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V-170 2001 Ironman Pro Invitational: WAR BY THE SHORE

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WAR BY THE SHORE:  2001 IM Pro Invitational video showcases in-your-face bodybuilding combat.  

Every year since the inception of the IFBB IRONMAN Pro, IRONMAN magazine has made video coverage of the event available to bodybuilding fans worldwide.  After all if you can't experience the excitement in person, the next best thing is via videotape.  In the past, though, there really wasn't much reason to write reviews.  Don't get me wrong, they're all quality videos with exciting contest coverage, but there wasn't much more to them than that.

With the 2001 event, however, things have changed.  GMV Productions travelled all the way from Australia to film the contest.  They left the usual coverage of the finals intact, but the video has a sort of rawness to it that adds to the excitement.  It's almost as if you're watching an underground video of a pro show imported from a foreign market.  You feel as if you're in the audience, sitting front row centre.

This year's video includes many of the callouts from the prejudging, which you rarely, if ever, get to see in videos - and you'll want to see these.  Remember, the 2001 IRONMAN was King Kamali's pro debut, and many of the West Coast stars were gunning for him.  Months before the contest he said he would win it, so Craig Titus, Chris Cormier and Melvin Anthony wanted to make him eat his works.  You get a view of the war up close.

The 2001 contest was one of the best IM Pros yet.  Aside from the bodybuilders already mentioned, you get to see Lee Priest, Garrett Downing, Jason Arntz and John Sherman, among others on the video - not to mention trophy presenters Monica Brant, Andrulla Blanchette, Timea Majorova and Brenda Kelly.  It's a whole new way to enjoy a pro show.

Jonathan Lawson, Ironman Magazine, September 2001

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