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2003 IFBB English Grand Prix - Pump Room and Amateur Grand Prix
Code: GMV-552DVD
Duration: 100 mins
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2003 IFBB English Grand Prix - Complete Pump Room and Amateur Grand Prix

Also on Digital Download.  

Includes 31 minutes of superb Pro and Amateur pump room action. 
This DVD showcases both amateurs and pros as they appeared in the pump room at the 2003 IFFB English Grand Prix.


See the complete Prejuding and Finals of the EFBB Amateur Grand Prix contest!

Held prior to the Pro Show as a Pro Qualifier.

Sensational newcomer Bola Ojex sweeps the field and gains his pro card - then competes in the Pro Grand Prix later that evening.

To see the 2003 IFBB English Grand Prix, GMV-551DVD,  Click here.

Features the top 15 amateur men in the EFBB. You will see in the pump room Jay Cutler, Mustafa Mohammad, Ed Van Amsterdam, and many more!

Special features:

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Running Time: 100 mins

2003 IFBB English Grand Prix Results
1 Jay Cutler
2 Ernie Taylor
3 Günter Schlierkamp
4 Mustafa Mohammad
5 Johnnie Jackson
6 Troy Alves
7 Art Atwood
8 Claude Groulx
9 Rodney St. Cloud
10 Ed Van Amsterdam
11 Mike Sheridan
12 John Hodgson
13 Oleg Makchanstev
14 Lee Powell
15 Miguel Oliveira
16 Gianluca Daniele
17 Didier Blanc
18 Roy Menig
19 Bola Ojex
20 Anaud Plaisant
21 Jorge Jose Alves
22 Peter Brown
Also competed:
Emmanual Tzinidis
Gian Enrico Pica
Ramon Gonzalez
Ejike Nneke
Ricky Welling
Simon Cohen
Fabrizio Zittucro
Alison Maria
Erwin Marquez
Mike O'Hanlon

2003 EFBB English Amateur Grand Prix Complete Results

1 Bola Ojex (Pro Card)
2 Graeme Bennet
3 Dave Clarke
Ian Morgan
Lee Callaghan
Daniel Nehme
Mark Grier
Ian Bird
Warren Treasure
Peter Roach
Justin House
Mark Krah
Robby Anchant
Simon Morgan
Simon Fan
Amateur Grand Prix - Qualifier
Bola Ojex - Winner who qualified for the Pro GP

For a complete set of results in our Contest Results section - click here.

* Available in NTSC (region free)

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