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LIfe is a Stretch - By Elise Browning Miller and Carol Blackman.
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Pages: 214
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LIfe is a Stretch
By Elise Browning Miller and Carol Blackman.


Breathe, Stretch, and Relax-Feel Better All Day, Every Day.

Life is a Stretch shows you how to look younger, have more energy, and reduce stress with focused breathing, easy stretches, and relaxation techniques. Based on yoga principles, these simple techniques can be used anytime by people of all ages and ability levels.

The practical routines in this book are for everyday life and take just moments to do. Detailed step-by-step instructions and photos fully illustrate how to stretch at work, home, or school, even while stuck in traffic or on an airplane—whenever you want to boost energy or relieve tension. These simple stretching and breathing movements will help you:

•  Improve your ability to concentrate and  think clearly

•  Strengthen your lower back and relieve sciatic pain

•  Burn fat and firm thighs, legs, and abdomen                   

 • Relieve computer-related tension in your wrists, middle and upper back

•  Improve posture, flexibility, and strength  

•  Harmonize your hormones: get relief from menstruation, pregnancy, and menpopausal complaints
•  Restore calm and release stress

Large Format. Soft cover, used and in good condition.
214 pages, fully illustrated.

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