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2004 Iron Man Pro
Code: V-183DVD
Duration: 110 mins
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Contest & Event Preview clip. 

2004 Iron Man Pro

Also on Digital Download.  

Held in the historic setting of the Pasadena Civic Centre, this was the first Iron Man event to be held at Pasadena.

DEXTER “The Blade” JACKSON opened the 2004 pro season with a hard fought victory over the Blond Myth LEE PRIEST. 

Also qualifying for the Olympia with his 3rd place finish was Puerto Rico’s GUSTAVO BADELL.

Includes key comparisons from prejudging, complete posing routines of all 20 competitors, posedown and awards.


1 Dexter Jackson USA

2 Lee Priest Australia 

3 Gustavo Badell Puerto Rico 

4 Ahmad Haidar Lebanon 

5 Craig Titus USA 

6 David Henry USA 

7 Johnnie Jackson USA 

8 Bob Cicherillo USA 

9 Idrise Ward-El USA 

10 Ronny Rockel Germany 

11 Jason Arntz USA 

12 Lee Powell England 

13 Paul Baker Jamaica 

14 Mohamed Antouti Lebanon 

15 Rod Ketchens USA 

16 George Turmon USA 

17 Ntuk Ntuk Nigeria 

18 Dragan Paunovic Yugoslavia 

19 Ken Jones USA 

20 Clifton Torres USA 

Withdrew Tom Prince USA 


Highlights of Extra Scenes (Shown in full in this DVD)

** The Peary & Mabel Rader Lifetime Achievement award being presented to Ben Weider.

** The Art Zeller Award for Artistic Excellence presentation to Chris Lund.

** Chris Dickerson, 1982 Mr. Olympia, singing the National Anthem.


TRT: 110 mins.


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