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2012 NABBA/WFF International Complete Results
Preston, Victoria, Australia   May 20th, 2012

NABBA MEN'S OVERALL:  Jake Nikolopoulos
Men’s Teenage
1. Thomas Rodriguez

NABBA Junior Men
1. Goran Poposki
2. Cemre Volkan

NABBA Novice Men
1. Dryden Mercuri
2. Glen Silcock
3. Craig Morse

NABBA Masters Men Over 40 
1. Jimmy Wilson
2. Blair Loveday
3. Paul Kennedy

NABBA Masters Men Over 50
1. John Moore

NABBA  Men's Class 4
1. Millard Dagher
2. Andy Scott

NABBA Men's Class 3
1. Jake Nikolopoulos

NABBA Men's Class 2
1. Anthony Ng

NABBA Men's Class 1
1. Kristian Porthill

NABBA Figure Over 35 yrs
1. Mercedes Perez
2. Jenny Garrett
3. Jayne Weeden

NABBA Miss Figure Class 2
1. Alysha Turnock

NABBA Miss Figure Class 1 
1. Alison Moyle
2. Anita Hearn
3. Hayley Bertram
4. Cheryl Alma



WFF Masters Men Over 35  
1. Chee Chean Syze
2. Daniel Loxton
3. Paul Burich
WFF Mr Athletic Class 4
1. Jim Vouzas
2. Robert Borgonha
3. Dilshan Perera
Ji Cottrill
Fernando Sganga

WFF Mr Athletic Class 3
1. Pedro Relvas
2. Kamaldip Singh
3. David McKenzie
Nick Attard
Laszlo Virag

WFF Mr Athletic Class 2  
1. John Albergo
2. Sean Rankine
3. Nazario Alessandrino
Jay Song
Corey Godino
Rhys Emmerson

WFF Mr Athletic Class 1 
1. Josh Dickinson
2. Brendan Simm

WFF Miss Athletic Class 1
1. Ekaterina Vargenar
2. Renata Stojanovski
3. Georgia Holton
Penny Lomas
WFF Masters Figure Over 40 yrs
1. Mary Ciuffetelli
2. Chrissy Edwards
3. Leanne Glowery
Michelle Achilles
Kerry Holmes

WFF Miss Athletic Class 2
1. Samantha Draper
2. Wendy Chirgwin
3. Judith Minnican

WFF Miss Glamour
1. Kelly McConnachie
2. Belina Connor
3. Caitlin Burnett
Salina Riemer
Laura Scarmozzino
Siobhan MacLeod
Brianna Cook

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