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Wayne’s Hard News: 2009 NABBA Britain Finals Hard News Report

2009 NABBA Britain Finals Hard News Report by Wayne Gallasch.

It was a near full house once again at the Floral Hall Complex in Southport on May 30th for the annual NABBA Britain Finals. It is a massive event with around 150 competitors drawn from all areas of UK. The lighting as usual was outstanding, making for a top class show.  Now for a few comments on the competitors who impressed me the most, commencing with the women’s 3 classes and then the 8 classes for the men.

There were 3 FIGURE CLASSES being TONED FIGURE and TRAINED FIGURE Classes 1 and 2.
Of special note this year was the very strong showing from the Scottish team with Laura Irving winning Figure Class 2, and 4th placings to both Wendy Newman and Lynn Carmichael with good representation by the other Scottish women. In fact the 3 women’s classes were the strongest ever seen at a Britain Finals.

The winner of this very high standard class of 19 was the outstanding EMMA FOXTON from the N.E. with Eva Patoka taking 2nd place, and with last year’s winner Kay Ferrier having to settle for 3rd place. This class is to encourage women into figure competition without the pressure of competing against mature” trained figure stars” such as Jo Sperring for example. The Toned Class is still all about training but displaying a lesser degree of muscularity and size.

In first place was the dynamic Scottish star, LAURA IRVING, who displayed to perfection her wonderful symmetry, excellent shape and good condition. In second place was Silvana Imbrogno with Gina Ford taking out an excellent 3rd place. Silvana and Jo Sperring represented UK at the NABBA Worlds in Slovakia 2 weeks later. This was a tough class with 7 top competitors.

This was an evenly fought class with JO SPERRING from the West taking first place. Last year she was a very close second in her class and this year she convincingly claimed the title.  Jo was superbly conditioned with good symmetry, great legs and back and gave the huge audience a wonderfully entertaining posing routine. Second was Natalie Jakomis from Wales with Jane Brooks from the Midlands in 3rd place.
At the evening Show, the OVERALL TRAINED  FIGURE MISS BRITAIN title went to Jo Sperring. (See below)

Complete Women’s Results:


1. Emma Foxton - N.East
2. Eva Patoka - S.East
3. Kay Ferrier - S.East
4. Lynn Carmichael - Scotland
5. Joanne Stanger - N.East
6. Beauty Gandiwa - West
Elizabeth Kalsi - Scotland
Claire Harper - N.West
Carrie Cohen - Midlands
Theresa Hall - North
Christal Cornick - South
Gemma Marks - West
Angela Ogg - Scotland
Melanie Towers - North
Jo Olsson - Midlands
Clare Burrell - Scotland
Jo Brown - Scotland
Lindsay Harris - West
Kristin Lumm - Midlands

1. Laura Irving - Scotland
2. Silvana Imbrogno - S.East
3. Gina Ford - West
4. Wendy Newman - Scotland
5. Angie Moore - North
6. Vanessa Sewell - N.West
7. Andrea Hair - North
1. Jo Sperring - West
2. Natalie Jakomis - Wales
3. Jane Brooks - Midlands
4. Donna McDonald - West
5. Sahar Rastani - S.East

Jason Corrick is a seasoned competitor with many major victories. He clearly dominated this class and was an outstanding winner over second placed Brian Crossen. Being such a tough class of incredible standard, Nigel Cox had to settle for 3rd place with Andrew Binch right behind him in 4th. Andrew was most impressive displaying fantastic condition and I feel he could go close to winning this class in the future.

Once again I must say that many of these guys would not have looked out of place in the Open Height Classes. There were 17 outstanding competitors in this super high standard class.

Brian Connolly added another trophy to his huge collection by taking this Over 50 Class. It seems that Brian has been winning titles for years and is still going strong. He is ripped and impressive from every angle with quite amazing abs. John Lee had to settle for 2nd place with the very determined Gordon Pasquill in 3rd place. All 3 men had physiques that were truly outstanding and a credit to their many years of training.

It was obvious to me that it was a battle between the West and the North/NW and that is how it was at the end. In first place was the very mature physique of Daniel Barry  from the West with  Adam Baines - N.West in second place from John-Mark Wardle – North in 3rd position.
I hear that Daniel Barry has another year to go as a junior and I predict great things for him in the next 12 months. He has size, maturity and great overall shape. This a package that will see him go a long way in bodybuilding if he maintains his focus. Mark him down to watch out for as a star of the future.

I always enjoy shooting this class as it presents such a mixed bag of physiques, all of whom qualify as Novices. The top 3 this year was a diverse group of ages and sizes with  Anthony Ellett  in first place and Scotland’s David Jackson second and Patrick Ryan in 3rd place. Anthony shows huge potential for his future when competing in the open class and will do well. He is symmetrical and well defined and gave us an entertaining posing routine.

Ten outstanding competitors took to the stage in Class 4. It was fairly clear to me that the top 4 would be Ian Sturrock  from Scotland, Wade Stafford from the N.E. and  William Donachie also from Scotland with Adrian Burchall - N.W. pushing for a top spot. This is how it ended up in that order when the results were announced at the show. A triumph for the Scottish guys taking first and third. Ian Sturrock had an outstanding and well defined physique and I hope to see him in the Universe this year on October 24th. I feel sure he would do extremely well! Ian also won this class last year at the Britain.

This class was a real highlight for me in that I had not seen before Mr. Striated Glutes, Tom Young  from the NW. His condition was truly amazing and here is a guy rising fast in the sport. He displayed great determination and presence, along with a fantastic physique, such that he finished in front of his big rival Joe Walker. Joe is extremely symmetrical and was also in great condition with Tom having a small edge over him. In 3rd place it was the very impressive Rob Clapham from the N.E.
It is quite likely that with another year’s training Tom will be the favourite to take the overall Britain title next year!

Andy James was the defending class winner from 2008 but this year he could not match his size and condition from the year before. This time he had to settle for 3rd place and I know he was extremely disappointed at this. In first place it was David Bell from the North who gave us his best ever showing – ripped, full and beautifully proportioned. He was a worthy winner. David Guest showed great improvement to finish in 2nd place, just a touch ahead of the disappointed Andy James in 3rd. Andy has a superb upper body, good midsection and is working on bringing up his legs to match his upper body size.

This year there was no defending champion in Russell Freakley who decided to take a year off from the Britain. Instead we had the truly amazing star in big Dave Titterton from the N.E. I had not seen Dave since he last competed in the NABBA Universe several years ago when he was much younger in his bodybuilding career. This time he truly nailed it and was such a clear winner he must have made first placing very easy to mark for the judges. He is tall, he had size, good proportions for a big man, great legs and back and huge arms –  topped off by a wonderful set of abs plus outstanding condition. If he had competed at the NABBA Worlds 2 weeks later in this condition I have no doubt he would have taken the Overall World title as well. Let’s hope he does the NABBA Universe this year to test himself against the best tall guys in the world.

In second place it was Eddie Gray with an outstanding physique which in most years would have seen him claiming 1st place. He had what I call an extremely pleasing package. In 3rd place it was Scotland once again taking the trophy in the form of Andy Jamieson. Andy showed a very impressive physique and higher honours await him in the future. In 4th place and not outdone was Lee Harding from the Midlands. This was a very tough, very large class of 17 competitors.

When it came to the judging  of the 4 Class Winners at the evening show for the Overall NABBA Mr. Britain title, Dave Titterton must have started as the hottest favourite in some years. At least that is how I saw it, as he has a physique of World Class standard. In fact he would not look out of place in any Professional lineup. Not surprisingly he got the judges’ decision and joining the long line of greats who have claimed the Overall NABBA Mr. Britain title.

Along with all of the officials of NABBA UK, I specially want to thank: Jim and Val Charles for all their help on the day, Bryan Robinson and Paul Jeffreys. My personal thanks to the major sponsor of the show, and long time friend of GMV, Kerry Kayes of CNP Professional.

I hope to see  you all at the Universe in a couple of month’s time!
NB: The 3 separate Britain DVDs have now been edited and were produced to our usual NABBBA formula of one complete Women’s DVD with all of the Prejudging and Show, plus 2 separate DVDs for the men being Men’s Prejudging and Men – The Show. Plus a Men's 2 DVD Set. There is also a Triple Pack 3 DVD Set of all 3 DVDs for Men & Women.

Complete Men’s Results

1. Jason Corrick - Midlands
2. Brian Crossen - N.I.
3. Nigel Cox - N.East
4. Andrew Binch - Midlands
5. Carl Stevens - N.West
6. David Ray - North
7. Stephen Bingham - North
John Wales - Midlands
Stephen Fong - Wales
David McKessy - Midlands
Gary Edwards - S.East
Dave Taylor - Midlands
Neil Prescott - N.West
John Swaby - S.East
Mark Stocks - N.East
Colin Taylor - North
Michael Davies - Wales

1. Brian Connolly - N.West
2. John Lee - North
3. Gordon Pasquill - N.West
4. Pat Collard - Midlands
5. Robert Turner - Scotland
6. Herbie Chiang - N.I.
Kevin Welch - North
Peter Webb - Midlands
Martin Hall - N.East
David Steca - N.East
Ray Dixon - N.East
John Young - Wales
Martyn Yates-Brown - N.West
Sam Metcalfe - Scotland
Ed Ibbotson - North
Doug Quine - West
Bob Dawson - Midlands
Denton Wilson - N.East


1. Daniel Barry - West
2. Adam Baines - N.West
3. John-Mark Wardle - North
4. Philip Graham - N.I.
5. Paul Ryan Douglas - North
6. Richard O'Hara - N.West
Liam Killinger - N.West
Adam Gufferty - North
Jonny Reid - Wales
Harry Ainslie - North
Wayne Lilly - N.East
Christopher Walsh - N.West


1. Anthony Ellett - North
2. David Jackson - Scotland
3. Patrick Ryan - N.West
4. Mike Hanson - N.East
5. Joseph Boyd - N.West
6. Alastair Ives - N.West
Faysal Tabbara - N.East
Wojciech Frankowski - Midlands
Ian Hardisty - N.East
Rob Harriss - N.East
Del Honeyman - Scotland
Paul West - West
John Cribbin - North

1. Ian Sturrock - Scotland
2. Wade Stafford - N.East
3. William Donachie - Scotland
4. Adrian Burchall - N.West
5. Garry Hutton - N.West
6. Ricky Moore - N.East
7. Stevie Wright - North
8. Lee Callaghan - Wales
Ken Carter - N.East
Daniel Hahn - West

1. Tom Young - N.West
2. Joe Walker - N.West
3. Rob Clapham - N.East
4. Anthony Bailes - North
5. Carl Robinson - Midlands
6. Shaun Danby - North
7. Wayne Keene - Wales
8. Stephen Bogle - Scotland
James Gutteridge - S.East
Vincento De Marzio - S.East
Darren Casey - Midlands
Mark Taylor - Scotland

1. David Bell - North
2. David Guest - West
3. Andy James - Midlands
4. Paul Mason - N.East
5. Geoff Nutt - West
6. Kai Lyons - Midlands
7. Tim Rosiek - N.West
8. Darren Crocker - S.East
Steven Stewart - N.I.
Brian Harris - Scotland

1. Dave Titterton - N.East
2. Eddie Gray - S.East
3. Andy Jamieson - Scotland
4. Lee Harding - Midlands
5. Rodney Knight - Wales
6. Stuart Garrington - N.East
7. Michael Stokell - North
8. Matt Hill - S.East
Scott Newton - N.West
Vit Bohac - Midlands
Philip Spooner - Wales
Shaun Sproattes - North
Laurie Geoghegan - West
Darren Lewis - S.East
Julian Jordan - Midlands
Chris Vergo - Scotland
Shaun McDonald - West


Please click here to view a PREVIEW from the Women’s DVD.
Please click here for more details on the WOMEN’S DVD, GMV-743DVD.

The 2 MEN’S DVDs will be available at the end of this week along with a PREVIEW.

All photos by Alex McKenna, The Beef Magazine.

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