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The Futurist Theatre, Scarborough, N.Yorkshire
Saturday May 5th, 1984

The Men


1. Eugene Laviscount London S.E.  
2. Linkie Wilson Leicester Midlands  
3. Nicky Cheung N.Ireland N.Ireland/UK
4. Andrew Webb Gateshead N.E.  
5. Ramsford Smith Newbury South 
6. Owen Neil Midlands  
7. Stephen Ward Wallesend  North
8. Clive Morgan
9. Kevin Green N.E.  
10. Don Kelly Midlands  
11. Gordon Pasquil  Bolton N.W.  
12. Alan Tracey N.W.  
13. Malcolm Brown  S.E.  
14. Kenneth Clarke  S.E.  
15. Tony Sullivan  Southport N.W.  
Also competed - Surnames in alphabetical order
Peter Davies Port Talbot S.Wales 
Micky Dunn S.E.  
Charles Gardner Scotland
Craig Howard Eston North
Keiron Sheppard Barry S.Wales  
John Stocks N.E  
Colin Pollard West  

3rd  SENIOR MR BRITAIN O/40yrs  
1. John Peglar Bristol West  
2. Brian House Leeds N.E.   
3. Derek Browning Co.Durham North  
4. Micky Baird Scotland Scotland
5. Sammy Nelson Wakefield N.E.  
6. David Wells West  
7. Peter McAvoy S.E.  
8. Vince Parker Midlands  
9. Colin Lowless Portsmouth South  
10. Norman Hodges Tonypandy S.Wales
10. (Joint) Eric Dowey N.Ireland
Also competed - Surnames in alphabetical order
Ron Bradford Port Talbot S.Wales
Pat McCarthy Bolton N.W.
Ray Clarke N.W.  
Fred Dickinson
Peter Kirtly Newton Aycliff N.E.  

1. David Campbell Scotland Scotland
2. Tony Francis Glen Rothes Scotland
3. Ivon Jackson Liverpool N.W.
4. Graeme Corner Bishop Aukland North
5. Ken Prescott St.Helens N.W.
6. Brian Gilmore North
7. Harold  Pennie N.Ireland  
8. Anthony Hall North  
9. Peter Cooper
10. Andy Rumble
11. Mark Nichols
Also competed - Surnames in alphabetical order
Steve Avery
Adam Crews
Mike Harman
Rino Lenera
Paul McEnoy South  
Paul Myhill
Chris Pilling Bolton  
Brian Preece Wales
Wayne Severn N.E.  

9th NOVICE Mr Britain     
1. John Wiggins London S.E.  
2. Ian Coates Hull N.E.  
3. Basil Francis N.E.  
4. David Thomas West  
5. Tom Parkinson N.W.  
6. Ian Hopkins N.E.  
7. Peter Tansey North  
8. Stephen Giles North
9. David Wolfe S.E.
10. Linford Farquahar Heywood N.W.
11. Steven Clarke North  
12. Walter Sinclair Scotland
Also competed - Surnames in alphabetical order
Bradford Mathias S.E.  
Mark Griffiths Llanelli S.Wales 
Howard Johnson South
Brian Jones Wales
Mark Spence N.Ireland  

The Women


1. Mary Scott Dunfermline Scotland
2. Leslie Whitehouse Midlands  
3. Karen Green Harlow S.E.
4. Cheryl Brewster Blackpool N.W.  
5. Carol Bennett Swindon West  
6. Allison Orders Wales
7. Jaqueline Little      
8. Karen Hill
9. Pepi Adaire N.Ireland  
10. Debbie Walker West  
11. Stephanie Tyrrel S.E.  
12. Heidi Thomas N.E.  
13. Denise Waddington N.E.  
14. Debby Brook West  
14. (Joint) Gillian Howard North
Also competed - Surnames in alphabetical order
Susan Brown
Debbie Carlisle North  
Nina Couch Portsmouth South  
Jackie Foster S.E. 
Christine Hall Salford N.W.  
Thelma Jamieson Newcastle N.E.  
Lesley Johnson N.W.  
Jayne Mellows

1984 NABBA 53rd MR BRITAIN & 54th MISS BRITAIN - Summary
53rd MR BRITAIN - 22 Competitors - Eugene Laviscount - England
54th MISS BRITAIN - 23 Competitors - Mary Scott - Scotland 
3rd SENIOR MR BRITAIN O/40yrs - 16 Competitors -  John Peglar - England
35th JUNIOR MR BRITAIN U/19yrs - 20 Competitors - David  Campbell - Scotland 
9th NOVICE MR BRITAIN - 17 Competitors - John Wiggins - England    
Total 98 competitors
MUSIC by Geoff Joel
1984 ORGANISER & NABBA Sec.. Oscar Heidenstam
1984 JUDGES Secretaries John O'Farell, John Brooks and Bill Ball  

15 JUDGES from which the judging panels were selected for the various categories:
(N.W) Harold Wrigley (SCOTLAND) David Mitchell & John Clements (N.IRELAND) Ivan Dunbar (WALES) Danny Williams (WEST) Ron Thomas (SOUTH) Gordon Allen (S.E) Norman Hibbert (LONDON) Bill Norris) (W. MIDLANDS) Jim Charles (NORTH) Billy Graham.
Judging Co Ordinater: Malcolm Whyatt

SPECIAL DONATIONS from various people towards NABBA's Central Fund (which is used towards sending NABBA Teams to compete overseas): Edna Taylor, Ivan Dunbar, Les Randell the SE show organser and Tony Turner S.W Rep.
The Sponsor of the Miss Britain glass trophy Dale & Blane Goreatt and the trade stands rental Davina Health Products. Europower Gymnasium Equipment Co. and Wander Sportiv Peform

Results compiled by Malcolm Whyatt.

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