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1983 IFBB European Amateur Championships - Men & Women
Held in Sweden

The Men:

1   Christer Eriksson   (Sweden)
2   Manfred Grossler   (Austria)
3   Alois Pek   (Czechoslovakia)
4   Bill Tierney  (UK)
5   Helmut Riedmeier  (Germany)
6   Jan Malmqvist  (Sweden)

1   Angelito Lesta   (UK)
2   Dirk Starke   (West Germany)
3   Arnold Buurman   (Netherlands)
4   Ulf Bengtsson  (Sweden)
5   Josef Peter  (Germany)

1   Anton Holic   (Czechoslovakia)
2   Karl Link   (West Germany)
3   Robert Dantlinger   (Czechoslovakia)
4   Daniel Coussieu  (France)
5   Patrick Pourjeois  (France)

1   Appie Steenbeek   (Netherlands)
2   Reijo Kivioja   (Finland)
3   Tevfik Ulusoglu   (Turkey)
4   Luciano Andreose  (Italy)
5   Conny Uldin  (Sweden)
6   Vicente Segovia  (Spain)

The Women:

1   Inger Zetterquist   (Sweden)
2   Vera Bendel   (West Germany)
3   Anita Pinnock   (UK)
4   Hildegard Schaeffer   (West Germany)
5   Marlene Fuhrer  (Germany)

1   Astrid Aschwender   (Switzerland)
2   Camilla Palazzi   (Sweden)
3   Christine Laurent   (Belgium)
4   Ellen Van Maris   (Netherlands)
5   Marion Hammang  (Germany)

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