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David Webster's Strong Man Collection
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Duration: 60 mins
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David Webster's Strongman Collection

Digital Download.  

The Worlds Largest Collection of Strength and Physique Memorabilia! 

Plus Historic Weightlifting Footage:
The final 30 minutes of this unique video is transferred from rare black and white 16 mm film (shot by David himself) of the 1966 World Olympic Weightlifting Championships in East Berlin, in the former East Germany. Leonid Zhabotinsky set a new World Record in the Clean & Jerk of 218 kg in the Super Heavyweight Class at this contest. Bob Bednarski of USA was second.

The weightlifting film was shot silent, so we have added a music background.

The main body of the video was taped at David’s home "museum" in Irvine, Scotland in September, 1994.  We take a trip down memory lane and look at some of his treasures from the golden era of physical culture.

Starting inside the house, David takes us on a tour as he explains his priceless possessions, such as rare books, medals, statues, films, plaques, swords, magazines, and hundreds of rare photos. David is a skilled physique sculptor and you will see some of his work.

David’s second claim to fame is that he also organises World’s Strongest Men Competitions, and Highland Games Strength events. He recently received the O.B.E. for his services to sport.

Just as we thought we had seen it all, Dave Webster took us through his "garden museum". Items that caught the camera’s eye; Old time dumbells and weights from Sandow's era, solid dumbells and kettlebells from the 1800's. Hercules and strongman statues, etc. We end this 55 minute segment of nostalgia with a selection of early photos including Sandow and Hackenschmidt. (The Russian Lion).

Interview and photos by Clive Jaques.

60 Year History of the NABBA Universe  1950 - 2010  2 DVD Set David Webster is a living legend, and was a judge at some of the first NABBA Universe contests.

Hear his stories of the early days of bodybuilding at the Mr. Universe in this DVD set on the 60 Years History of the NABBA Universe, GMV-306DVD.

A few words abour David Webster, OBE
Scotland’s David Webster has one of the most remarkable bodies of work of anyone in the world of Physical Culture, which includes many competitive sports. 

David has excelled as an athlete (a national champion in weightlifting and a world-record holder), an administrator of fitness and sports who designed and directed for many years the largest Leisure Center in Great Britain, and supervised over a thousand employees, a writer with over 40 books and many hundreds of articles, a world leader and promoter of Scotland’s Highland Games, a sports administrator who has served as an Olympic Games coach as well as the Chief of Mission at the Commonwealth Games.

He is also a creator of televisions shows dealing with both strength training and sports, the current director of weightlifting in Scotland, a top judge of Strongman contests from 1955 until the present time (as the Chief of Officials at the Arnold Strongman Classic), a collector who has assembled the best private collection of physical culture material in the world, and a recipient of the Order of the British Empire (an honor bestowed by the Queen).


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