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Guts of Toro Christian Lobarede - Intense Workout
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Duration: 71 mins
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"Guts of Toro" Christian Lobarede - Intense Workout

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Christian Lobarede is the only male Latin Pro Bodybuilder in South America at the time we shot this video.

Many of you may not know the fascinating CHRISTIAN LOBAREDE story. Here is a little background on him.
Christian was born in Concepcion in the south of Chile.  He has always lived in Chile, South America and it is his home. He would never live anywhere else. He lost his father at a very young age.  At the age of 10 he moved to Santiago with his mother and sister.  He was later inspired as a teenager to become a famous bodybuilder after finding an old photo of his father doing a physique pose. Even though he was very poor, and inspired by this photo, Christian set out to make his own dumbbells and started weight training at the age of 15.

He studied advertising while working as an instructor in karate, physical culture and doing personal training.  He has owned 4 gyms, one of them the "Animal Gym." Now he is owner and manager of Lobarede Nutrition and Supplements, owner of the "Body Shop", and also trains athletes and organizes the Lobarede Classic contest.
He has a martial arts background and practiced kempo karate for many years.  He competed at the national levels winning absolute champion of Chile, and also won contests in Buenos Aires, Argentina between 1994 and 1997.
In 1998 at the age of 30 he won the overall title in the Spanish-American IFBB Games in Guatemala.  Winning this contest, which determines the best bodybuilder in the Spanish-speaking world, also earned him his pro card. He made his pro debut at the 1999 Toronto Pro and since then has represented his country in many professional contests in USA, Australia and Europe.

In this DVD shot by Wayne recently in Santiago, Chile - see photo above, you will see Christian in his hard core gym workout.  It includes extra candid footage shot by his wife  Elia "Samy" Nahuelhual showing Christian posing, training, having his hair braided and eating. His training partner in some sequences is Gonzalo Carrasco. There is a full pumping and posing segment in the gym plus many superb contest highlights from Christian's charismatic Pro Grand Prix appearances.

There are extra scenes and a comprehensive PHOTO GALLERY.
Extra Scenes: 9 mins
Braiding hair - Spanish speaking
Eating after training
Photo Gallery
Total running time is 62 mins + 9 mins extra scenes = 71 mins
Full Name: Christian Rolando Lobarede Anguita
Born: April 28, 1968 (Taurean)
Occupation: Owner of Lobarede Nutrition Company, and organizer with wife Samy of the Lobarede Classic.
He prepares athletes physically and mentally for active professional competition in the IFBB around the world.
Height: 6"
Weight: 262 pounds (competition); 298 (off season)
Residence: Santiago, Chile
In the years 1994 and 1997 was the overall champion in Chile and Argentina. In 1996 Christian was Latin American Champion. 1998 Spanish-American Games overall champion.

* Available in NTSC DVD (region free)

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