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2010 INBA South Australian Natural Physique & Figure Titles
Norwood - 26th Sept  2010


1.  Stacey Hansen
2.  Gemma Dawson
3.  Michelle Hodges
4.  Sasha Patsakios
5.  Ali Trewartha
6.  Teresa Paech
DNP Carley McCauly
Patricia Muller
Katie Hartung
Ruth Rowe
Ali McPerson
Kayla Thompson
Stephanie Leaker
Sarah Cowan
Rachelle Lynch

Men’s Teenage

1.  James Newbury
2.  Mark Piscioneri
3.  Peter Brown
4.  Joshua Cox
5.  Cassady Mailhot
6.  John Constantine
7.  Thomas Geisler

Men’s Junior

1.  Ben Wortley
2.  Jamie MacGillivray
3.  Xavier Wills
4.  Sam Mussared
5.  Samuel Piggot
6.  Tom Sutherland

Men’s Novice

1.  Radu Apostol
2.  Jorge Gomes
3.  Dylan Neighbour
4.  Andrew Stylianou
5.  Antonio Marafioti

Women’s Novice

1.  Keely Allport
2.  Odedda Baker

Men’s Intermediate

1.  Nobu Fukuda
2.  Ben Donoghue
3.  Angus Rankine
4.  David Holland
5.  Paul Cocks
6.  Brian Warneke
7.  Alex Horvath

Women’s Intermediate

1.  Tracie Brown
2.  Danielle Morris
3.  Rachael Mountford
4.  Samantha James
5.  Bianca Ballinger

Men’s Master Over 40

1.  Peter Marshall
2.  Warwick Williams

Men’s Master Over 50

1.  Kevin Norton

Women’s Master Over 40

1.  Briggitte Lauer
2.  Vanessa Timko
3.  Susan Wilson
4.  Jan Button

Figure Open

1.  Janelle McLean
2.  Tracy West
3.  Melissa Wilczynsky
4.  Debbie Dunkley
5.  Susan Stringer

Men’s Open Short

1.  Gary Cleggett
2.  Duncan Rankine
3.  Carlos Azevedo
4.  Steven Gaertner
5.  Sean Pualic
6.  Gino Sergi

Men’s Open Tall

1.  Phillip Ward
2.  Michael Ratcliffe
3.  Kym Papadimitroulis
4.  Dominic Lagana
5.  Adam Murphy

Women's Overall Winner: Janelle McLean

Men's Overall Winner: Ben Wortley

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