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2006 Arnold Schwarzenegger Classic
March 4th at the Veterans Memorial Auditorium
Columbus, USA


Most Muscular Award went to Branch Warren, and the Best Poser Award went to Melvin Anthony. Originally slated to compete, but dropped out weeks before the show was Chris Cormier, Dennis James (throat surgery), and Mark Dugdale (stomach flu).

1 Dexter Jackson, USA
2 Branch Warren, USA
3 Victor Martinez, USA
4 Gustavo Badell, Puerto Rico
5 Melvin Anthony, USA
6 Lee Priest, Australia
7 Mustafa Mohammad, Austria
8 Darrem Charles, Trinidad
9 Toney Freeman, USA
10 Troy Alves, USA
11 David Henry II, USA
12 Ahmad Haidar, Lebanon 
13 Johnnie Jackson, USA 
14 Kris Dim, USA
15 Chris Cook, USA

2006 Ms. International Results
March 3, 2006 at Columbus, Ohio


1 Iris Kyle, USA
2 Dayana, Cadeau USA
3 Yaxeni Oriquen-Garcia, Venezuela
4 Jitka Harazimova, Czech
5 Betty Pariso, USA
6 Bonny Priest, USA
7 Annie Rivieccio, USA
8 Lisa Aukland, USA  
9 Kim Harris, USA
10 Antoinette Norman, USA
11 Mah-Ann Mendoza, USA
12 Rosemary Jennings, USA
13 Christine Roth, Canada 
14 Angela Debatin, USA 

2006 Fitness International
March 3, 2006 at Columbus, Ohio


1 Adela Garcia, USA
2 Kim Klein, USA  
3 Jennifer Henderschott, USA  
4 Tracey Greenwood, USA  
5 Julie Childs, USA 
6 Tanji Johnson, USA 
7 Julie Palmer, USA  
8 Regiane DaSilva, Germany 
9 Angie Monteleone-Semsch, USA  
10 Stacey Simons, USA
10 Mindi O'Brien, Canada
12 Heidi Fletcher, USA
13 Allison Daughtry, USA

2006 Figure International
March 3, 2006 at Columbus, Ohio


Jenny Lynn pulled out on the last day because of illness, bringing a new champion, amid some controversy. 

1 Mary Elizabeth Lado, USA 
2 Monica Brant-Peckham, USA
3 Amanda Savell, USA
4 Chastity Slone, USA
5 Jane Awad, USA
6 Christine Pomponio-Pate, USA 
7 Latisha Wilder, USA
8 Valerie Waugaman, USA
9 Monica Guerra, USA
10 Elaine Goodlad, USA
11 Danielle Hollenshade, USA 
12 Gina Camacho, USA
13 Nina Luchka, Canada
14 Deborah Leung, Canada
15 Michelle Flake, USA
16 Tammy Pies, USA
17 Ali Metkovich, USA
18 Anna Larsson, Sweden
18 Zhanna Rotar, USA

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