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Victor Martinez wins Arnold Classic bodybuilding competition.

The Columbus Dispatch

Saturday, March 3, 2007 10:34 PM

Victor Martinez, of Washington Heights, N.Y., won the Arnold Classic bodybuilding competition Saturday among a field of 16 contestants at the Arnold Sports Festival 2007 in Columbus.

He received a check for $130,000, a trophy, watch and jacket, and congratulations from Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger. Martinez also won the Most Muscular Man Award.

Dexter Jackson of Jacksonville, Fla., won second place, a $65,000 prize.

Tony Freeman, of Atlanta, placed third and won $45,000.

Fourth place went to Gustavo Badell, of Las Vegas, who received $25,000; fifth went to Phil Heath of Denver, who won $12,000; sixth went to Silvio Samuel, of Spain, who received $6,000.

Marcus Haley, of Tampa, Fla., won the Most Entertaining Posing Award and a $10,000 check.

The Arnold Schwarzenegger Lifetime Achievement Award was presented to six-time winner of the Ms. Olympia, Cory Everson. Schwarzenegger said Everson helped to create a new standard for female muscle that inspired a generation.

2007 IFBB Arnold Classic


 1 Victor Martinez
 2 Dexter Jackson
 3 Toney Freeman
 4 Gustavo Badell
 5 Phil Heath
 6 Silvio Samuel
 7 Branch Warren
 8 Ronny Rockel
 9 Markus Ruhl
 10 Vince Taylor
 11 Mark Dugdale
 12 Marcus Haley
 13 Hidetada Yamagishi
 14 David Henry
 15 Sergey Shelestov
 16 Luke Wood


 1 Iris Kyle
 2 Yaxeni Oriquen-Garcia
 3 Heather Policky
 4 Lisa Aukland
 5 Betty Pariso
 6 Dayana Cadeau
 7 Annie Rivieccio
 8 Bonnie Priest
 9 Anntoinette Norman
 10 Cathy Lefrancois-Priest
 11 Lora Ottenad
 12 Denise Masino
 13 Kim Perez
 14 Colette Nelson
 15 Rosemary Jennings
 16 Susanne Niederhauser
 1 Mary Elizabeth Lado
 2 Amanda Savell
 3 Sonia Adcock
 4 Latisha Wilder
 5 Valerie Waugaman 
 6 Gina Aliotti
 7 Chastity Slone
 8 Julie Wallis
 9 Christine Wan
 10 Inga Neverauskaite
 11 Jane Awad
 12 Deborah Leung
 13 Briana Tindall
 14 Corry Mathews
 15 Zena Collins
 1 Kimberly Klein
 2 Jennifer Hendershott
 3 Adela Friedmansky
 4 Tanji Johnson
 5 Julie Palmer
 6 Tracey Greenwood
 7 Julie Childs
 8 Debbie Czempinski
 9 Holly Stewart
 10 Angela Monteleone-Semsch
 11 Amy Villa
 12 Mindi O'Brien
 13 Bethany Gainey
 14 Amy Haddad
 DNF Heidi Fletcher

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