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1987 SABBA South Australia
23rd August, 1987  Adelaide, South Australia. 

Men’s Teenage
1. Peter Boehme
2. Randall Smythe
3. Nick Govan
David Tindal
Matthew Amman
Jan Brzoster
Kym Ogilvie
Fraser Mackay

Men’s Junior
1. Roy Visser
2. Mark Visser
3. Michael Proude
Arran Wolfe
Andrew Rutt
Shane Bleeze

Women’s Junior
1. Robyn Curnow

Women’s Novice
1. Trish Kiploks
2. Gaylene Richards
3. Tina Daniels
Lynn Bolton
Caro Duncan
Silvana Ieraci
Leanne Cavanagh
Sally Day
Andrea Smith
Vicky Hansen

Men’s Novice
1. Steve Taylor
2. Colin McLean
3. Stephen Elliott
Michael Hamilton
Scott Rickards
Paul Anderton
Jeff Ross
Ron Hall
Robert Bonham

Women’s Over 35
1. Anna Allwood
2. Rae Simon
3. Lynn Kerr

Men’s Masters
1. Jackie Kirk
2. Neville Williams
3. Paul Williamson
Dennis Wayman
Peter Leighton
Ross Whitehorn
Robert Crook
Trevor Aldenhoven
Leo Loe

Women’s Open Short
1. Kim Knott
2. Tracy Willmott

Men’s Open Short
1. Don Tronnolone
2. Phil Peake

Men’s Open Medium
1. Eugene Berezinski
2. Sam White

Men’s Open Tall
1. Andrew Nakone
2. Brian Zadow

Men’s Overall:  Eugene Berezinski

Women’s Overall:  Kim Knott

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