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2008 ACT INBA Natural Championships Complete Results:
Canberra, ACT  12th October, 2008

Teenage Men
1st Doug Vincent
2nd Lucas Kucharski
3rd Shawn Cassar 

Junior Men
1st Luke Marshall
2nd Brendon Rocha
3rd Robert Honeybone
4th Samuel Crowe
4th Thomas Doig
4th Luke Baker 

Ms Physique
1st Christine Zadel
2nd Benice Richmond
3rd Jessica Holmick 

Novice Men
1st Simon Slade
2nd Knut Altpere
3rd Jose Martinez
4th Shane Munro
4th Adrian Saputra 

Ms Novice Figure
1st Sanja Hodgson
2nd Jessica Reimer
3rd Jodie Zarb *
4th Lidia Cacciotti *
5th Kylie Millwood
5th Katrina Burns
5th Sally Perrin
*Denotes separated on count-back. 

Master Men Over 40
1st Wes Moloney
2nd Joe Franzi
3rd Ken Ross
4th Craig Dixon
4th Noel Kelly
4th Steffan Gurtler
4th George Theodosiou
4th Brendon Wells
4th Mark Dalliston 

Masters Men Over 50
1st Harry Haureliuk
2nd Neil Rech
3rd Rod Burridge
4th Ian Nordahl
4th Leigh Jenkins 

Masters Figure Over 40
1st Kay Wiseman
2nd Karola Parsons
3rd Cheryl Boyd 

Intermediate Men
1st Soni Tali
2nd Dan Stewart
3rd Simon Lette
4th Paul Mckew
4th Richard Smith 

Intermediate Figure
1st Angela Wiseman
2nd Katrina McDonald
3rd Tina Barac
4th Glynis Hanson 

Open Men
1st Shane Evans *
2nd Jamie Muench *
3rd Jesse McConaghy
4th Ben Piggott
4th Ryan Chinner
*Denotes separated on count-back. 


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