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1986 NABBA Mr & Miss Midlands & Oscar Awards


Men's Over 40
1. Frank Hawkins
2. Alan Ward
3. Tony Martin
4. Roy Baines

Open Class 3
1. John Wiggins
Eric Willis

Open Class 2
1. Vince D'Allesandro
Peter Spencer
Stanley Widcombe
Barrington Varsiana
David Gill
Adam Smith
Steve Hopkins

Open Class 1
1. Vince Vasiliou
Martin Tierney
Phillip Richardson
Ollie Marshall

Mr Midlands Open Class Winners:

Overall Mr. Midlands Results:
1. Vince D'Allesandro
2. John Wiggins
3. Peter Spencer

Junior Mr Midlands
1. Richard Oxley
2. Peter Chapman
3. Leroy Davis
Alex Bull
David Jevins
Adrian Walker
Steven Barnes - Best Teenage Competitor
Jason Mann - Runner up Best Teenager (Aged 15)

Open Oscar Awards
1. Marlon Darton - USA
2. Vince Taylor - USA
3. Vince D'Allesandro - UK
4. John Wiggins - UK
5. David Gill - UK
6. Vince Vasiliou - UK
Alan Elderfield - UK
Donovan - UK


Miss Midland & Miss Multipower Midlands
Miss Physique
1. June Griffiths
2. Jill Jones

Miss Midlands Figure Miss Multipower Midlands Figure
1. Lesley Whitehouse
2. Yeta Hall
3. Julie Parsons
Wendy Copeland (Aged 14)
Fincham Nicholls
Katie Ledger
Pamela Price
Linda Hutchens
Laura Davis (Competed in Miss Multipower Figure only)
Janet Allen  (Competed in Miss Multipower Figure only)

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