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2011 IFBB Europa Battle of Champions
30th July, 2011   Hartford, CN

Pro Men
1. Troy Alves
2. Marc Lavoie
3. Ben White
4. Will Harris
5. Fred Smalls
6. Toney Freeman
7. Johnnie Jackson
8. Jeff Long
9. Ricky Tricky Jackson
10. Adorthus Cherry
11. Mohammad Bannout
12. Phil Von Kanel
13. Grigori Atoyan
14. Heinz Senior

Pro Women's Bodybuilding
1. Kim Buck
2. Monique Jones
3. Kim Perez
4. Tazzie Colomb
5. Angela Salvagno
6. Lora Ottenad
7. Debbie Bramwell
8. Jennifer Sedia
9. Maria Gomez
10. Claire OConnell
11. Bonnie Pappas
12. Drorit Kernes
13. Sarah Hayes
14. Candice Carr-Archer
15. Pamela Franklin
NP. Gina Quinn
NP. Heather Foster
NP. Irene Andersen
NP. Julia Korfhage
NP. Lori Steele
NP. Mary Ellen Jerumbo
NP. Nicole Acker
NP. Stacey Pillari
NP. Tammy Patnode

Pro Figure
1. Gennifer Strobo
2. Jelena Abbou
3. Holly Beck
4. Chikondi Mseka
5. Gina Trochiano
6. Tiffany Archer
7. Aleisha Hart
8. Hazal Nelson
9. Teresita Morales
10. Elizabeth Maurice
11. Caroline Hernandez
12. Emily Nicholson
13. Melanie DePalma
14. Angelica Nebbia
15. Tiffany Procopio
16. Marcy Porter
NP. Allison Frahn

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Articles and Reviews
WAYNE'S HARD NEWS - Retrospective 2018 Olympia Report
Pro Men: Shawn Rhoden becomes the 14th Mr Olympia winner as he stunningly took home the top prize in 2018. Phil Heath has held the title for the last 7 years, but on the big night this year, it was not to be his record-equaling victory # 8.
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