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Jay Cutler - One Step Closer 2 DVD set
Code: A-1137DVD
Duration: 349 mins
Price: $29.95
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Jay Cutler - One Step Closer.  2 DVD Set.


Part One includes: Jay’s Back and Shoulder workout with some arms and abs plus lots of locker room posing at the gym.
The CLIP and Part 1 Download.

Part 2 includes: Radio station appearance, Posing practice in the gym, Home – diet and eating, Backstage at 2005 Olympia, Olympia after party, Muscle & Fitness photoshoot, Chest workout & Posing in the locker room.
The CLIP and Part 2 Download.

Part 3 includes: A day in Jay's life – food shopping, cooking, eating, office work, post office, bank, Arms at Gold’s Gym, Legs at Gold’s Gym and Extras, bloopers etc.
The CLIP and Part 3 Download.


At just under 6 hours long, One Step Closer begins September 19, 2005, four weeks out from the 2005 Olympia, and documents Jay through the Olympia contest and ends shooting on December 17, 2005.

One Step Closer has behind the scenes footage from the Mr. Olympia - from prejudging to backstage footage - prior to and following the Mr. Olympia (contest footage is not included)! More then just a training DVD, One Step Closer gives you never seen before point of view footage of the lifestyle on one of the sport's greatest athletes.

Jay's bodyweight starting at 283 lbs four weeks out, then dropped to 265 lbs on the morning of Olympia. Then his weight increased up to 293 lbs within two months. This DVD includes Jay's whole body workout routine, with footage of carb-up meals at home, his real disappointment backstage at the Mr. Olympia, the Olympia "after party" and more!


349 minutes, 2 DVD Set.

* Available in NTSC DVD (Region Free)

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