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Overall Mr. Australia: GARY LEWER - Victoria


1.  Ricky Sweeney (NSW)
2.  Paul Cook (VIC)
3.  Robert Kremar (VIC)


1.  Sherif Derias (VIC)
2.  Peter Kafouros (QLD)
3.  Nicolas Harding (SA)


1.  Gus Abdullah (VIC)
2.  Bill Angelopoulos (SA)

Men's Novice

1.  Glen Purtell (QLD)
2.  David Trimboli (VIC)
3.  Michael Buder (SA)

Men's Masters Over 35

1.  Peter Gambell (QLD)
2.  Peter Leighton (SA)
3.  Alan Dowsett (VIC)

Men's Class 3 - Short

1.  Bruce Leong (NT)
2.  John Distefano (VIC)
3.  Frank Asimakopoulos (SA)

Men's Class 2 - Medium

1.  Enzo Giuffre (QLD)
2.  Barry Whitnell (VIC)
3.  Joseph Zahra (VIC)

Men's Class 1 - Tall

1.  Gary Lewer (SA)
2.  Tony Struck (QLD)
3.  Paul Glen (VIC)


Novice Women

1.  Sandy O'Dwyer (QLD)
2.  Suzanne Jaensch (SA)
3.  Jennifer McLaren (VIC)

Women's Over 35

Virginia Hamblin (SA)


Sam White & Lily Caridi (SA)

Women's Figure

1.  Jeanette Harper (NSW)
2.  Gloria Ormsby (VIC)
3.  Lily Caridi (SA)
4.  Jacqui Cook (VIC)

Women's Physique

1.  Kim Knott (SA)
2.  Glenda Black (QLD)
3.  Darelle Williams (SA)
4.  Susan Northey (VIC)

We regret that the names of other non-placing competitors have been lost.

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