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1988 IFBB Men's Amateur World Championships
Code: V-027DVD
Duration: 90 mins
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1988 IFBB Men's Amateur World Championships

Also known as the 1988 IFBB Mr. Universe

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The 42nd IFBB Men's Amateur World Championships were help in Australia in 1988. This classic contest V-027DVD brings you all of the action, and includes class winners such as Pavol Jablonicky, Renel Janvier, Juan Marquez, Prem Chand Degra, Tevfik Ulusoglu and much more.
It was extremely close between Renel Janvier and Patrick Nicholls.

1988 IFBB Amateur Men's World Championships - Results : 

Heavy Weight
1   Pavol Jablonicky 
2   Mats Kardell
3   Gene Howell
4   Jarno Seymonsbergen 
5   Alfred Neugebauer 
6   Jean Luc Favre 

 Light-Heavy Weight
1   Renel Janvier
2   Patrick Nicholls 
3   Andreas Munzer  
4   Ahmet Enunlu
5   Albert Scantlebury 
6   Les Berthelette 
7   Walter Van Elderen  

Middle Weight

1   Prem Chand Degra 
2   Todd Roberts 
3   Bernard Sealy 
4   Angelo Bardoni 
5   Daniel Coussieu 
6   Karl-Heinz Loose  

Light Weight
1   Juan Marquez 
2   Dong Ki Han  
3   Park Yung Chul 
4   Ernesto Pinegro 
5   Wilfried Sylvester 
6   Luciano Andreose 
10   Dennis Castillon  

Bantam Weight
1   Tevfik Ulusoglu 
2   Jose Ballester 
3    Flavio Baccianini 
4   Fatholomein Ali 
5   Luke Canestri
6   Juha Kanervisto


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