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1980 AAU American Women’s Championships Results
Santa Monica Civic Auditorium, LA, CA.   Friday September 5th, 1980

1- Laura Combes
2- Claudia Wilbourn
3- Carla Dunlap
4- Kay Baxter
5- Lisa Elliott
6- Shelley Gruwell
7- Madeline Almeida
8- Deborah Diana
9- Gail Schroeter
10- Judy Shankman
11- Hollee Wondell
12t- Shelby Pilot
12t- Peggy Russell
14- Susan Koch
15t- Yvonne Hoover
15t- Janet Landers
15t- Linda McCrerey
18- Tammy Gavin
19t- Rebecca McCrerey
19t- Patricia Pranke
21- Yolanda Acosta
22- Mary Hunt
23- Silvia Johnson
24- Linda Maldonado
25- Gail McCall
26- Lisa McKenzie
27- Joanne Bowman
28- Renee Thomas
29- Kathleen Atkinson
30t- Ruth von Eberstein
30t- Renee Hudson
32t- Sandra Christopherson
32t- Rosina Ravalli
34- Carin Fujisaki
35- Jill Ganger
36- Cherie Mazzenga
37- Jeanne Jelcick
38- Susan Berman
39- Maria Ramirez

In the 1980 American Mixed Pairs Championships on the same night, the popular winners were SHELLEY GRUWELL and JOHN BROWN.

1980 AAU American Championships Mixed Pairs Results.
1- John Brown/Shelley Gruwell         
2- John Kemper/Carla Dunlap          
3- Jeff Everson/Cory Kneuer            
4- Ray York/Rosina Ravalli              
5- Dave Dashney/Jan Bowden                  
6- Mauree Wooden/Stacie Reed       
7- James Joseph/Karen Joseph        
8- Dan Ross/Valerie Aguilar

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