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Tom Platz UK Seminar Sept 1993 (Plus Posing of Tom Platz, Dorian Yates, Flex Wheeler)
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Duration: 96 mins
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Tom Platz UK Seminar Plus Posing - Sept 1993

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A bodybuilding star has to be truly outstanding for us to offer 3 separate seminars of him over a ten year period.

Such a star is the Golden Eagle - Tom Platz. Our first seminar was taped with Tom in New Zealand around 1987 (GMV - 29/30DVD).
The second time was our group of three lifestyle seminar series tapes made by Vaughan Jones in England in 1990. These were not true seminar tapes as GMV presents them, but segments from seminars throughout the UK as the camera followed Tom over the duration of his England tour GMV-283DVD.

This latest DVD is a traditional hard hitting seminar. For 96 minutes Tom gave the most charismatic, entertaining and enlightening seminar we have ever heard. He answered all the hard questions, such as "did Arnold really deserve his victory at the 1980 Mr. Olympia", why Momo Benaziza really died, as well as questions on steroids, training and nutrition. He also traced his own career from humble beginnings as a teenager.

Not to be missed - Tom’s comments on top stars such as Vic Richards, Flex Wheeler, Dorian Yates - all of whom are shown posing.

The final highlight in this inspirational and brutally honest tape is the posing by Tom of his still fantastic legs.

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Tom Platz Complete Contest History

Teen Mr America - AAU, Most Muscular, 3rd
Teen Mr America - AAU, 2nd

Mr Michigan - AAU, Overall Winner
Mr Southeastern USA - AAU, 3rd

Mr America - AAU, Short, 3rd

Mr America - AAU, Short, 2nd
Mr Southeastern USA - AAU, Winner

Mr America - AAU, Short, 2nd
USA World Qualifier - IFBB, MiddleWeight, 1st
World Amateur Championships - IFBB, MiddleWeight, 1st
World Amateur Championships - IFBB, Overall Winner

Mr Olympia - IFBB, LightWeight, 8th

Grand Prix Pennsylvania - IFBB, 10th
Night of Champions - IFBB, 12th
Mr Olympia - IFBB, 9th
Universe - Pro - IFBB, 2nd
World Pro Championships - IFBB, 2nd

Mr Olympia - IFBB, 3rd

Mr Olympia - IFBB, 6th

Mr Olympia - IFBB, 9th

Mr Olympia - IFBB, 7th

Mr Olympia - IFBB, 11th

Detroit Pro Invitational - IFBB, 6th

* This is a direct transfer to DVD with no special features.
* Available in NTSC DVD, OPEN REGION.

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