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2005 NABBA Universe: The Men - The Show
Code: GMV-623DVD
Duration: 93 mins
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2005 NABBA Universe: The Men - The Show

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The 2005 NABBA Universe saw a record number of competitors fighting for the titles of Overall Amateur Mr Universe and Pro-Am Mr Universe.  With the quality being so high, we have included every exciting moment from the evening show.
You will see the complete posing routines of all top 6 placegetters in each class, plus posedowns for Amateur Mr Universe, the Pro-Am and all awards. 
The Professionals were incorporated into the Pro-Am contest and judged entirely at the evening show.
The exciting pose-down between the 4 amateur height class winners for overall Amateur Mr. Universe saw a stunning victory for Brazil's own champion CHARLES MARIO.  SERGEI OGORODNIKOV of Russia made it a double by winning the Pro-Am after winning Overall Amateur Mr Universe in 2000.

Photos by Lou Messina and Scott Monroe.

Click here for GMV - 622DVD 2005 NABBA Universe - The Men's Prejudging.
2005 NABBA Universe - The Men's Prejudging 2005 NABBA Universe - The Men's Prejudging  

The 2005 NABBA Universe saw a record number of 170 competitors representing 33 countries. Accordingly this is one of the longest ever Men's Prejudging DVDs running for a massive 144 minutes. With the quality being so high, we have included posing routines from every one of the competitors, plus all Round One lineups.

You will also see most competitors in at least one Round 3 set of comparisons. The Professionals were only judged at the Evening Show in the Pro-Am contest, see GMV- 623DVD Men - The Show.


Click here for GMV - 621DVD 2005 NABBA Universe - The Women.
2005 NABBA Universe - The Women 2005 NABBA Universe - The Women  

Held in Southport, the 2005 NABBA Universe saw a record total of 53 women competing in 4 classes as follows: 21 in Miss Figure Class 2, 15 in Miss Figure Class 1, 9 in the Physique Class and 8 in Miss Fitness. You will see the posing routines of every single competitor from the prejudging and the top 6 in each class posing at the show.

Includes rounds 1 and 3 from prejudging, plus the posedown for Overall Figure Champion, as well as all the awards, and the fitness routines from the show.


Read Wayne Gallasch's 2005 NABBA Universe report. Click here.

Numbers of Competitors:
Juniors                14
Masters Over 40  19
Masters Over 50  14
Mr. Class 4         13
Mr. Class 3         18
Mr. Class 2         16
Mr. Class 1         16

Running time: 93 mins

Men's Results:

1 Marvin Nagelbloem Holland
2 Jarred Gradwell  South Africa
3 Andrew Hudson  South Africa
4 Damien Cloete   South Arrica
5 Mateus Correia  Brazil
6 Robert Lloyd   UK

Also competed:
Anton Micallef
Michael Kennedy
Joseph Boyd
Emo Eshiett
Nicholas Toppin
Jonathan Debono
Andrew Howarth
Octavio Perez

Masters Over 40
1 Joao Bispo De Andrade Brazil
2 Norton Murayama Brazil
3 Gilberto Feitosa  Brazil
4 Terry Fisher  UK
5 Dirk Weber Germany
6 Graham Park  UK

Also competed:
Mick McKay
John Lee
Shane Bagnall
Ben Rodriguez
Bill Elsden
Thierry Bidault
Hugh Ross
Werner Hoh
Jose Palomino
Nigel Cox
Alex Stoknov
Mikhail Pechenkin
Scott Ramdhani

Masters Over 50
1 Dimitri Dokour Israel
2 John Citrone UK
3 Rafael Vera  Spain
4 Earl Maduro Holland
5 Bernie Cooper  UK
6 Francisco Rios Mexico

Also competed:
Ron King
Patrick Collard
Peter Rothermel
Ian Blackwell
Kenneth Killbeck
Bob Robinson
Steven Culshaw
Renato Somenzi

Mr. Class 4
1 Charles Mario Brazil
2 Marilandio Ponchet Brazil
3 Simone Meiattini  Italy
4 Paul Sutton  UK
5 Paulo Lima Brazil
6 Jason Corrick UK

Also competed:
Steven Lloyd
Tommy Staunton
Yalchin Mammedov
Simon Horsell
Jimmy Lemassif
Emin Aliyev
Carlos Munoz

Mr. Class 3
1 Khalid Almohsinawi Holland
2 Phil Carlon UK
3 Roy Pattison  UK
4 Billy Bourne Rep of Ireland
5 Tony Mount  UK
6 Mehmet Yldrim  France

Also competed:
Patrick Croonen
Bruce McCall
Vitaly Snishchuk
Nicolas Loumi
Omar Musa
Raul Munoz
Hermanis Plisko
Pierre Mifsud
Christian Klee
Tony Brown
Vitaly Lebedenko
John Leslie

Mr. Class 2
1 Yan Salaks Russia
2 Jose Manuel Acosta  Spain
3 Domenic Scheda  Malta
4 Luke Nichols  UK
5 Shehab Eldin Aly  Holland
6 Philippe Foussard  France

Also competed:
Jason Read
John Bridge
Geoff Nutt
Miguel de Nova Soto
Zak Pallikaros
Leo Abraham
Joseph Camilleri
Adam Fennell
Oscar Daniel Gonzalez
Richard Rosales

Mr. Class 1
1 Hedwig Parden  Holland
2 Neven Corak  Croatia
3 Alexei Netesanov  Russia
4 Stephane Machovic  France
5 Ian Simpson  UK
6 Russel Freakly  UK

Also competed:
Ktistauis Stylo
Sergei Ivanov
Jari Mustonen
Jaylee Coetzee
Sean Allen
Neil Rushden
Chris Wall
Neil Brown
Evgeny Petrov
Dave Titterton

1 Sergei Ogorodnikov Russia
2 Gary Lister  UK
3 Peter Elvis Brown UK
4 Boris Kleine  Germany
5 Sergei Dukhota Ukraine
6 Dayo Audi UK
7 Charles Mario Brazil

Amateur Mr. Universe: Charles Mario, Brazil
Pro-Am Mr Universe: Sergei Ogorodnikov, Russia

Photos by Lou Messina and Scott Monroe.

* Available in NTSC (region free)

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