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2014 NABBA/WFF Adelaide Grand Prix
Bodybuilding, Figure and Fitness Championships.

Norwood, Saturday 10th May, 2014

The Men

WFF Grandmasters Men
1st – Andrew Paton
2nd - Warwick Williams

WFF Junior Men
1st – Brandon Lee
2nd – Mohammad Jafsri

WFF Masters Men
1st – Scott Menzies

WFF Men's Class 2
1st – James Arnold

WFF Men's Class 1
1st – Mark Bell

NABBA Masters Men
1st – Alex Fancica

NABBA Men's Class 3
1st – Stuart Iannuzzi

Nabba Men's Class 2
1st – Radu Apostol

WFF Men's Overall: Scott Menzies

NABBA Men's Overall: Radu Apostol

The Women

WFF Fitness Novice
1st – Phoebe Taylor
2nd – Lucinda Porcelli
3rd – Jess Tonkin
4th – Sacha Clifton
5th – Rebecca Jones
6th – Jessica Ambados

WFF Figure Masters
1st – Victoria Thomas
2nd – Bronique Williams

WFF Fitness Model
1st – Dab Koronis
2nd – Annelyse Taylor
3rd – Danielle McInnes
4th – Vernice Salveron
5th – Bernadette Aw

WFF Bikini Novice
1st – Jessica Crowley
2nd – Kia Tanska
3rd – Sami Allan
4th – Mary Salveron
5th – Vanessa Welfare
6th – Christie – Lee Pereira
6th – Kathleen Smith
6th – Katelyn Bamford

WFF Figure Class 2
1st – Lisa Allan

WFF Bikini Model
1st – Jacqueline Emms
2nd – Adana Ionescu
3rd – Kelly Bodger
4th – Michelle Adams
5th – Megan Knight

WFF Figure Class 1
1st – Melanie Gillard
2nd – Meegan McMahon

NABBA Masters Figure
1st – Lisa Morby
2nd – Helen Dix

NABBA Novice Figure
1st – Emm Cartlidge
2nd – Paula Bonfiglio
3rd – Vanessa Ingram

NABBA Figure Class 2
1st – Triniti Nagel

NABBA Figure Class 1
1st – Sue Raynor

WFF Bikini Overall: Jessica Crowley

WFF Fitness Model Overall: Phoebe Taylor

WFF Figure Overall: Victoria Thomas

NABBA Figure Overall: Triniti Nagel

Terri Roberts Legend Award: Janelle McLean

John Koziura Award: Triniti Nagel

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