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2005 Mr. Olympia DVD - 2 Disc Set
Code: A-1107DVD
Duration: 225 mins
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2005 Mr. Olympia DVD (2 Disc Set)

The all-new 2005 Mr. Olympia DVD has now been released.

See Ronnie Coleman defeat a host of great challengers, plus special appearances by Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, past Mr. Olympia winners such as Frank Zane, Larry Scott, Samir Bannout, Dorian Yates etc. Plus the legendary Joe Weider for this the 40th Olympia anniversary.
This is also Ronnie's last Mr. Olympia victory.

Disc 1: Includes the top 15 posing routines, the Challenge Round, Best Wheels award, Posedown and Award Presentation as Ronnie makes it #8.
Running time 135 mins.

Disc 2: PLUS ... you get a special BONUS DISC #2 containing the Wildcard Showdown highlights, Backstage Pump-up action and the Press Conference.
Running time 90 mins. That is almost 4 hours of pulsating Mr. Olympia Weekend action!

October 13 - 16, Las Vegas, NV

1  Ronnie Coleman  USA 
2  Jay Cutler  USA 
3  Gustavo Badell  Puerto Rico   
4  Gunter Schlierkamp  Germany 
5  Victor Martinez  Dominican Republic 
6  Dennis James  Germany 
7  Melvin Anthony  USA 
8  Branch Warren  USA  
9  Darrem Charles  Trinidad 
10  Mustafa Mohammad  Jordan 
11  Johnnie Jackson  USA 
12  George Farah  USA 
13  Chris Cormier  USA 
14  David Henry  USA
15  Markus Ruhl  Germany 
16  Kris Dim  Cambodia 
17  Craig Richardson  USA 
17  Ronny Rockel  Germany 
19  Quincy Taylor  USA  
19  Alexander Federov  Russia
19  Mike Sheridan  USA 

Challenge Round Winner 
Gustavo Badell 

Best Wheels Winner 
Jay Cutler 

2005 Olympia Wildcard Showdown Results

1   David Henry 
2   Brian Chamberlain 
3   Eddie Abbew 
4   Franklin Roberson 
5   Rusty Jeffers 
6   Armin Scholz 
7   Luke Wood 
8   Greg Rando 
9   Michael Morris

Total Running time: 225 mins

GMV Productions would like to inform all purchasers of this double DVD set that there is compromised audio quality on the Finals disc. The audio volume is loud in some parts and soft in other parts of the DVD. The picture quality is of the highest standard.

GMV Productions will provide the double DVD set on the proviso that there is no refund, return or exchange as we are not the producers of this DVD set.   


*  Available in NTSC DVD Only (Region Free)

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