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PERFECT series of 3 DVDs Posing, Routine, Contest Diet (Dual US$79.95 or A$89.95)
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Duration: 208 mins
Price: $79.95
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PERFECT series of 3 DVDs Posing, Routine, Contest Diet
(Dual Price US$79.95 or A$89.95).  Note that s
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The famous PERFECT series of 3 videos is now on DVD!!
At last we can you offer you PERFECT POSING, PERFECT CONTEST DIET and PERFECT INDIVIDUAL ROUTINE videos - all on individual DVDs.

Perfect Posing DVD


In this highly acclaimed DVD, posing coach and IFBB bodybuilding judge Gary Udit provides you with an easy to follow posing training system to help you WIN! You’ll learn posing tips and secrets from experienced competitors and judges.

Includes all the most up to date rules with segments for both men and women.

Detailed demonstrations of each pose allow you to practice and perfect each pose at home in front of your mirror! Whether you are a beginner in your first show or an advanced competitor, Gary Udit can help you pose better!

Perfect Individual Routine DVD


This is the 72 minute follow-up DVD to Perfect Posing, in which you learn MANY new AUXILIARY poses which you can add to the mandatories to build a fantastic routine. Learn how to hide your weaknesses and make your routine score maximum points!  Includes demonstrations for both male and female competitors from top pro judge Gary Udit.

As an amateur you have 60 seconds alone on stage to make your mark and impress the judges. Here is how to make that 1 minute really count.

Perfect Contest Diet DVD


This DVD teaches male and female bodybuilders the fundamentals of building a step-by-step nutritional program to get into top contest condition.  It includes proven ways to add size in the off-season and how to get into perfect contest shape in the 12 weeks before your show!

Gary Udit, the highly acclaimed trainer and IFBB judge who created the PERFECT POSING DVD, guides you through the do’s and don’ts of bodybuilding dieting and teaches you how to assess your personal metabolism and physique, allowing you to create a custom nutritional plan that works for you.

Includes how to gain size, get ripped and get into top shape!

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