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Contest Report: 2012 IFBB Flex Pro - Los Angeles, CA

French  Bodybuilder Lionel Beyeke Wins 2012 IFBB Flex Pro.
Contest report from the internet.

The 2012 professional bodybuilding season began with a tremendous showing at the second annual IFBB FLEX Pro competition. While the end result may have been lacking in any gratuitous form of controversy, there was a highly-delectable amount of surprise involved for all involved.

Frenchman Lionel Beyeke, the former 2008 Mr. Universe champion, claiming his first professional bodybuilding victory, delivered a package of muscular density, shape and symmetry that few of his rivals could have hoped to compete with.

Though he left the early pre-judging with many penciling his name in the third-place slot, he returned in the finals looking far better than his prior showing. Beyeke looked much harder and water-depleted, leading him toward the eventual victory over the rest of the class.

Beyeke's conditioning, though slightly lacking from what he may have hoped for, was not too much of a surprise to many, as pre-contest conditioning is somewhat of a difficult art form in itself. The true story was the lack of adequate conditioning from nearly all of his closest competitors, including second-place finisher Ben Pakulski.

Though he delivered a vastly-improved physique from his previous showings, Pakulski continues to miss out on a higher placing, as his size and conditioning lack a crucial ingredient: a dominant body part. His upper body appeared to be improved upon, but still lacked in equivalence to his lower body progress.

Rounding out the top three was early favorite Fouad Abiad. Remaining in the position he took in last year's inaugural competition, Abiad was the leader after pre-judging, but his conditioning, much like the rest of the field, did him no favors. Fortunately, he also showed no glaring weaknesses, as his overall package was solid, save for the issues with the aforementioned affliction.

This was the first ever FLEX PRO Fitness title. This is also the first show where only the winner will qualify for the 2012 Fitness Olympia.

In other Flex Pro action, six-time Fitness Olympia champion Adela Garcia out-shone the rest of the women's class at the Fitness Championships, ahead of Oksana Grishina and Myriam Capes. Many of the female competitors will again do battle in less than two weeks at the Fitness International.

Overall, the second annual competition delivered what it had promised. The 2012 season has begun with a very outstanding performance and, with continued improvements from competitors and promoters alike, looks to continue the surge in the sport's popularity that has blossomed over the past several years.


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