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1997 NABBA Australasian Championships - Complete Results
Geelong, Victoria.   20-21 September, 1997

Overall NABBA Mr. Australasia: Justin Wessels - NT

The Men

Men's Juniors
1.  Justin Rogers (VIC)
2.  Nick Boutzios (NSW)

Men's Masters
1.  Kim Johncock (SA)
2.  Dennis Dye  (NSW)
3.  Tony Rizzo (VIC)

Men's Open Class 4
1.  Nick Jones (SA)
2.  Garrick Bridges (VIC)
3.  Mark Ware (VIC)

Men's Open Class 3
1.  Rui Mu (NT)

Men's Open Class 2
1.  Justin Wessels (NT)
2.  Gary Vandenberg (SA)
3.  Erwin Zurmuhl (SA)
4.  Alex Marie (VIC)
5.  Steve Bennett (VIC)
6.  Leigh Ellis (ACT)
7.  George Ioannou (VIC)

Men's Open Class 1
1.  Don Mahoney (VIC)
2.  Paul Smith (NSW)

The Women

Figure Novice
1.  Terry Freeman (VIC)
2.  Tamsin Bryant (VIC)
3.  Jan Rosa (SA)

Women's Over 35
1.  Lucy Merro (VIC)
2.  Denise Pope (VIC)

Women's Physique
1.  Christine Envall( VIC)
2.  Kathy Zeljko (WA)

Women's Figure Class 2
1.  Terri Roberts (SA)
2.  Liz Dando (VIC)
3.  Lisa Griggs (NT)
4.  Janelle McLean (SA)

Ms. Fitness
1.  Patsy Tierney (SA)
Nicole Edwards (VIC)
Ellen Enterzon (VIC)
Connie Garner (ACT)

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