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2004 NABBA/WFF Southern Hemisphere Championships - The Men
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Duration: 213 mins
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2004 NABBA/WFF Southern Hemisphere Championships - The Men

Download Part 1.

Download Part 2.

*Download Part 1 Includes: WFF Junior, NABBA Men Over 50, NABBA Men Over 60, NABBA Men Over 70, NABBA Grand Masters, NABBA Novice Men, WFF Over 35, NABBA Masters Over 40, NABBA Open Class 4.

*Download Part 2 Includes: NABBA Couples, WFF Men’s Athletic Class 2 & 3, NABBA Open Class 3, NABBA Open Class 3, WFF Athletic Class 1, NABBA Open Class 1, WFF Men’s Overall, NABBA Men’s Overall.

Melbourne, May 30th, 2004.

The 2004 NABBA/WFF Southern Hemisphere Championships was the most successful local nationals held for many years. 

A grand total of 104 athletes - that's huge by our standards.  And talking of standards, the physique quality is amazing.   Check out Kym Johncock (Masters Men Over 50) for example.  He went on to win the World Championships a couple of weeks later, and certainly wouldn't have disgraced himself in the Men's Open!! 

Others worthy of comment are Sergio DeSantis and Grant Mayo both making their comeback after a number of years' absence from the contest stage. 
Both won their classes, with Grant Mayo taking out the Overall in a tightly contested battle.

At the end of the day, Grant Mayo was a worthy winner of the NABBA Overall Title, with Eddie Tanourji winning the WFF Men’s Athletic and WFF Overall.

For a list of top 2 men and women in every class see our RESULTS SECTION, click here.

Running time: 213 mins

2004 NABBA Southern Hemisphere Championships Pump Room 2004 NABBA Southern Hemisphere Championships Pump Room.  

All the backstage action from the biggest and best Southern Hemisphere championships in recent history.

Features both men and women in the exciting leadup to that on-stage action. Pumping, oiling and backstage preparation for the big moment.

V-186DVD | $29.95 $24.95

2004 NABBA/WFF Southern Hemisphere Championships - Results.

Junior Men
1. Lachlan James
2. Bernard Chelin
3. Michael Vecchio
4. Nazario Alessandrino

Novice Men
1. Ang Vincent
2. Scott Goble
3. Daniel Koch
4. Dean Martin
5. Greg Bouyer
6. Richard Mountain

WFF Masters Over 35
1. Wayne Wilson
2. Toro Audino
3. Chris Mrakas
4. Russell Turner
5. Ian Reid
6. Stuart Bell

Masters Men Over 40
1. Glen Purtell
2. Mark Suttie
3. Darryl Marshall
4. Tony Bate
5. Les Rudolf
6. Lou Vecchio
7. Glen Magson

Masters Men Over 50
1. Kym Johncock
2. Tom Long
3. Chris Karajas

Grand Masters Men Over 60
1. Manfred Hamilton
2. Denis Dye

Grand Masters men Over 70
1. James Ahearn

WFF Men’s Athletic Class 3
1. Temien Leopold
2. Hanno Schupp
3. Styvan Cusiato
4. Jayde Farrell

WFF Men’s Athletic Class 2
1. Nick Makaronis
2. Johnny Distefano

WFF Men’s Athletic Class 1
1. Eddie Tannourji (Overall winner)
2. Blair Loveday
3. Jesper Lowgren

Men’s Open Class 4
1. Rommel Pardilanan
2. Ash Mason
3. Rick Palermo
4. Jason Wren

Men’s Open Class 3
1. Grant Mayo (Overall Winner)
2. Lachlan Maxell-Wright
3. Matt McLean
4. Jason Bednarz
5. Chady el Chiek
6. Renald Buhagiar
7. Senol Bosnali

Men’s Open Class 2
1. Sergio Desantis
2. Luis Dennis Maciel
3. James Honan
4. Matt Lea

Men’s Open Class 1
1. Cullum Carrigg
2. Roberto Morando
3. Danny Craig
4. Jonathan Hayhurst
5. Kai Anderson
6. Mat Barritt
7. Shane Atkins
8. Bruce Lee King


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