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A-4339 Kevin Levrone - Maryland Muscle Machine


Kevin Levrone is, quite simply, one of bodybuilding's best. An IFBB pro since winning the Nationals in 1991, Kevin has consistently displayed his outstanding physique every year at the Mr. Olympia and other competitions and has proven himself to be one of the greatest bodybuilders of his generation. First runner-up in three Mr. Olympia competitions (1992, 1995 and 2000) as well as two Arnold Classic titles, a Night of the Champions victory and countless other Grand Prix wins proves that Kevin is one incredible bodybuilder.

"Kevin Levrone - Maryland Muscle Machine", the latest hard-core training video by Mitsuru Okabe, shows just what goes into developing one of the most outstanding physiques in the world. Mitsuru takes us into Kevin's World Gym in Maryland so we can witness the intense training that is necessary to be a top Olympia contender.

The video begins with footage that was used for the "Battle for the Olympia 2000" tape where Kevin trains his impressive delts and traps. A real animal in the gym, Kevin uses incredible poundages despite being only weeks away from the 2000 Mr. Olympia contest (where Kevin took a very close second to Ronnie Coleman). Just how strong is Kevin? How about Seated Presses Behind the Neck with 405 pounds and Barbell Shrugs with six plates on each side!

Next up on the video is leg training. Kevin bombs his always impressive wheels with Hack Squats and Leg Presses. Displaying perfect form, he works his way up to 7 plates on each side for Hack Squats and makes it look easy. Hold on, the best is yet to come. Kevin displays phenomenal strength as he stacks 45 pound plates onto the Leg Press machine. He pumps out sets of 12 reps for each set without even breaking a sweat. His greatest concern seems to be where to add more plates on the machine. For his final set, Kevin reps out with 16 plates (1440 pounds!) on each side.

If you have any doubts about the complete and total dedication that is necessary to be a professional bodybuilder, the next part of the "The Maryland Muscle Machine" will clear that up. Kevin introduces us to his business partner Joan and her husband (who looks like he is no stranger to pumping iron himself). Joan and her husband handle all the cooking for Kevin as he prepares for the Olympia. Talk about offering a helping hand! They spend 3 hours each night cooking all of Kevin's food for the next day and an additional 2 hours cleaning up from all that cooking. Where can I find someone like that to do my cooking??

So how much food goes into building a body like Kevin Levrone's? Kevin eats 5 pounds of protein a day from fish, meat and chicken! Breakfast consists of a pound of lean ground beef with brown rice and veggies, lunch is a pound of chicken breast with brown rice and veggies and dinner is a pound of flounder with brown rice and veggies. Kevin consumes six meals like this per day minus the brown rice for the final two meals. This means that Joan and her husband must purchase 20 pounds of flounder per week, 25 pounds of lean beef per week and 25 pounds of skinless, boneless chicken breast per week. This is in addition to the pounds of brown rice, sweet potatoes and frozen vegetables that are also necessary. They even needed to buy an additional refrigerator to store all of Kevin's meals each day. It's estimated that the cost for a diet such as this is in the $400-500 range each week!

In addition to being one of the best professional bodybuilders in the world, Kevin Levrone is also an accomplished musician. His band, Full Blown, has signed a recording contract with a big record label and their music is played throughout the video. Although I am not a music critic, I thought the songs were excellent. Full Blown sounds a lot like the band Creed and Kevin really has a great voice. The addition of the music over the workout footage makes this video much more than just another hardcore bodybuilding video.

The video continues with more intense training as Kevin bombs his back, biceps and chest and triceps. A self-proclaimed "old school" bodybuilder, Kevin trains heavy and hard on the basic exercises. At one point in the video, he explains that he is big because he is strong. How strong is strong?  Kevin manhandles the 100 pound dumbbells for 4 reps on Alternate Dumbbell Curls (that's 100 pounds each arm) and does reps with 500 pounds on the Bench Press! This guy is an animal in the gym!!

I was surprised to learn that Kevin will only train for 4-5 months for the Mr. Olympia contest each year. After a competition is over, he will take as much as 4 months off from training and just concentrate on his music and having fun. When he returns to the gym, it's total dedication and discipline all the way up to the contest. Kevin uses the American flag and the Marine Corp flag hanging from the ceiling at his gym as motivation for his training. A true patriot, Kevin emotionally talks about the dedication that the United States Marines give when putting their lives on the line for the people of this country. Their devotion is his inspiration for training heavy and hard each day he enters the gym.

The video concludes with an entertaining tour of Kevin's house. His trophy room, full of awards from his Arnold Classic victories, the Night of the Champions win and various magazine covers and articles, was very impressive. He also has several poster-sized autographed photos taken with Arnold himself all signed with "To my friend Kevin". When the Terminator himself acknowledges you as a close friend, then you know you have made it in the world of bodybuilding. Kevin Levrone, the Maryland Muscle Machine, has definitely made his mark in the bodybuilding world and this videotape proves it!    John Hansen Natural Mr. Olympia, December 2002

ANOTHER REVIEW: Kevin Levrone - Maryland Muscle Machine
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I have a few videos with Cutler, Nasser and Dennis James but this one is far the best!

What a personality! Mr Levrone is a down to earth guy but also very focused and determined. And what a body! Holy ****!

Kevin Levrone is the greatest. A true artist and great bodybuilder.

Johan by email, January 2003

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