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Male bodybuilding at its very finest! From contests to features to gym workouts, you'll find the biggest names in bodybuilding today as well as classic muscle vision. 

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POWERSURGE - RONNY ROCKEL & JAROSLAV HORVATH POWERSURGE - RONNY ROCKEL & JAROSLAV HORVATH   Feel the power as RONNY ROCKEL and JAROSLAV HORVATH turn it on in the gym on the day after the IFBB Australian Grand Prix. Both men were in fantastic condition, rock hard and shredded. See their favourite exercises as they power their way through their workout, blasting set for set. Also includes highlights of both guys in the pump room, GP prejudging comparisons and footage of Ronny at the Mr. Universe when competing as an amateur.
GMV-641DVD | $34.95
Pumping Iron Pumping Iron   The 25th Anniversary special edition DVD of Pumping Iron is now available. Most of the film focuses on the intense rivalry and competition between Arnold Schwarzenegger and Lou Ferrigno. The production also features some segments on other bodybuilders such as Franco Columbu, Ken Waller, Mike Katz, Ed Corney, Serge Nubret, Paul Grant and other top men of that time.
A-1071DVD | $39.95
Pumping Iron on Blu-ray Pumping Iron on Blu-ray   The 25th Anniversary Special Edition of Pumping Iron is now on Blu-ray. This is the most famous bodybuilding DVD ever produced! It is the definitive DVD on the sport of bodybuilding and has been seen by more bodybuilding fans than any other DVD on our great sport. This film also introduced Arnold to a wider world audience, and also put him on the map to go on to a huge and very successful career in the movies.
A-1458BRDVD | $34.95
Quincy Taylor - Taylor Made Quincy Taylor - Taylor Made   “Taylor Made” takes you through an inspiring and intense full body workout with top IFBB Pro Bodybuilder Quincy Taylor. Learn about diet, posing, targeting muscle groups and competition strategies. Workout with a pro, get the Q-Tips and get huge and ripped. At 6'4" and over 300lbs shredded, Quincy Taylor is one of the biggest men in Pro bodybuilding and one of the biggest and most muscular men of all time.
A-1296DVD | $39.95 $29.95
Raising the Bar #2: David Pulcinella Raising the Bar #2: David Pulcinella   The Continuing Story of a Life in Bodybuilding. Raising the Bar #2 is the long awaited sequel to the groundbreaking bodybuilding documentary Raising the Bar. In RTB #2, Dave Pulcinella and Jenn Emig take it to the next level in their quest to turn pro and documentary videographer Mike Pulcinella was there to catch it all on tape. Mike has captured the personal struggles, the physical problems and the gritty, day-to-day reality of what it really means to live one's life as a bodybuilder.
A-1229DVD | $32.50
Raising the Bar #3: The Final Chapter of a life in bodybuilding Raising the Bar #3: The Final Chapter of a life in bodybuilding   This DVD is the final part of the trilogy revealing how bodybuilding affects not only how you look, but its effect on personal relationships, and much more. This award winning series traces the life and career of top bodybuilder Dave Pulcinella as he fights his way through the ranks of amateur bodybuilding in search of a Pro card.
A-1316DVD | $32.50
Raising The Bar - The inside story of a life in Bodybuilding Raising The Bar - The inside story of a life in Bodybuilding   This ground-breaking documentary follows Dave and several other male and female bodybuilders and figure competitors during the 20 grueling weeks leading up to the contest. The result is a chronicle of lives lived in pursuit of perfection and of the relentless preparation and determination necessary to make it in this most misunderstood of sports.
A-1151DVD | $32.50
Reconstruction of a Bodybuilder - Dave Palumbo, Mat Duvall Reconstruction of a Bodybuilder - Dave Palumbo, Mat Duvall   A clever premise, involving Dave and his training partner Mat Duvall as volunteers in an experiment to create superhuman cyborgs, who have to protect a future legislator from an anti-bodybuilding faction. As a legislator, this guy is destined to preserve the future of bodybuilding in the next century. Interwoven in the plot is serious hardcore instruction. At Bev Francis' gym in Syosset, Dave and Mat show the basic exercises for working pecs, delts (with Dave's beautiful fiancé Barbara Moran providing inspiration), arms and legs. They are joined by Jim "Iron Bull" Pellechia for a super back workout. Greg Kovacs appears at the end. There are also segments on diet and nutrition.
A-1112DVD | $29.95
Rich Gaspari Seminar & Posing - Video Review Rich Gaspari Seminar & Posing - Video Review   The Rich Gaspari Seminar & Posing. A GMV Productions Film by Wayne Gallasch. An in-depth Video Review by Matt Canning. Interview, Posing and Seminar - 100 minutes.
Gaspari Seminar Rev | $.00
Richard Baldwin - Super Tape: On DVD Richard Baldwin - Super Tape: On DVD   We have put together all of our film and video footage on Mr America RICHARD BALDWIN to make a fantastic original SUPER TAPE on DVD. Includes lots of pumping and posing, with full body and close-up posing, with emphasis on the best biceps in the Mr America contest of 1978. Plus a superb Photo Gallery. The second part of the DVD was filmed at “Muscle Rocks” near Malibu in July, 1978. Shot on a brutally hot day, with sweat dripping and muscles pumping and flexing, this sequence is a Baldwin classic. Many close-ups as DANNY PADILLA helps Richard pump up before Richard poses solo and then duo with Padilla. The duo posing turns into a posedown in this famous sun-drenched location!
GMV-613DVD | $34.95
Richard Baldwin, Skip Robinson & Doug Beaver - Three American Legends from the '70s Richard Baldwin, Skip Robinson & Doug Beaver - Three American Legends from the '70s   The guys are all in fantastic shape having just competed in national competitions. This is a classic film to video transfer with music added. Richard, Skip and Doug each oil, pump and pose in their individual film sessions with cameraman Wayne Gallasch who captures the best possible closeups with these stars. The posing was followed with a photo shoot.
V-131DVD | $29.95
Ripped The DVD - With Clarence Bass Ripped The DVD - With Clarence Bass   In his first DVD, RIPPED #1, Clarence Bass, an acknowledged master of staying lean fit and healthy, shares the knowledge gained from a lifetime quest for improvement, including: * Ripped eating style. * Training diary to motivate. * Athletic-type lifting. * High-intensity aerobics. * Lower ab and oblique training. * Post-workout meal. * Bedtime snack. * Tracking body weight/fat. * Ripped physique at 65.
GMV-511DVD | $34.95
Road to Success - Dan Hill & Gunter Schlierkamp Road to Success - Dan Hill & Gunter Schlierkamp   Success may be defined in many shapes and forms, but in general nothing can be greater success than the realisation of your dreams. GUNTER SCHLIERKAMP - World famous IFBB Professional Bodybuilder and DAN HILL, the youngest IFBB Pro - believed in theirs. In 2011 both men were travelling the bodybuilding world and representing famous supplements brand MULTIPOWER PROFESSIONAL globally. Follow them on their journey and get an exclusive insight on their travels and bodybuilding lifestyle.
A-1411DVD | $34.95
ROB MELLO – Cut to Perfection ROB MELLO – Cut to Perfection   Rob Mello was the 1993 NPC Nationals champion in the Middleweight Class, narrowly losing the overall title to Mike Francois. Rob was an outstanding amateur athlete in the 90s, gaining his pro card and making a significant mark on the pro scene. In this DVD you will see all of the video recorded on Rob throughout his stellar career. He was rated as one of America’s best young bodybuilders in the early 90s with a flawless physique, notable for amazing symmetry and muscularity. See his gym workout in this condition in 1991.
A-1356DVD | $29.95
Robby Robinson – Built 2 DVD Set Robby Robinson – Built 2 DVD Set   Step into the world of Robby Robinson and watch the form that made him one of the best bodybuilders of all time. BUILT delves into Robinson's unique philosophy on bodybuilding, training and health through a series of revealing interviews, motivating thoughts and a fierce, no-holds-barred, workout regimen.
A-1436DVD | $49.95
Robert Robert "The Beast" Burneika   Robert "The Beast" Burneika is one of the fastest rising new Pro bodybuilders on the scene in USA. 2011 was his breakout debut year in the Mr. Olympia contest. Shot in Gold’s Gym, Las Vegas during the 2011 Olympia week, Robert is in his top contest condition for this full body gym workout DVD. In particular we highlight his amazing 24” arms. Robert shows us all of his favourite exercises for each body part. We also include extensive posing and tensing after each exercise.
GMV-836DVD | $34.95
Robert Wall: Mr. World, Mr. Universe, Mr. Britain Robert Wall: Mr. World, Mr. Universe, Mr. Britain   THE RISE AND RISE OF ROBERT WALL! WE FOLLOW HIS CAREER SINCE THE EARLY DAYS IN 1988 THROUGH TO HIS MOST RECENT SUCCESSES. Twice Mr. World, Mr. Universe, Mr. Britain, Mr. Europe and three times a class winner in the EFBB British Championships, Robert's natural ability as a bodybuilder shines through. Robert works out with dumbells in the studio, before allowing the camera to dwell in closeup on those amazing freakish arms and peaked biceps. He tells Wayne Gallasch in an in-depth interview of his ambitions and the struggle to reach the top.
GMV-361DVD | $29.95
ROGER CALLARD, TONY PANDOLFO, MIKE SABLE, JIM TARLETON ROGER CALLARD, TONY PANDOLFO, MIKE SABLE, JIM TARLETON   ROGER CALLARD was filmed in 1977, at the legendary "Muscle Rocks", high in California's Malibu Mountains. Roger had just won his class in the IFBB American Bodybuilding Championships the week before. In this DVD he is weighing around 205 lbs (93 Kg) at 5'9" (175 cms) tall and 27 years of age -- and with the deepest natural tan we've ever seen.
V-130DVD | $29.95
ROGER WALKER TRAINING AND POSING plus SERGE NUBRET SEMINAR PART 2 AND POSING ROGER WALKER TRAINING AND POSING plus SERGE NUBRET SEMINAR PART 2 AND POSING   ROGER WALKER - Shot in the studio and gym, first posing in trunks - then oiling and pumping up in a tank top. See Roger working out in his tank-top before he removes it in order to better display his amazing muscularity. This is particularly evident as he trains his chest, back and shoulders. Roger is at his peak and weighs in at 225 lbs (102Kg) ripped with 20” arms and a 53” chest. It is no wonder that this massive Aussie champ placed so well in the 1980 Olympia. This segment runs for approximately 30 minutes. SERGE NUBRET - See Serge posing on the beach in Sydney, Australia and also in the studio. This segment was shot by the famous lensman Robert Nailon. Some awe-inspiring full body and close-up shots of him in pumping and posing action - at his peak. Includes his Adelaide Seminar Part 2.
V-142DVD | $29.95
RON TEUFEL and KEN SUEMITSU - Platinum Edition RON TEUFEL and KEN SUEMITSU - Platinum Edition   RON TEUFEL was filmed on the Santa Monica beach, in California, back in July 1977. He was just out of his teens. It was a beautiful sunny day and Ron was in superb shape having recently competed in the AAU Mr. America. He stands 5'6" tall and weighs 190 lbs of solid muscle. Ron was a Mr. USA and Teen Mr. America and one of the best built shorter men that I have ever worked with. Plus KEN SUEMITSU.
V-111DVD | $39.95 $29.95
Ronald Matz - Mr Universe Training and Posing Ronald Matz - Mr Universe Training and Posing   Ronald Matz Mr Universe was one of the most popular male bodybuilders in Germany in the 80s. In this European produced video he presents his personal training programme which made him a world class bodybuilder. During his full gym workout he shows his intense style and you will learn how to put together your own training routine. Also includes an electrifying posing routine, complete with lasers!! German language, but not too much dialogue.
V-029DVD | $29.95
RONAN DOHERTY at the MUSCLEMANIA WORLDS Competition RONAN DOHERTY at the MUSCLEMANIA WORLDS Competition   Ronan Doherty was a bright young star on the USA horizon in 2002. He was talent spotted by master lensman Dick Rossan at the Musclemania Worlds Contest November 2002, Redondo Beach, California. He is seen at the contest registration, prejudging and at the evening show Finals. Additionally, Ronan's inimitable posing style is captured in close-up in many different outdoor settings in USA.
A-1461DVD | $29.95
Ronan Doherty: Celtic Warrior Ronan Doherty: Celtic Warrior   19 year old Ronan Doherty is the hottest young teenage bodybuilder on the scene in the USA. Originally from Ireland this CELTIC WARRIOR is causing a storm at junior contests in USA and as a much in demand fitness and physique model and personal trainer. See Ronan in his full gym workout, pumping and posing poolside at the Mandalay Bay Resort, Olympia Weekend and appearing at the Olympia Expo.
GMV-509DVD | $29.95
Ronnie Coleman - On The Road Ronnie Coleman - On The Road   See Ronnie's full HARDCORE WORKOUT and POSING when on the road! Shot in Australia over 3 days in October 2005 with 3 cameras, just 5 days after his historic 8th Olympia victory. Ronnie is hard and ripped - you've never seen him like this for a full body workout shoot. Between sets, Ronnie explains how and why he does each exercise - Mr. Olympia reveals his secrets. Witness the insanely heavy weights used, this isn't performed for the camera, it's real and intense.
GMV-620DVD | $34.95
Ronnie Coleman - The Unbelievable Ronnie Coleman - The Unbelievable   One of the roughest, toughest workout imaginable. Just see the weights - unbelievable, man, simply unbelievable. Ronnie shows how he came to be Mr. Olympia, and how he holds the title year after year. He has given a new benchmark for this prestigious title. The DVD also goes into the background of Ronnie's police career, plus an indepth interview.
A-4308DVD | $39.95
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WAYNE'S HARD NEWS - Retrospective 2018 Olympia Report
Pro Men: Shawn Rhoden becomes the 14th Mr Olympia winner as he stunningly took home the top prize in 2018. Phil Heath has held the title for the last 7 years, but on the big night this year, it was not to be his record-equaling victory # 8.
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