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27 NOV 2017
1982 & 1983 Mr Olympia Highlights & World Mixed Pairs Champs on Download!!

1982 & 1983 Mr Olympia Highlights plus 1983 World Women's BB & Mixed Pairs Championships on Download.

Posing and posedowns from the best men and women in the world in the early 1980’s.  Includes Zane, Dickerson, Makkawy, Platz, Fox, Bannout, Carla Dunlap, Kike Elomaa, Candy Csencsits, etc.

Plus World Pairs Champions Tony Pearson and Shelley Gruwell.

The CLIP and more details on the 1982 & 1983 Mr Olympia Highlights on Download Only, A-0162

26 NOV 2017
2017 NPC Amateur Olympia - Las Vegas - VIDEO FILE ONLY!!

2017 NPC Amateur Olympia - Las Vegas - VIDEO FILE ONLY - The Men2017 NPC Amateur Olympia - Las Vegas - VIDEO FILE ONLY:  September 14th, 2017    Las Vegas, NV, USA.

You can order the VIDEO FILE of the class of your choice, and have the edited File sent to you by our free video transfer service. 

A Video File includes the complete class judging through to the class awards. A typical class and awards file runs 20 to 30 mins depending on the number of competitors.

Place your order on-line and be sure to email the full name of the division and class required to   If possible give us a competitor name and number so that we can cross check the class you want.
All video files will be transferred promptly by our free video file transfer service, with an email advising you when sent. Please download the file to your Hard Drive - this is not video streaming.

2017 NPC Amateur Olympia - Las Vegas - VIDEO FILE ONLY - The WomenSee the MEN'S ORDER PAGE, RESULTS & SAMPLE HD VIDEO CLIP


25 NOV 2017

Wilfried Dubbels - Golden Seventies: Then and Now - 2 disc setWILFRIED DUBBELS – GOLDEN SEVENTIES: THEN & NOW - PARTS 1 & 2 on Downloads.
This video presents a classic display from film and video of well defined, superbly conditioned muscle by one of the most popular European physique stars of the 70s.  Wilfried is 6' tall at 200 pounds (approx 90 kilos) with a physique in the classic Reeves V-shape style.

Part # 1
In 1972 Wayne Gallasch discovered Junior Mr Germany, Wilfried Dubbels and brought him to London for a film and photo shoot which introduced him to the bodybuilding world. They worked together again in Germany in 1975 and also in 1976.
In 2004, Wayne visited Wilfried at his home in Germany to record him again in photos and on video including his life story in bodybuilding.

Part # 2
This section was shot in Wilfried’s home gym in Heeslingen, Germany in June 2007. See Wilfried in great shape as he performs his complete gym workout. Includes diet and nutrition.

The famous “Reeves shape” is still as impressive as ever, as WILFRIED DUBBELS shows us the results of his life time’s training regime.

PART 1 on Download

PART 2 on Download

Or both parts as a 2 DVD set, GMV-586DVD.

23 NOV 2017
1993 NABBA AUSTRALIA – PJ & SHOW now on Downloads!!

1993 NABBA Australia - Prejudging1993 NABBA AUSTRALIA – PJ & SHOW now on Downloads.
GMV shot this national event with two cameras, to capture the best closeups, and the best angles, from the Prejudging and the Show.
From the top 6 men listed below, 5 of them subsequently competed in the NABBA Universe, with Grant Clemesha becoming Australia's first ever Over Amateur NABBA Mr. Universe winner.

OPEN CLASS 1: Grant Clemesha (Overall)
OPEN CLASS 2: Sherif Derias
OPEN CLASS 3: Gary Mungoven
OPEN CLASS 4: George Kyriakopoulos
MASTERS: Don Mahoney
JUNIORS: Tony Barton
TEENAGE: Bradley Turnbull

1993 NABBA Australia - The ShowWOMEN'S CLASS WINNERS:
FIGURE: Denise Kelly
PHYSIQUE: Tereza Sciascia

See the RESULTS, CLIP and more on the 1993 NABBA AUSTRALIA – PREJUDGING on Download, and also on DVD, GMV-161DVD

See the RESULTS, CLIP and more on the 1993 NABBA AUSTRALIA - THE SHOW on Download, and also on DVD, GMV-162DVD

22 NOV 2017
The Legends & Thanksgiving plus our BLACK FRIDAY SALE!!

The Legends & Thanksgiving plus our BLACK FRIDAY SALE.

Being that it is Thursday November 23rd in Australia, that is the date our friends in USA celebrate Thanksgiving. To celebrate their special day, I am sharing some photos from my archive of Legends of the 70s. In the photo of Mentzer in the gym,  this photo has just been scanned from my files, and had never been seen before.

Here is a list of these legends: Arnold, Sergio Oliva, Bill Pearl, Reg Park, Mike Mentzer, Don Howorth, Chris Dickerson, Casey Viator, Skip Robinson, Ell Darden, and Frank Colombera.
See the PHOTOS at

To celebrate Thanksgiving we are offering our first ever BLACK FRIDAY SALE AT GMV PRODUCTIONS.
25% Discount for all DVDs and Downloads - FROM TODAY. It will expire Saturday midnight. Happy Thanksgiving !!


21 NOV 2017
2009 WFF World Championships - The Women & Couples on Download!!

2009 WFF World Championships - The Women & Couples2009 WFF World Championships - The Women & Couples on Download.
Held in Lebach, Germany, on 31st October, 2009, this major international bodybuilding and fitness event attracted an outstanding quality field of competitors.

WOMEN JUNIORS: Elliete Lukyte
WOMEN FITNESS: Jovita Siukstaite
WOMEN PERFORMANCE: Ramune Miliauskaite (pictured front cover right)
WOMEN ATHLETIC: Cristina Menini
WOMEN SUPERBODY: Kristina Kudynova
PAIRS: Ramune Miliauskaite / Mantas Jankauskas

The video includes the 3 rounds for every class, along with the awards and overalls.

The CLIP and more details on the 2009 WFF World Championships - The Women & Couples on Download, and also on DVD, GMV-770DVD.  

16 NOV 2017
Latest GMV Newsletter out today!!

Jay Cutler - The Ultimate Beef: A Massive Life in Bodybuilding - 2 DVD setLatest GMV Newsletter out today.
Our latest GMV email newsletter is now available. PM your email address at and I’ll forward one to you, and add you to the emailing list. 

This week it features the ’84 IFBB Amateur World Championships (Mr. Universe), as well as Patrick Heisel workout, 1999 NPC Nationals Backstage Posing and a whole lot more.

On our GMV Facebook page, I added a whole bunch of interesting photos that happened to be on my Desktop, nothing much to do with the Newsletter.

14 NOV 2017

Patrick Heisel of Germany is the top ranking male in the world on the WFF- Fitness World Ranking List. He is a member of their WFF “Hall of Fame” and second on their all-time World Rankings.

We have filmed Patrick many times in contests in Europe, and he is noted for his extreme condition and amazing symmetry. Plus his wonderful posing routines. He is featured on the cover of our GMV-538DVD, the 2003 WFF Universe where he was Overall Winner of the Men’s Fitness Class.

In this one hour German training video, a ripped Patrick takes you through his complete full body training routine. This video released under license for download by Patrick.

See the CLIP and more info on TRAINING WITH PATRICK HEISEL – WFF SUPERSTAR on Download Only, A-4356

13 NOV 2017
1982 WABBA WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS now on Download!!

1982 WABBA World Championships1982 WABBA WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS now on Download.
The main stars of the event were Bill Richardson who won the Pro title and Pierro Venturato who took out the Overall Amateur title, plus Ed Kawak, John Brown, Mike Sable and more, plus the women.
The contest had many of the best bodybuilders in the world from the early 80s.

Overall Winner: Pierro Venturato - Italy
Tall Class: John Brown
Medium Class: Pierro Venturato
Short Class: Mike Sable

Professional Class:
1. Bill Richardson
2. Edouard Kawak
3. Ian Lawrence

The Women: Jacqueline Nubret

See the CLIP and full evening Show on Download from the 1982 WABBA Worlds, and also on DVD, A-0129DVD.

12 NOV 2017
2017 Olympia - Brief Report, Complete Results & some Photos!!

2017 Olympia - Brief Report, Complete Results & some Photos -

All Pro Classes plus the Model Searches.

Here is the link to my 2017 Olympia Report

You can see the complete 2017 Olympia Results at these links:

The Men's Results including Model Search

The Women's Results including Model Search

Complete list of Mr. Olympia DVDs

Complete list of Women’s Olympia DVDs

11 NOV 2017

This was a classic contest and one of the greatest ever Amateur World Championships. Imagine seeing all of these great amateurs on stage – Heavyweights Mike Christian, Berry de Mey and Olev Annus. They each went on to have wonderful Pro careers.
Next in the Light-heavyweights it was Rich Gaspari v the massive Josef Grolmus. Rich was three times runner-up Mr Olympia and an Arnold Classic winner.

In the Middleweights it was USA’s John Hnatyschak edging out Australia’s Graeme Lancefield. Graeme went on to become the inaugural Masters Universe winner with NABBA in 1991.
Finally in the Lightweight division, UK’s Wilfred Sylvester was a clear cut winner.

Class Winners:
HeavyWeight: Mike Christian - USA
Light-HeavyWeight: Rich Gaspari - USA
MiddleWeight: John Hnatyschak - USA
LightWeight: Wilfred Sylvester - UK

More on the 1984 IFBB AMATEUR WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS (MR. UNIVERSE) on Download only, A-0218

04 NOV 2017
Plaque from the 1980 Mr. Olympia & Medal from the 1998 50th NABBA Universe!!

1980 Mr. OlympiaPlaque from the 1980 Mr. Olympia.
Presented to me on behalf of our company, Gallasch & Coffey, when we were one of the sponsors of the 1980 Mr Olympia contest. It was held in the Sydney Opera House, Australia. The contest was professionally staged by Paul Graham and the winner was Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Arnold and his partner Jim Lorimer have been putting back into the sport for 29 years with their Arnold Classic partnership. They run this annual event which is now staged in 6 different countries. It is called the Arnold Sports Festival.

The USA version was founded in Columbus, Ohio, in 1989 and now features more than 18,000 athletes from 80 nations competing in 70 sports and events. I will be there next year in conjunction with the video production for their historic 30th event.

Jim Lorimer is a truly amazing man. Now 91 and sharp as a tack, he is still in at the office each day. Check out his 90th birthday celebration speech here. I have never heard a better speech.

I was fortunate to receive one of these special medals at the 1998 NABBA 50th Mr. Universe contest in Birmingham, at the ICC. Last weekend the Universe contest was held in the same Hall 1 at the ICC in Birmingham.

Next year it will be their 70th Anniversary. It would be nice if I could attend in 2018 and do a special video doco for NABBA on this historic event. Similar to what I did in 1998 and 2008, plus the 60th Anniversary dinner. To be a permanent record of the very important occasion for the NABBA archives.

It would be visual record to sit alongside the contest webcast and the videos shot for YouTube, so ably handled by others. Maybe there will be a 70th NABBA Universe Commemorative Medal next year.

As a side note, the major winners in 1998 were:
Eddy Ellwood (UK) NABBA Ultimate Nutrition Professional Mr. Universe
Gary Lister (UK) NABBA Tropicana Amateur Mr. Universe
John Citrone (UK) NABBA Peak Body Masters Universe
Pina Theodoridis (Australia) Figure Overall Winner

Check out this link if you want to see more NABBA Universe history on DVDs. 

To see the 1980 OLYMPIA PLAQUE and the 1998 NABBA Universe commemorative medal, go to the GMV Facebook page, and scroll down.

03 NOV 2017
Casey Viator Remembered!!

Casey Viator Super Tape Set: 2 DVDsCasey Viator Remembered.
It is now 4 years and some weeks since the anniversary of the passing of Casey Viator. This is in memory of Casey who died at Clearwater, Florida on September 4, 2013 due to a massive heart attack.

He was 62 years old. I had the pleasure of working with Casey on 2 occasions. Florida in 1978 and Venice Beach in 1980.

You can see the CLIP, PHOTO GALLERY, and Casey Viator in his own video on DOWNLOAD

and also on DVD, GMV-394DVD

02 NOV 2017
1983 AAU MR. AMERICA & Jeff King on DOWNLOADS!!

The Jeff King Seminar plus Posing1983 AAU MR. AMERICA on DOWNLOAD.
Won by Jeff King, this classic video from 1983 showcases the best of AAU Amateur Bodybuilding in USA at the time. Includes many other well-known names from the era.

Class Winners:
Tall: Marty Vranicar
Medium-Tall: Jeff King
Medium: Jesse Gautreaux
Short: Larry Bernstein
Overall Winner: Jeff King

The CLIP and more details on A-0156 the 1983 AAU MR. AMERICA on DOWNLOAD ONLY


01 NOV 2017
Happy birthday Bill Pearl!!

Pearls of Wisdom - Bill PearlHappy birthday Bill Pearl.
Wishing Bill Pearl a very happy 87th Birthday today! I started corresponding with Bill in the mid sixties and first met him at the 1971 NABBA Universe where he won the Pro Class. Afterwards he signed my Universe programme making this a very special programme that I greatly treasure. He is an absolute legend.

You can see some of my favourite photos of Bill on our GMV FB page here, then scroll down.

See video on Bill Pearl here, GMV-659.  

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