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25 FEB 2017

This is my own personal trip down memory lane to my first ever journey to the Arnold Classic in 2001. It subsequently became the earliest Arnold Classic event to be released on DVD. I will never forget the excitement and anticipation in attending this famous event in Columbus Ohio.

The 2001 Arnold Schwarzenegger Classic was held at the wonderful old  Columbus Veterans Memorial. This was also the venue for a number of Mr Olympia contests of the past. A very special highlight was seeing Arnold present Reg Park with the Lifetime Achievement Award, and Reg's response.

The contest created history with Ronnie Coleman becoming the first Mr. Olympia winner to also win the Arnold Classic. Now is a good to time to look back to my first Arnold Classic DVD in view of the 2017 Arnold Sports Festival commencing next week.

See all of the details, reports, results and more in the 2001 Arnold Classic & Pump Room DVD, GMV-412DVD

24 FEB 2017
A second look back to the 1978 NABBA Universe & the GMV Newsletter!!

Serge Nubret - Seminar and PosingSerge Nubret & Linda Cheesman, 1978 Universe.
It was a sunny Sunday morning in London's Russell Square, on the day after the 1978 NABBA Universe. Serge was not very happy at his second placing, and for that reason chose not to pose in trunks, and just did upper-body shots.

He was in tremendous condition. I am presently working on a doco in tribute to Serge's life in bodybuilding.

You can see the photo and story on the GMV Facebook page.
Please like our GMV Facebook page and keep an eye on it as we post something new and different every day.  

See more details on Serge Nubret in GMV-075DVD and also on Download & Preview

Branch Warren - UNCHAINED / RAW-REALITY 2 Disc SetGMV Weekly Newsletter.
Yesterday we emailed out our weekly newsletter to keep you up to date with what we are doing at GMV. If you missed out and did not receive it, or want to be added to our mailing list, please drop me a line at
I will add you in.

Or you can read it on our gmvbodybuilding site.

One person who is featured in the newsletter this week in BRANCH WARREN, a modern day legend of the sport and a two-time winner of the Arnold Classic in 2011 and 2012. Plus many other titles. The Arnold in Columbus is just around the corner now, March 2nd to 5th.


23 FEB 2017
Suzan Kaminga from Threshold Videos on Download!!

Suzan Kaminga from Threshold VideosSuzan Kaminga from Threshold Videos on Download.  
Sensational Suzan Kaminga is strong, gorgeous and muscular. She is one of the all-time most popular female bodybuilding models.

We see her working out in the gym, and posing outdoors - in incredible outfits. It is also said that she has the best butt in women's bodybuilding!

More on SUZAN KAMINGA in the PREVIEW CLIP and on Download,   

and also on DVD, A-3209DVD.  

22 FEB 2017
Branch Warren - Unchained / Raw-Reality on 2 part Download!!

Branch Warren - UNCHAINED / RAW-REALITY 2 Disc SetBranch Warren - Unchained / Raw-Reality on 2 part Download.
This awesome 2 DVD set now on Download includes Branch's whole-body workout filmed over five gut-wrenching days, 4 weeks out from the Mr Olympia contest.

Part 1: Intro, Chest, Arms & Legs.  PREVIEW & DOWNLOAD PT. 1.,   

Part 2: Shoulders, Back, Bonus: Branch's just another day cardio and work, Let's visit Branch's home, Let's pose then chat & Training partners.

and also as a 2 DVD set, A-1206DVD

21 FEB 2017
2012 IFBB Flex Pro Fitness & Bikini Championships on Download!!

2012 IFBB Flex Pro Fitness & Bikini Championships2012 IFBB Flex Pro Fitness & Bikini Championships on Download.
Santa Monica Civic Auditorium , CA -  February 18th, 2012
The Prejudging is included for both Pro classes, followed by the evening Finals with all of the fitness routines. This was followed by the top 5 awards.

In the Flex Pro Fitness it was another convincing victory by the Superstar of Fitness, ADELA GARCIA, from fast rising star OKSANA GRISHINA in second place.  In the Flex Pro Bikini it was JANAINA BARRAL from Brazil in first place.

See more on the PHOTO GALLERY, CONTEST REPORT, PREVIEW CLIP and 2012 IFBB Flex Pro Fitness & Bikini Championships on Download, and also on DVD, GMV-828DVD. 

20 FEB 2017
Ericca Kern # 1 from Threshold Videos now on Download!!

Ericca Kern # 1 from Threshold VideosEricca Kern # 1 from Threshold Videos now on Download.

Ripped, muscular, Ericca Kern takes us through her intensive workout. Deservedly known as one of USA's top female bodybuilders, she shows the dedication needed to make it to the very top.

This is a genuine hard core workout using heavy weights. There's only a short interview - Ericca obviously prefers to mix it with the weights in this great  video.

More details on the PREVIEW CLIP and Ericca Kern # 1 from Threshold Videos on Download, and also on DVD, A-3226DVD.  

19 FEB 2017
2007 NABBA MR BRITAIN - Men's Prejudging on 2 Downloads & 2001 Fitness International!!

2008 NABBA Mr Britain: Men’s Prejudging2007 NABBA MR BRITAIN - Men's Prejudging on 2 Downloads.
Part 1: Masters Over 40, Masters Over 50, Juniors and Novice Class.
Part 2: Men’s Open: Class 1, Class 2, Class 3 and Class 4.
Here is all of the action from the line-ups of Round 1 to comparisons from Round 3s. This famous event has a history stretching back to 1930.

There were 8 classes for the Men and at the end of the evening show it was the Overall Mr Britain title for JUSTIN TROLLOPE.

See the PREVIEW CLIP, CONTEST REPORT, all the Class Winners and more for the 2007 NABBA MR BRITAIN - Men's Prejudging Part 1 on Download

2007 NABBA MR BRITAIN - Men's Prejudging Part 2 on Download, and also on DVD, GMV-703DVD

2001 Fitness International2001 Fitness International on Digital Download.
(Only a few weeks to go till this year's event in Columbus, March 2 - 5th, then 2 weeks later it is in Melbourne for the Aussie version, March 17 - 19th.)

See 22 Superb Athletes at the 2001 Arnold Fitness Weekend in the complete prejudging with mandatory poses and comparisons, group shots backstage at the finals, including Kim Chizevsky in her Pro Fitness debut.

Also includes the Women's Pump Room for the first time in a fitness contest video, on-stage lineup and ¼ turns, several routines and awards from 6th to 1st place. An ecstatic winner, Jenny Worth, poses backstage with Arnold Schwarzenegger with her trophy.

Full results, PREVIEW CLIP and more details on the 2001 Fitness International on Digital Download, and also on DVD, GMV-417DVD

18 FEB 2017
2012 IFBB Flex Pro Men, 2013 Aussie Women’s Amateur GP & 2015 N.T. Phil Primmer Classic Downloads!!

2012 IFBB Flex Pro Bodybuilding Championships2012 IFBB Flex Pro Bodybuilding Championships on Download.          
Held at the famous Santa Monica Civic Auditorium, CA.  The Prejudging includes all of the compulsory poses and comparisons for each competitor, followed by the evening Finals with every competitor presenting his posing routine. This was followed by the top 5 posedown and awards.


It was a first ever Pro victory for LIONEL BEYEKE from BEN PAKULSKI with FOUAD ABIAD in third place.

2012 Flex Pro Bodybuilding Championships top 10 Results:
1. Lionel Beyeke – France   
2. Ben Pakulski – Canada
3. Fouad Abiad – Canada
4. Shawn Rhoden – USA
5. Eduardo Correa – Brazil
6. Grigori Atoyan – USA
7. Mark Dugdale – USA
8. Vladimir Sizov- USA
9. Constantinos Demetriou – Australia
10. Omar Deckard – USA

More details on the 2012 IFBB Flex Pro Bodybuilding Championships on Download, and also on DVD, GMV-827DVD.  

2013 IFBB Australian Pro Figure Classic III & Pro Bikini & Amateur Women’s Grand Prix2013 NPFC-IFBB Australian Women’s Amateur Grand Prix & Pro Qualifier now on Download.
This video includes the 2013 NPFC-IFBB Australian Women’s Amateur Grand Prix and the Pro Qualifiers for Figure, won by ASHER PRIOR, and the Pro Qualifier for Bikini won by NINA SILIC.
See the complete AMATEUR WOMEN’S GP - prejudging comparisons, posing and awards. Nothing from the contest has been omitted.



Amateur Women’s Class Winners:
Bikini Novice Short: Kimberly Truitt
Bikini Novice Tall: Natasha McKenzie
Bikini Open Short: Alice Round
Bikini Open Tall: Samantha Heron
Bikini Pro Qualifier: Nina Silic
Figure Novice Short: Sonia Federico
Figure Novice Tall: Stacy Sadler
Figure Masters: Lisa Callingham
Figure Open Short: Anne Tran
Figure Open Tall: Emilie Jean Bisgrove-Cole
Figure Pro Qualifier: Asher Prior
Womens Physique Open: Jessica Davis

More details on the 2013 NPFC-IFBB Australian Women’s Amateur Grand Prix & Pro Qualifier on Digital Download, and also on DVD, GMV-847DVD.

2015 NT NABBA/WFF Phil Primmer Classic: Bodybuilding, Figure, Bikini & Transformation Championships2015 N.T. NABBA/WFF Phil Primmer Classic on 2 Downloads: Bodybuilding, Figure, Bikini & Transformation Championships.
Now the Men are on Digital Download.   Men's Preview clip
And the Women are on Digital Download.   Women's Preview clip

The NABBA/WFF Northern Territory Championships was a special tribute event to the memory of Phil Primmer. Phil was a champion bodybuilder and a larger than life character. The contest featured some of the best male and female BODYBUILDERS, FIGURE, MEN’S PHYSIQUE and BIKINI SPORTSMODEL athletes in the north of Australia. Also included the Transformation Class. Phil was the driving force behind this event for many years.

Overall Posedowns were won by RICHARD HUDDLESTONE and KELLIE SCHULZE who each received the special PHIL PRIMMER Memorial trophies.

GUEST POSERS were 4 times Australia champion JUSTIN WESSELS and current Mr. Northern Territory and Class 1 Southern Hemisphere champion, ROSS MOLONEY.

NABBA WOMEN’S FIGURE OPEN: Kelly Schulze (Overall)
WFF MEN’S TEENAGE: Axel Schaefer
WFF MEN’S PHYSIQUE: Ashley Keogh-Hunt
WFF MEN’S OPEN: Nomikos Kardoulis
NABBA MEN’S OPEN: Richard Huddlestone (Overall)
TRANSFORMATION CLASS: Brendan & Shantel Dewar

More details on the 2015 N.T. NABBA/WFF Phil Primmer Classic Downloads: THE MEN, and THE WOMEN

and also on DVD, GMV-899DVD

17 FEB 2017
Monica Brant - Secret of Beauty, 2001 Masters Olympia & 2 Young Brits on Downloads!!

Monica Brant - Secret of BeautyMonica Brant - Secret of Beauty on Download.
1998 Ms. Fitness Olympia Champion Monica Brant shares with us her preparation for the Olympia contest in France. Includes scenes of hr photo sessions with several different photographers, weight training at Gold's Gym Venice, posing routine practice, gymnastics practice, and a visit to her own kitchen for food preparation.
This video should really be called Secrets of Success - Monica Brant.


Monica is an Olympia winner and a champion competitor in Fitness as well as in Figure. She is still active in the sport and last year competed with great success in the NABBA Universe Figure Class.

See more on this classic Mitsuru Okabe Film, Monica Brant - Secret of Beauty on Download, and also on DVD, A-3249DVD

2001 Masters' Olympia2001 MASTERS’ OLYMPIA now on Download.
Vince Taylor scraped home by only 2 points over Don Youngblood to take his 5th Masters crown. Robby Robinson won the Over 50 Masters Olympia title and Honore Cironte took the Over 60 title. Ed Corney presented his own special award to Vince Taylor. You get the whole event from the Pump Room, Prejudging to the Evening Show.


1.   Vince Taylor
2.   Don Youngblood
3.   John Hnatyschak
4.   Robby Robinson
5.   Hans Hopstaken
6.   Giuseppe Mammolia
6.   Stan Frydrych
8.   Lee Apperson
9.   Nicolae Giurgi
10. Emeric Delczeg

More info on the 2001 MASTERS’ OLYMPIA now on Download, and also on DVD, GMV-476DVD

Marshall & Clements – Young British Champions GMV “Legends” Collection Part 14MARSHALL & CLEMENTS – 2 Young British Champions on Download.
Dumbells and a bullworker-bar are used for pumping as these two young stars of the future sweat it out under the hot studio lights. Our DVD gives you a refreshing personal side to our two young English physique discoveries, as they lay bare their thoughts and aspirations.


Interesting camera shots, with plenty of great close-ups. Includes some footage of Luke's contest victory in London.

More details on MARSHALL & CLEMENTS – 2 Young British Champions on Download, and also on DVD, GMV-053DVD

16 FEB 2017
Sandy Cummins from Threshold Videos, Lance Dreher Mr Universe & 1988 NABBA Britain on Downloads!!

Sandy Cummins from Threshold VideosSANDY CUMMINS from Threshold Videos on Download.

Middle weight bodybuilding competitor, Sandy Cummins is blonde, muscular, as well as curvy.


She oils up for the shoot, and during an interview tells of her bodybuilding hopes and ambitions. She sure keeps up the heat in the workout sequences wears some interesting outfits while pumping iron for the video camera.

More on SANDY CUMMINS from Threshold Videos on Download, and also on DVD, A-3232DVD

Lance Dreher: Mr. UniverseLance Dreher - 1986 NABBA Pro Mr. Universe.
The first time I had a shoot with Lance Dreher was in London in November, 1982. Here are 4 B&Ws from that session. I also shot a pumping and posing movie with him that day.  


In 1984 he guest posed in Adelaide, South Australia at our local State Championships

Less than 2 years later he was the 1986 NABBA Pro Mr. Universe winner. He was a very popular winner and a man of great character and charisma.

You can see that classic 1982 film footage of LANCE DREHER on  Download, and also on DVD in V-109DVD

1988 NABBA Mr & Ms Britain - Prejudging1988 NABBA Mr & Ms Britain - Prejudging & Show series of 4 Downloads.
See all the action, men and women, from the Prejudging rounds with comparisons through to posing routines, posedowns to final awards. It was a whose who of great British bodybuilding.

Class Winners:
Overall Mr. Britain:
Simon Lancaster
Tall Class: Eddy Ellwood
Medium Class: Simon Lancaster
Short Class: Robert Wall
Junior Class: Ian Harrison
Masters: Jim Connor
Women's Physique: Donna Hartley-Wass
Figure Class: Karen Titherington

1988 NABBA BRITAIN – MEN’S PREJUDGING Preview Clipand on DOWNLOAD, and on DVD, A-0453DVD

1988 NABBA Mr & Ms Britain - The Show1988 NABBA BRITAIN – MEN’S SHOW Preview Clipand on DOWNLOAD, and on DVD A-0454DVD.   


1988 NABBA MISS BRITAIN – WOMEN’S SHOW Preview Clipand on DOWNLOAD, and on DVD, A-0454DVD.   

15 FEB 2017
GMV Legends # 10, Steve Creighton - Hell Hole Workout & OHF Best Posing on Download!!

Classic Collection #10: Gary Leonard, Pete Grymkowski, Keith Bogoff & Danny PadillaGMV Legends Collection # 10: Leonard, Grymkowski, Padilla & Bogoff on Download.
This classic video features a young GARY LEONARD posing on beach at Marina del Rey, 2 days prior to his 1980 Mr. America victory.
Next it is the joint owner at the time of Gold's Gym PETE GRYMKOWSKI, shot in peak condition on the beach.


Pete is then joined by KEITH BOGOFF, the 1978 AAU Teen Mr. America Medium Class Winner and runner up Overall 1978 Teenage Mr. America.
The final segment is my film of a young DANNY PADILLA, posing on a West L.A. golf course, right after he won his Mr. Universe title.

More info on GMV Legends Collection # 10: Leonard, Grymkowski, Padilla & Bogoff on Download, and also on DVD, V-113DVD

Steve Creighton: The Steve Creighton – HELL HOLE WORKOUT on Download.

This workout is for real – there are no fake weights for the cameras here.

You see Steve’s actual training weights. What Steve does to build his awesome physique is real! He was a star both with NABBA and the IFBB.


More info on STEVE CREIGHTON'S HELL HOLE WORKOUT on Download, and also on DVD, GMV-403DVD

Oscar Heidenstam Foundation Awards - Best Posing Routines - DVD # 1: 1991-1995Oscar Heidenstam Foundation Awards - Best Posing Routines - on Download. 
These awards are for the most outstanding choreography and artistry in bodybuilding posing at the NABBA Universe. Covering the years 1991 - 1995, after which the awards were discontinued until 2010.  In 1991, The Oscar Heidenstam Foundation inaugurated a "Best Posing Award" for men and women at the Universe.

This video features the fabulous posing of the first 10 winners.
1991:    Sylvie Esmenjaud (France) and Reiner Gorbracht (Germany)
1992:    Sandy Young (UK) and Billy Jones (UK)
1993:    Tania Mittoni (Australia) and Kurt Pedersen (Denmark)
1994:    Claudia Rohrs (Germany) and Charles Duca (Australia)
1995:    Susana Perez (Spain) and Olivier Ripert (France)

More on the Oscar Heidenstam Foundation - Best Posing Routines - on Digital Download, and also on DVD, V-006DVD

14 FEB 2017
Shawn Rhoden - Flexatron, 2001 Fitness O Women's PJ, & Adam Fennell Workout - on Downloads!!

Shawn Rhoden - The Rise of FlexatronShawn Rhoden - The Rise of Flexatron now on Download.
This is a MOCVIDEO classic on the the world's # 2 IFBB Pro bodybuilder, Shawn Rhoden. Join Shawn as he trains with Charles Glass and Chris Cormier at the "Mecca" of Bodybuilding, Venice Gold's Gym, CA.

PART 1: Legs, Chest, Massage, Back

PART 2: Posing, Shoulders, Firehouse Restaurant, Arms, Hamstrings

More details on SHAWN RHODEN - THE RISE OF FLEXATRON on Downloads: PART 1, & PART 2,  
and also on DVD, A-1425DVD

2015 Mr. Olympia  2 DVD Set (Dual price US$39.95 & A$49.95)2016 OLYMPIA RESULTS including the MODEL SEARCH EVENTS.

We have just posted the full RESULTS for the 2016 Olympia & FLEX Magazine's Model Search contests for Men and Women.

2001 Fitness Olympia - Prejudging2001 FITNESS OLYMPIA PREJUDGING now on Download.
It is rare that we have rights to offer any part of the Olympia competition on Download. In 2001 we were given this opportunity, as the prejudging was not normally recorded for video at that time.


2001 FITNESS OLYMPIA results:
1. Susie Curry USA
2. Jennifer Worth USA
3. Kelly Ryan USA
4. Adela Friedmansky USA
5. Timea Majorova Slovakia
6. Jennifer Hendershott USA
7. Jennifer Hanke USA
8. Stacy Simons USA
9. Aleksandra Kobielak Poland
10. Laura Mak USA
11. Nicole Hobbs USA
12. Melissa Frabbiele USA

More details on contents of the 2001 FITNESS OLYMPIA PREJUDGING on Download, and also on DVD, GMV-442DVD


Adam Fennell - Mr. Australia - Meet Mr. EntertainmentADAM FENNELL – MR. AUSTRALIA now on Download.
Adam Fennell is one of Australia’s most outstanding modern day physiques. His intensity, focus, hard work ethic and dedication are legendary. Not to be missed is all of the nutrition and contest prep information.



And also on DVD, GMV-837DVD

13 FEB 2017
1999 Ms. Olympia, Lisa Carrodus & Laura Binetti from Threshold all on Digital Download!!

1999 Ms. Olympia (Historic DVD)1999 Ms. Olympia on Digital Download.
For the first and probably only time ever we are able to offer the complete 90 minute Ms. Olympia video on Download. It covers the contest from Round 1 of the PJ right through to the posedown and final awards.

Twelve of the best Pro women in the world competed for this jewel in the crown of Women's Bodybuilding, producing another strong victory for Kim Chizevsky.


The footage was supplied to GMV under license and the event was staged by Kenny Kassel and Bob Bonham in NJ. This is the most important women's contest video we have ever released on Download.   My tribute to Kenny Kassel

1999 Ms. Olympia Top 10 Results:
1. Kim Chizevsky- USA
2. Vickie Gates - USA
3. Laura Creavalle - Canada
4. Iris Kyle - USA
5. Lesa Lewis - USA
6. Tazzie Colomb - USA
7. Andrulla Blanchette - England
8. Laura Binetti - Canada
9. Brenda Raganot - USA
10. Yaxeni Oriquen - Venezuela

Full details on the 1999 Ms. Olympia on Digital Download, and also on DVD, A-0981DVD.  

2007 WFF Universe - The WomenLisa Carrodus - 2013 World Champion & 2007 WFF Universe Champion.
A short look back in time to one of Australia's great Figure competitors, Lisa Carrodus. It is hard to believe it was almost 10 years ago that I filmed Lisa winning the Women's Superbody Overall title at the 2007 WFF Universe in Northeim, Germany.


In 2008 she placed 3rd in Tall Class 1 Figure at the NABBA Universe and in 2013 she won Class 1 at the NABBA Worlds, also taking the Overall Figure World title that day. I am not sure if a DVD exists from that event in Italy.


More details on the 2007 WFF UNIVERSE – WOMEN & MIXED PAIRS DVD,  GMV-673DVD

More details on the 2008 NABBA UNIVERSE WOMEN'S video Download, and also on DVD, GMV-728DVD.    

Laura Binetti from Threshold VideosLaura Binetti from Threshold Videos on Download.  
Famous for her amazingly HUGE muscular arms, Canadian Pro bodybuilder Laura works out in peak condition, poses and gives a candid interview. Hear about the heavy weights she uses to build those massive arms.


Laura's Contest Record is massive extending from 1989 to 2000. Full details on her Product Page.

See more on Laura Binetti from Threshold Videos on Download, and also on DVD, A-3200DVD.   

12 FEB 2017
2001 Ms INTERNATIONAL - The PJ, 1999 Finnish Pro Fitness & Christi Wolf - all on Download!!

The 2001 Ms. International Prejudging includes introductions and all of rounds 1 and 2, making this is a female physique classic. We were not able to record the finals of this event making this the only video record of these 22 fantastic competitors. 



Overall  Winner: Vickie Gates - USA
1 Dayana Cadeau - Canada
2 Brenda Raganot - USA

1 Vickie Gates - USA 
2 Iris Kyle - USA

More details on the 2001 Ms INTERNATIONAL - The Prejudging on Download, and also on DVD, GMV-415DVD

1999 Finnish Pro Fitness Classic & Kike Elomaa Fitness Classic (Amateur)1999 Finnish Pro Fitness Classic & Kike Elomaa Fitness Classic (Amateur).
This DVD presents the complete finals for these 2 events, and includes the lineups, ¼ turns and callout comparisons. Plus all of the amazing routines.
Aino-Maija from Finland won the Amateur contest, and Mary Yockey from USA won the Pro Fitness class from an Olympia standard field.


1999 Finnish Pro Fitness Classic Top 6 Results:
1. Mary Yockey - USA
2. Lena Johannesen - Norway
3. Timea Majorova - Slovakia
4. Stacy Simmons - USA
5. Maiken Emborg - Denmark
6. Alexandra Beres - Hungary

INDEX of all our Nordic & NFE DVDs

More on the 1999 Finnish Pro Fitness Classic & Kike Elomaa Fitness Classic on Download, and also on DVD, A-0975DVD

Christie Wolf from Threshold VideosChristi Wolf from Theshold Videos now on Download.
Christi is one of those unsung stars of women's bodybuilding who never received the publicity that she deserved. Christi Wolf gives a whole new meaning to a hardcore workout. She is also interviewed and shows us mind-blowing poses. Christi is in ripped, awesome condition and was one of the many stars of pro bodybuilding.

Christi is best known for her stint in World Championship Wrestling under the ring name Asya.


More on Christi Wolf from Theshold Videos now on Download, and also on DVD, A-3205DVD.  

11 FEB 2017
2008 Aussie Pro GP, NABBA Mr. Britain: Men - Show, & The Women on separate Downloads!!

2008 NABBA Mr Britain: Men - The Show2008 NABBA Mr. Britain: Men - The Show on Download.
You will see the posing routines of all top 6 competitors in all 8 classes, plus the judging and posedown for Overall NABBA Mr Britain, plus all the awards. In the Posedown for the Overall title it was JUSTIN TROLLOPE of  Wales.


Men's Class Winners:
MASTERS OVER: 40 Oscar Roberts
MASTERS OVER: 50 David Steele
JUNIORS: Steven Coates
MEN’S CLASS 4: Ian Sturrock
MEN’S CLASS 3: Justin Trollope
MEN’S CLASS 2: Andrew James
MEN’S CLASS 1: Russell Freakley
Overall Mr Britain Winner: JUSTIN TROLLOPE

More on the 2008 NABBA Mr. Britain: Men - The Show on Download, and also on DVD, GMV-704DVD

2008 NABBA MISS BRITAIN – PREJUDGING and SHOW2008 NABBA MISS BRITAIN – Prejudging & Show on Download.
The 2008 NABBA Miss Britain was held in Southport, England on 31st May. There were 3 FIGURE classes for the Women and they were TONED FIGURE and TRAINED FIGURE Classes 1 and 2.


This video presents the complete prejudging and show with all the posing routines and all the comparisons through to the final awards and Overall Figure presentation to KATH MULLEN.

Miss Toned Figure: Kay Ferrier
Miss Trained Figure Class 2: Kathryn Mullen (Overall Winner)
Miss Trained Figure Class 1: Becky Williamson
See full results and details on the 2008 NABBA MISS BRITAIN – Prejudging & Show on Download, and also on DVD, GMV-702DVD. 

2008 Australian Grand Prix – 2 disc set2008 IFBB AUSTRALIAN Pro Grand Prix on Download.
See the complete event from the Pro pump room through the Pro Contest prejudging and Finals, plus the amateur contest and King of the Bench contest. We included some highlights from some of the pro stars training in the gym the next day.


DEXTER “The Blade” JACKSON took his second victory in a row, and 3rd victory at this event. The video also includes the 2008 NPFC All Sates Bodybuilding Championships with the Men’s Open Winner being LOCKIE MAXWELL-WRIGHT.

1. Dexter Jackson USA
2. Melvin Anthony USA
3. Moe El Moussawi NZ

More on the 2008 IFBB AUSTRALIAN Pro Grand Prix on Download, and also on a set of 2 DVDs, GMV-696DVD

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