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All competitors were from Australia unless otherwise stated.   

 WOMEN'S CLASSES:                                                               

NABBA Figure Over 35yrs                   
1   Tarren McCall  New Zealand
2   Mindy Dyson                                                                  

WFF Masters Figure Over 40yrs         
1   Jan Herdman
2   Nikki Vriends
3   Louise Ramsdell                                                                   

WFF Miss Fitness
1   Cindy Marett
WFF Miss Glamour
1   Mariya Dimova

WFF Miss Athletic Novice Class 2      
1   Ellie Gatzios
2   Veronica Mladenoska

WFF Miss Figure Class 2                      
1   Lisa Saygun
2   Katie Farrell

WFF Miss Athletic Class 1                    
1   Anita Nicolou
2   Annie Guillet                                         
3   Colleen Leung                                     

WFF Miss Athletic Novice Class 1      
1   Hayley Bertram
2   Georgina Theophilos
3   Christina Dardalis

NABBA Miss Figure Class 1                 
1   Lisa Bellingham  New Zealand                               
2   Emily Cowan                                        

NABBA Miss Figure Class 2                 
1   Missy Hawkins New Zealand
2   Sharon Ricardo

Miss Physique                                         
1   Laska Varkaris
2   Cat Davies


 NABBA Juniors Under 21                     
1    Lucky Hatzipantelis                           
2    Luke Sgarbossa                               
3    Daniel Mal                                          
4    Victor Iskandar
5    Daniel Lancefield

WFF Vintage Men Over 60                    
1   Dennis Dye
2   Mike West                                             

NABBA Masters Men Over 50             
1   Barry Dove

WFF Mr Athletic Class 4                        
1   Robert Borgonha
2   Jimmy Mathiopoulos                          

WFF Mr Athletic Class 3                        
1   Craig D'Rozario
2   Joey Corso
3   Jack Maalouf

WFF Mr Athletic Class 2                        
1  Joey Colaci
2   Matthew Wiederstein
3   Glen Silcock
4   Simon Fultiak                                       
5   Nazario Alessandrino                        
6   David  Odoardi                                     

WFF Mr Athletic Class 1                        
1   Kris Porthill
2   Alastair White
NABBA Novice Men
1   Johnny Barlas
2   Steve Brennan

NABBA  Men Class 4
1   Milad Dagher

NABBA Men Class 3
1   Leigh Ellis                                            

NABBA Men Class 2                               
1   David Kirwin
2   Stacy Papadopoulos
3   Murray Luke

NABBA Men Class 1
1   Donny Henderson-Smith
2   Mark Sboto
3   Chris Scifo

1   Katie Farrell/Stuart Roe


WFF OVERALL MEN                   
Kris Porthill                                               

WFF OVERALL WOMEN              
Lisa Saygun                                             

Lucky Hatzipantelis

Lisa Bellingham  New Zealand                         

Missy Hawkins New Zealand                             

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