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2004 IFBB English Grand Prix; 2004 EFBB Amateur Grand Prix 2 DVD Set
Code: GMV-593DVDSP
Duration: 190 mins
Price: $39.95
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2004 IFBB English Grand Prix; 2004 EFBB Amateur Grand Prix - 2 DVD Set

Also on Digital Download for the Pro GP.

Also on Digital Download for the Amateur GP.  

The 2004 IFBB English Grand Prix, presented by Chemical Nutritional Products, (CNP Professional), was held at the  Wembley Conference Centre. It saw a record number of 16 top class amateur competitors. They were followed by 18 top professionals with the winner being 7 times Mr Olympia - RONNIE COLEMAN. See Ronnie and Chris Cormier in their most amazing condition ever! Plus a young Flex Lewis - guest posing.

This double DVD set brings you the complete event. From every single round of the prejudging through to the posing routines, posedown and awards. This is the complete contest DVD for both the Amateur and Pro Grand Prix. 

Plus the following STAR GUEST POSERS:
* James "Flex" Lewis
* Jamie Manuel
* Mario Rieger
* Kizzy Vaines

Disc 1 Disc 2
Amateur Grand Prix  (EFBB) Pro Grand Prix  (IFBB)
Complete Prejudging & Show Complete Prejudging & Show
Posedown & Awards. Posedown & Awards
All 4 guest posers: The top six were :
- James "Flex" Lewis
- Jamie Manuel
- Mario Rieger
- Kizzy Vaines
1. Ronnie Coleman
2. Chris Cormier
3. Kris Dim
4. Markus Rühl
Amateurs -
Photo Gallery
5. Ramon Gonzales
6. Michael Sheridan
Running Time: 65 mins + 10 mins
= 75 mins.

Running Time: 115 mins.

Total Running time for the set:  190 mins


Wembley Conference Centre, 7th November, 2004

Pro Class
1  Ronnie Coleman  USA 
2  Chris Cormier  USA 
3  Kris Dim  USA 
4  Markus Rühl  Germany 
5  Ramon Gonzalez  Spain 
6  Michael Sheridan  England 
7  Ronny Rockel  Germany 
8  Paul George  England 
9  Tommi Thorvildsen  Norway 
10  Migger Milazzo  Germany 
11  Peter Brown  England 
12  Harold Marillier  England 
13  Ian Morgan  England 
14  Alberto Bistocchi   Italy 
14  Jose-Jorge Alves  France 
16  Armand Plaisant  France 
17  Emro Karaduzovic  Montenegro 
18  Fabrizio Zittucro  Italy 

2004 EFBB English Amateur Grand Prix                                                                                                                                                                   
(Posing in this order)
Dave Clarke
Brett Smith
Simon Morgan
Richard Mackreath
Tony Stevens
Marius Dohne
James Llewellin (see his own DVD, thumbnail below)
Nana Manu
Ian Morgan
Zack Pallikaros
Chris Wall
Daniel Nehme
Hunni Glanville
Gilbert Alaskadi
Victor Baiden
Dave Poole 
James Llewellin - 1 Step Ahead (Dual price US$39.95 or A$59.95)

The Top 3 Amateurs

1. Ian Morgan - Winner: EFBB English Amateur Grand Prix & Pro Card Winner
2. Hunni Glanville
3. Simon Morgan
For a complete list of results in our RESULTS SECTION, click here.


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