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14 JAN 2015
2014 IFBB Nicole Wilkins Fitness Championships on DVD!!

2014 IFBB Nicole Wilkins Fitness Championships2014 IFBB Nicole Wilkins Fitness Championships on DVD.
Body Fitness & Bikini Fitness.
Current Olympia Figure champion Nicole Wilkins hosted this inaugural IFBB Championships which was promoted by KP Ourama. There were 3 height categories within each division for BODY FITNESS and BIKINI FITNESS – Under 163cm, and Under and Over 168cm.
This DVD brings you the complete competition from all of the Prejudging to the Finals, Overalls and Awards. See the PHOTO GALLERY.  Special presenter during awards was 2014 Figure Olympia winner NICOLE WILKINS who presented the winners with their trophies. She was assisted by 1981 Miss Olympia Kike Elomaa.

Pro cards were awarded to the 2 Overall Winners as follows:
Body Fitness: Adela Ondrejovicova, Slovakia and Bikini Fitness: Egle Eller-Nabi, Estonia

See the CLIP and full details on the 2014 NICOLE WILKINS FITNESS CHAMPIONSHIPS, GMV-888DVD.

09 JAN 2015
2000 NABBA Universe Men's PJ now on Digital Download!!

2000 NABBA Universe: The Men's - Prejudging2000 NABBA Universe Men's PJ now on Digital Download.
There were 84 men spread over 7 classes. In this PREJUDGING video you see the symmetry rounds, all the key comparisons, and the posing routines of all men NOT PLACED IN THE TOP 6.
(You get to see the top 6 pose in the THE MEN - THE SHOW on Digital Download, and on DVD, GMV-382DVD.)

SERGEI OGORODNIKOV of Russia subsequently won the overall Amateur Mr Universe title from Eli Hanna and EDDY ELLWOOD from UK won the Pro Mr. Universe.

Here are more details on the 2000 NABBA UNIVERSE: MEN'S PREJUDGING on Digital Download, and also on DVD, GMV-381DVD.

07 JAN 2015
Peter Hensel: Mr. Universe Gym Workout and Posing now on Digital Download!!

Peter Hensel: Mr. Universe Gym Workout and PosingPeter Hensel: Mr. Universe Gym Workout and Posing now on Digital Download. 
Peter Hensel has been one of Germany's all time greatest physiques. He competed with distinction in the Mr Olympia on a number of occasions, placing 6th in 1986. His contest record is most impressive.

As a World Amateur Champion Mr Universe winner he displayed the symmetrical and brutal physique which made him famous with his many fans. Peter was originally from the former East Germany and later spent many years training in Munich.
In this video, we see Peter as the camera follows him through a full hard-core workout. It includes pumping and posing and much more. The action speaks for itself.

See full details on PETER HENSEL MR. UNIVERSE WORKOUT on Digital Download, and also on DVD, V-017DVD.

06 JAN 2015
2000 NABBA Universe Men & Women now on Digital Download plus new Men's Preview Clip!!

2000 NABBA Universe: The Men - The Show2000 NABBA Universe Men: The Show now on Digital Download, plus a new Preview Clip.
This was the Millennium Universe - with a record number of countries represented. The Juniors were back again, with the debut of the brightest young star - Stuart Craig Core; Masters Division - as good as ever; 4 Men’s Open Classes, and the Professional division.

See the posing routines of the top 6 men in each class, the posedowns and awards and the complete judging and posedown for the Overall Pro-Am Universe (the new clip) - won by EDDY ELLWOOD. SERGEI OGORODNIKOV of Russia won the overall Amateur Mr Universe title from Eli Hanna.

Here are more details on the 2000 NABBA UNIVERSE: MEN THE SHOW on Digital Download, and also on DVD plus the NEW CLIP, GMV-382DVD.

2000 NABBA Universe: The Women - Prejudging & Show2000 NABBA Universe: The Women - Prejudging & Show now on Digital Download.
The Women's Universe included 13 ripped and muscular women in the Physique Class, competing from 8 different countries. This was not only the biggest but one of the best Physique line-ups seen in years.

The Figure Classes were excellent - 7 in the Short Class brilliantly won by Loretta McMillan of Australia, against the lovely and symmetrical Maribel Montalvo of USA; and a huge line-up of 17 athletes in the Tall Figure Class. The Tall Class 1winner - GIOVANNA ROSA of Italy - eclipsed the field, including 2nd place Brigitte Crepieux of France. Giovanna went on to win the Overall Figure title.

The Physique Class winner was the amazing OLGA TIKHONOVA of Belarus. The inaugural Women's Fitness Class was won by NICOLE PITCHER from U.K.

See more details on the 2000 NABBA UNIVERSE: THE WOMEN PJ & SHOW on Digital Download, and also on DVD, GMV-383DVD.

05 JAN 2015
1974 and 1976 NABBA Universes Revisited now on Digital Download!!

1974 and 1976 NABBA Universes Revisited1974 and 1976 NABBA Universes Revisited now on Digital Download.
1974 and 1976 were two of the all-time classic years from the Golden Universe years of the mid-seventies. Although we only show 5 minutes of the 1974 NABBA Universe, we follow with 55 minutes of the 1976 NABBA Universe. This is new, previously unseen footage.

The 1974 NABBA Universe footage also includes the Zeetons - Norman and Sylvia Hibbert's balancing act, and the Miss Bikini contest. Kellie Everts from USA was a noticeable standout in the '74 Bikini Universe in her own very special way. The 1974 segment includes the 2 Japanese champions - Shigeru Sugita and Kozo Sudo, plus Bertil Fox, Dale Adrian, and the great Serge Nubret.

The champions from 1976 include Sugita, Herder, Sudo, Fox, Adrian, Nubret, Emmott, Dickerson and more. Classic muscle from some classic physique stars of the past.
Here are more details including Results on the 1974 & 1976 NABBA UNIVERSES now on Digital Download, and also on DVD, V-163DVD.

25 FEB 2012
Team GMV takes part in the 2012 New Zealand Masters Games - Indoor Rowing.


Team GMV takes part in the 2012 New Zealand Masters Games - Indoor Rowing.

Wayne and Tina of GMV recently journeyed to Dunedin in the South Island of New Zealand to compete in the Indoor Rowing events, held on Feb. 6th, at the annual NZ Masters Games. The Games Village and venue for the rowing was the magnificent new Forsyth Barr Stadium. This is the state of the art and fully covered all purpose stadium built for the recent World Cup of Rugby in NZ. The stadium was also used for the Opening Ceremony with the parade of athletes marching behind the banners for their individual sports. It was a great honour to take part in this parade and to represent one's country.

The headline act of the Opening Ceremony was the New Zealand Army Band - stars at a recent Edinburgh Tattoo in Scotland. 6000 athletes took part with Australia providing the biggest team outside of the NZ competitors. The number of countries competing was 12 with 70 different sports being contested.
The countries included Australia, Canada, Czech Republic, Finland, India, Malaysia, New Caledonia, Sri Lanka, Switzerland, UK, USA and New Zealand.

The Masters Games concept began with the World Masters Games in Toronto, Canada, in 1985 with 8305 competitors from 61 countries. The World Masters Games in Sydney in 2009 had over 30,000 competitors.
In our own case, Tina had the misfortune to tear a hamstring about 10 days before the Games meaning a huge disappointment for Tina and Team GMV. Having done all of the hard training together with Wayne over the last 8 months, it was a gut wrenching experience for Tina to have to drop out. Accordingly she put all of her energy into coaching Wayne in his 4 events, such that her voice was almost "gone" at the end of the day!

Thanks in large part to Tina's coaching, it was 4 Gold Medals for Wayne in his events, which he competed in this order - 2000m, 1000m, 500m and 300m. Wayne's times resulted in 3 season’s best times from the 4 starts. His "best unofficial result" was a second place finish, 0.8 second behind the Heavyweight class winner in the 65-69 age group in the 300m race.  All 7 of the 65-69 rowers competed together as a group in each race, being 2 lightweights in their section and the 5 heavyweights in the other section.

It was pleasing to see such a large, enthusiastic and vocal crowd witnessing each race throughout the day.

For the rowing buffs who are into statistics, here are Wayne's times, plus a few personal comments made after each race:

2000m 7:47.2  Pace 1:56.8 and aim pace was for 1:55.9  The 3rd 500m split slipped a bit.
1000m 3:43.6  Pace 1:51.8 and aim pace was 1:52.0
500m 1 :40.4 and aim pace was to break 1:40  At the start of this race Wayne felt a bit shaky from the previous 2 races, with this one being not long after the 1000m.
300m  54.6 sec.  Pace 1:31.1 and aim pace was 1:33.0  Had 1:31.0 in our sights till the very last pull! This one was a relief being the last event of the day!

Extra motivation for Wayne was trying to beat the winning times of the quadruple winner of the 60-64 LW class, Frank Howard of NZ. He had a 1:31 in the 500m at the same games last year, and that was an amazing world class time.

Tina and Wayne will now start training for the Aussie Pan Pacific Masters Games on the Gold Coast in Queensland in early November. It will be a very tough competition as we see that they do the 3 races in reverse order to NZ, namely 500m, 1000m and then 2000m. Tina is currently recovering from having both knees operated on and cleaned out. She is tough and will bounce back stronger than ever come November.

Wayne & Tina would like to thank the following for their help and support in preparation for the NZ Games: Clarence Bass, Alan Trinh, Roger Bangay, Shirley Godkin and Dick Rossan.

Photos by Tina Gallasch.

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