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Male bodybuilding at its very finest! From contests to features to gym workouts, you'll find the biggest names in bodybuilding today as well as classic muscle vision. 

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Guts of Toro Christian Lobarede - Intense Workout Guts of Toro Christian Lobarede - Intense Workout   In this DVD shot by Wayne recently in Santiago, Chile, you will see Christian in his hard core gym workout. It includes extra candid footage shot by his wife Elia "Samy" Nahuelhual showing Christian posing, training, having his hair braided and eating. His training partner in some sequences is Gonzalo Carrasco. There is a full pumping and posing segment in the gym plus many superb contest highlights from Christian's charismatic Pro Grand Prix appearances. There are extra scenes and a comprehensive PHOTO GALLERY.
GMV-625DVD | $19.95 $24.95
Hard and Heavy with Kamal Elgargni Hard and Heavy with Kamal Elgargni   It is the most "gut-busting", brutal, hardcore total body workout I have ever shot in one day! At the end Kamal was virtually "out on his feet" after giving his all. It was shot during an actual workout with all his regular heavy poundages. Kamal is incredibly strong - this is real "blood & guts" stuff! Kamal Elgargni is one of the greatest Middle Eastern bodybuilders I have ever worked with.
GMV-591DVD | $39.95 $29.95
Heiko Kallbach - The Berlin Wall Part Two Heiko Kallbach - The Berlin Wall Part Two   The second DVD in the series on bodybuilding’s mass monster Heiko Kallbach. You will see extreme condition, brutal mass and high intensity training. At a bodyweight of 286 pounds IFBB professional Heiko Kallbach is showing his 5 day workout between two competitions. The video was shot in March 2005, 1 week after the Iron Man Pro in the famous World Gym Venice, California. Heiko is the German Dorian Yates!!
A-1125DVD | $39.95
HEIKO KALLBACH - The Berlin Wall Workout HEIKO KALLBACH - The Berlin Wall Workout   Heiko Kallbach - the Berlin IFBB Professional demonstrates his personal training style in his first film. A COMPLETE 5-DAY WORKOUT WITH FULL INTENSITY. He also gives general advice on training methods and nutrition. Experience Heiko in a private atmosphere and amongst his fans. Also includes posing routines.
A-1087DVD | $39.95
Helmut Riedmeier and the Greeks Helmut Riedmeier and the Greeks   HELMUT RIEDMEIER is a top German physique star and well known physique model and nightclub performer. Helmut poses in the studio and then performs his very famous nightclub act "White Heat" with his wife. Our 2 Greek novice bodybuilders (Elias and Dimitri) wrestle in the original Greek style.
V-143DVD | $39.95
HIDE YAMAGISHI - COLOSSAL WORKOUT HIDE YAMAGISHI - COLOSSAL WORKOUT   This massive workout feature is a fly-on-the-wall look at Hide's training in the lead up to his Pro show triumphs in early 2007. Witness the incredible super-sets that Milos uses to get Hide into the shape of his life. All the major body parts are trained and some of the giant sets include upwards of 10 different exercises without pause! As Milos says, "I have never ever seen any bodybuilder train harder than Hide Yamagishi". Also hear Milos interview Hide about his training in the lead up to the Olympia. This DVD includes Hide at all four Pro shows.
V-207DVD | $32.50
Hidetada Yamagishi - The Legend Of The Strongest Man 1 Hidetada Yamagishi - The Legend Of The Strongest Man 1   In 2006 the first ever Japanese IFBB pro bodybuilder Hidetada Yamagishi stepped on to the hallowed Iron Man Pro stage to compete for the first time, to prove something to his nation of Japanese fans, that he is worthy to stand side by side with some of the world's greatest bodybuilders. That he can compete with the best and show them all that he is indeed the "strongest man".
A-1310DVD | $29.95
Hugh Ross - Access Granted Hugh Ross - Access Granted   Physical training has always been part of Hugh's life and he strives at being the best he can. Upon moving to the America Hugh became a powerlifting champion and professional natural bodybuilder. It is no wonder that people look up to Hugh all you have to do is look at his physique, but that is nothing in comparison to when you actually get to know to him and you get to really know the type of person he is - driven, determined, and focused. Yes, Hugh is a true role model. Now with this new DVD you have "Access Granted" into the secrets Hugh shares about his life, training, and diet he followed to become the person he is today.
A-1251DVD | $29.95 $10.00
Ian Dowe - Mr. Britain, Mr. Europe, Mr. World Ian Dowe - Mr. Britain, Mr. Europe, Mr. World   There are many thousands of competitive bodybuilders in Europe and the UK, and Ian Dowe had the physique to beat than all in open competition to become Mr. Europe. He was also Mr. Britain, an IFBB World Amateur Championships winner and IFBB World Games winner. See his amazing contest record below. Ian was in superlative condition the day we taped this video which is now a star DVD. Because the sun was shining brightly, we took full advantage for some stunning outdoor pumping and posing with this exciting physique champion, shot in the garden outside our North London studios.
GMV-043DVD | $34.95
In Depth With Don Mahoney - Mr World Seminar, Training and Posing In Depth With Don Mahoney - Mr World Seminar, Training and Posing   This entertaining and instructional video brings you 30 years of training wisdom from Australia’s most popular and charismatic physique champion - Don Mahoney. During the 30 plus years Don has been competing, he has won dozens of titles from Champion of his local State of Victoria, through to numerous Australian national titles. In 1995 he crowned his achievements with the Masters World title in Malta. With his vast experience, a lot of hard work, dedication and self belief Don has achieved the ultimate for a person - he would be the first to tell you - who was not blessed with Schwarzenegger’s genetics. Includes a complete list of contents on the product page.
GMV-219DVD | $29.95
Iron Man Magazine's Critical Mass POF Iron Man Magazine's Critical Mass POF   Positions of Flexion is the revolutionary full-range muscle-training method that can get you bigger faster than ever before. On this brilliant high-resolution DVD you get a POF analysis of every bodypart complete with exercise performance tips and tricks and muscle-fiver activation techniques. You'll learn about muscle synergy the myotatic reflex continuous tension and target-muscle supercompensation and it's all demonstrated by contest-ready bodybuilders.
A-1187DVD | $34.95
James Llewellin - 1 Step Ahead James Llewellin - 1 Step Ahead   In 1 Step Ahead, James Llewellin speaks out and shows the man behind the physique as well as detailing exactly what it takes to become a champion bodybuilder, both emotionally and physically. His relaxed, humorous yet focused approach will motivate, inspire and captivate. James is famous for his outstanding arms, and in my opinion, is the Welsh "Lee Priest!" There is no doubt that James Llewellin's 1 Step Ahead will keep you coming back for more, time and time again.
A-1347DVD | $39.95
JASON HEBERLING - JUPITER VIDEO # 1 JASON HEBERLING - JUPITER VIDEO # 1   A complete natural review of Jason's body in relaxed and flexed poses, in a superb new studio presentation from U.S.A.
BL-0279DVD | $34.95
Jay Cutler - All Access (Dual price US$39,95  A$49.95) Jay Cutler - All Access (Dual price US$39,95 A$49.95)   "I'm proof that any dreams can come true through hard work and determination, commitment and perseverance." - Jay Cutler. All Access brings you an exciting ride into a world of stardom and glory - where power is rewarded and weakness is never an option. Follow the Massachusetts native into his Las Vegas home and discover how to live like a champion! Join him in the original Gold's Gym in Venice "Muscle Beach," California and experience a mind-blowing workout regime alongside the sport's greatest ambassador!
A-1328DVD | $39.95
Jay Cutler - From Jay to Z - 2 Disc Set Jay Cutler - From Jay to Z - 2 Disc Set   Cutler's Life Style, Training & Everything in Between! Everything is included in this DVD! According to Jay, "This is not only the most intense full-fledged DVD that I have ever filmed or produced in my career, but I have been told by Mitsuru Okabe (executive director/producer) that it is unlike ANYTHING ever filmed. We are saving much of the surprise for the official release, but BELIEVE ME, if you've ever witness my past DVD installments and gotten information and motivation from them - then THIS DVD will surely change your life, because it is always about the fans."
A-1247DVD | $39.95
JAY CUTLER - MY HOUSE (Dual price US$34.95 or A$44.95) JAY CUTLER - MY HOUSE (Dual price US$34.95 or A$44.95)   Exclusive access to the life of Mr. Olympia Jay Cutler, in the MTV cribs style DVD. Jay takes you on a personal tour of his new 6000 sq ft Las Vegas compound and shows you his exciting car collection!!
A-1282DVD | $34.95
Jay Cutler - New Improved and Beyond - 2 DVD set Jay Cutler - New Improved and Beyond - 2 DVD set   The one you have all been waiting for - the brand new Jay Cutler DVD. It's actually a 2-DVD set, and the total running time is a whopping 4 hours and 37 minutes. You see Jay doing his total Mr. Olympia workout: Day 1 - Chest; Day 2 Part 1 - Legs; Day 2 Part 2 Arms & Calves; Day 3 Shoulders & Traps; Day 4 Back & Calves. And then there are the interviews. At the end of it all, you really feel you know Jay cutler the world famous bodybuilder, as well as Jay Cutler the man.
A-1081DVD | $39.95
Jay Cutler - One Step Closer 2 DVD set Jay Cutler - One Step Closer 2 DVD set   At just under 6 hours long, One Step Closer begins September 19, 2005, four weeks out from the 2005 Olympia, and documents Jay through the Olympia contest and ends shooting on December 17, 2005. One Step Closer has behind the scenes footage from the Mr. Olympia - from prejudging to backstage footage - prior to and following the Mr. Olympia (contest footage is not included)! More then just a training DVD, One Step Closer gives you never seen before point of view footage of the lifestyle on one of the sport's greatest athletes.
A-1137DVD | $29.95
Jay Cutler - Ripped to Shreds - 2 DVD set Jay Cutler - Ripped to Shreds - 2 DVD set   Jay's "right before contest preparation". Filmed February - March 2004 right before his third consecutive win at the Arnold Classic 2004. See his whole body training routine with Jay in superb condition. He is trulu "Ripped to shreds"! RT: 210 minutes in total length.
A-1096DVD | $39.95
Jay Cutler - Ultimate Beef: A Massive Life in Bodybuilding - 2 DVD set Jay Cutler - Ultimate Beef: A Massive Life in Bodybuilding - 2 DVD set   This mega DVD set of 7 hours traces the career of Jay Cutler from his teenage years through to his 2009 Mr. Olympia victory. At the time of release, Jay Cutler was a 3 time Mr. Olympia winner and a 3 time winner of the Arnold Classic when we edited this DVD. (Jay went on to win a 4th Mr. Olympia title in 2010.) With footage mostly from the GMV copyright archives and short additional segments licensed by GMV, this massive personal history of Jay traces his career in contest posing highlights, behind the scenes, seminars and much more.
GMV-794DVD | $39.95
JAY CUTLER - UNDISPUTED JAY CUTLER - UNDISPUTED   Many critics had written Jay off as a serious contender for a comeback victory. Follow Jay through his heroic epic journey as he prepares for the fight of his life Watch and learn Jay's secrets as he trains each body part and wins back his title for the third time as the UNDISPUTED Mr. Olympia champion.
A-1344DVD | $39.95
Jay Cutler – A Cut Above Jay Cutler – A Cut Above   This is another all time classic Okabe DVD, originally released January 11th, 2002. This is one of the most powerful and hard core bodybuilding videos, now available on DVD. It is a real workout, no fake weights as Jay Cutler busts his guts for the camera in his first ever individual workout video. Jay has been the number two physique in the world to Ronnie Coleman for a number of years. See what makes him so great.
A-4314DVD | $29.95
JEFFREY BECK - Total Body Workout. Me, Myself and Irony JEFFREY BECK - Total Body Workout. Me, Myself and Irony   "Natural bodybuilder and fitness model Jeffrey Beck demonstrates his favorite exercises in this coming of age, entertaining workout DVD! Follow Beck through several exercises that he incorporates into his normal workout routine along with a few secrets that he doesn't reveal to just anyone! His explanations and tips are clear, comedic and easy to understand, whether you want to build mass or just define and shape the muscle.
A-1226DVD | $19.95
Jerry Scalesse - Mr. Universe Jerry Scalesse - Mr. Universe   Jerry Scalesse is a bodybuilding champion from Long Island, New York. After winning the Amateur Mr. Universe title, we see Jerry competing with and defeating some of the world's top professionals. We worked with Jerry in our London studio on the day after his Mr. Universe victory, taping his pumping, posing and training. In the interview, Jerry shares his thoughts on training, nutrition, steroids, and how he became a top champion. We also include scenes from a TV commercial Jerry taped in England plus all the action from the Mr. Universe prejudging and show.
GMV-159DVD | $24.95
Joe DeAngelis - Mr. World, Mr. Universe Joe DeAngelis - Mr. World, Mr. Universe   From his days as a teenage star, to a senior champion to appearing on a booth at every Olympia till this day, Joe is an enduring star of the sport. On stage Joe posed confidently and aggressively to win his many titles. And you, as a viewer of this DVD, are uniquely placed to watch this young physique develop and mature before your very eyes!
GMV-148DVD | $34.95
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WAYNE'S HARD NEWS - Retrospective 2018 Olympia Report
Pro Men: Shawn Rhoden becomes the 14th Mr Olympia winner as he stunningly took home the top prize in 2018. Phil Heath has held the title for the last 7 years, but on the big night this year, it was not to be his record-equaling victory # 8.
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