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Jay Cutler: From Jay to Z
Review by Steve Buccilli

Length: Approximately 8 hours on 2 DVDs

Let’s get right to the review of Jay’s new DVD. Each of Jay’s previous DVDs have shown more and more of Jay’s life, but this one goes further than the rest. At about 8 hours long, this 2 DVD set gets into the nitty-gritty of Jay’s life.  It tours his new house and reveals how he plans on furnishing it, as well as showing him relaxing and playing with his dogs . We travel with him to the Ironman Expo and watch as he mingles with fans, then gives a seminar to aspiring competitors. We see him travel to Columbus, Ohio, for the Arnold Classic, mingling with his fellow MuscleTech athletes as well as with fans. We see him guest pose at Lonnie Teper’s Junior California contest; on the same trip, we see him train at Gold’s Gym Venice, as well as work out in the Venice Beach pit. He spends time at his Venice Beach MaxMuscle store (with co-owner Dave Bourlet). There is plenty of hardcore training too. Jay weighs 295; he has striations in various bodyparts (like calves), while still looking huge.

I would like to explain why I like this DVD so much, and why I have become such a fan of Jay Cutler.

I first met Jay at the 1998 Arnold Classic Expo. He impressed me in two ways: one, for the size of his arms; and two, for the conversation I overheard him having with Lee Apperson regarding financial endeavors outside the sport. I recall him saying that he was investing in real estate, and could walk away from the sport at any time yet still be financially sound. I didn’t know then if his commitment to bodybuilding was in question, or if he was just that smart and well-rounded. Years later, I realized that he is just that smart — something evident on this DVD. Jay enjoys the life he has built for himself, and we learn here that it has not all come from bodybuilding. However, Jay understands the importance of being a good ambassador for the sport. Let me give you some examples. At the Ironman Expo he never sits down: he stands on the fans’ side of his table, giving away signed photos (which some other competitors charge up to $20 for), posing for tons of pics with fans. He goes out of his way to make each fan feel comfortable. One of them complains about his fast metabolism and how he can’t put on weight. Jay asks him questions regarding his eating habits, then tells him he needs to force-feed himself, and says that he eats up to 10 times a day. I have seen many pros, and most of them wouldn’t give a fan the time of day, let alone engage him in conversation.

Jay reaches out to his fellow ironmen. We see him shaking hands with every amateur competitor backstage at the Junior California. Then when he goes to the Arnold Classic (dressed in anexpensive suit), he shakes the hand of every IFBB pro athlete competing there. He takes time to congratulate Silvio Samuel on his performance, then takes time to ask Phil Heath about how he felt about the show. He gives out pointers and advice to everyone. He even gives some clothes to Darrem Charles because the airline lost Darrem’s luggage (Jay’s shirt literally hangs off Darrem’s torso).

This DVD shows that Jay is doing more for the sport than any other Mr. Olympia has before him. Forerunners like Dorian and Ronnie raised the bar for what a pro bodybuilder should look like. But no one since Arnold has gone out of his way to reach out not only to fans, but to other pros. Remember how Arnold would hang out with Zane, Columbo, and Corney? Jay does the same thing with the newer pros, almost taking them under his wing and advising them about how to improve themselves. So not only is his physique raising the bar, but he raises the bar by helping his competition.
When asked “Who is the most hardcore bodybuilder?” you may reply Branch Warren or Dave Pulcinella; if asked “Who is the most professional bodybuilder?” you may reply Shawn Ray or Gunter Schlierkamp. But take my word for it: Jay is the epitome of a bodybuilding professional. He trains and diets as hard, if not harder, than anyone I have ever witnessed. Combining the discipline and knowledge of Zane and Gaspari with the gut-wrenching workouts of Warren, Platz and Coleman, Jay now sets the standard for what this sport is all about.  This DVD shows us how and why he deserves to be Mr. Olympia. It is truly inspirational.

Jay Cutler - From Jay to Z - 2 Disc Set (Dual price US$34.95 or A$49.95)

Jay Cutler - From Jay to Z - 2 Disc Set

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