1989 Arnold Classic 5th
1989 IFBB Grand Prix (France) 3rd
1989 IFBB Grand Prix (Germany) 6th
1989 Grand Prix (Melbourne) 3rd
1989 Grand Prix (Spain) 2nd
1989 Grand Prix (Spain) 3rd
1989 Grand Prix (Sweden) 4th
1989 IFBB Night of Champions 4th
1989 Mr. Olympia 14th
1989 IFBB World Pro Championships 3rd
1990 IFBB Night of Champions 14th
1991 Arnold Classic 16th
1991 IFBB Grand Prix (Italy) 5th
1991 Ironman Pro Invitational 10th
1991 Ironman Pro Invitational 11th
1991 Musclefest Grand Prix 3rd
1991 Mr. Olympia 12th
1992 IFBB Chicago Pro Invitational 10th

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