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1986 NABBA European Bodybuilding Championships - Results
Hamburg, Germany   21 June, 1986

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1. Roger Bartley, GB
2. Markus Müller, Germany
3. L. Musto, Italy
4. Uwe Hörter, Germany
5. S. Faes, Belgium
6. Y. Deiss, France

Short Class:
1. Ramsford Smith, GB
2. Peter Bosch, NL
3. Anagiros Tsopouridis, Greece
4. G. Gultidis, Greece
5. Willi Grahsl, Austria
6. Paul Patterson, GB

Medium Class:
1. Harald Mertzenich, Germany
2. Norbert Hüllen, Germany
3. Hubert Rosenbichler, Germany
4. Graeme Corner, GB
5. Vince D´Alessandro, GB
6. Arthur Tsilingoudis, Greece

Tall Class:
1. Owen Neil, GB
2. L. James Durvel, France
3. Walter Stollwitzer, Austria
4. Andrew Webb, GB
5. Darius Radke, Germany
6. Domenico Cirillo, Italy

Overall Men's Amateur Winner: Owen Neil, GB

1. Bill Richardson, NL
2. Hubert Metz, Germany
3. Roy Duval, GB
4. Franz Bach, Germany
5. Bill Hemsworth, GB
6. Joel Destin, France
7. Walter O´Malley, GB


Short Class:
1. Monika Steiner, Germany
2. Sabine Baumgartner, Austria
3. Carol Bennett, GB
4. Elona Esposito, Italy
5. Mandy Curry, GB
6. D. Rodrigues, France

Tall Class:
1. Mary Zegeling, NL
2. Anja Albrecht, Germany
3. A. Seremes, France
4. Mary Scott, GB
5. Mylene Charini, France
6. Anita Ivankovic, Yugoslavia

1. Mary Zegeling and Peter Bosch, NL
2. Heike Lysiak and Alfred Blum, Germany
3. Lea Hermans and Rafael Verhac, Belgium
4. Elian Pierre and M. Amelio, France

Overall Women's Winner: Monika Steiner, Germany
Guest Posers:
Alfred Krautgartner
Gabriele Sievers and Ronald Matz

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