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Charles Clairmonte – Amateur and Professional Mr. Universe
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Duration: 60 mins
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Charles Clairmonte – Amateur and Professional Mr. Universe

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Follow this muscle-packed giant from pre-contest preparation through his incredible journey to overall 1986 NABBA Amateur Mr. Universe.

This is our first DVD on Charles Clairmonte from England.  He is over 6ft tall, and 240 lbs of incredible hardcore muscle. Bulging pecs, armour plated abs, fantastic back and legs, huge arms and delts – he has the lot. See his awesome physique oiled and pumped before your eyes with the camera in extreme close-up mode, as he prepares in the studio for a rugged pumping and posing session.

The studio taping commences one month prior to the Mr. Universe Contest, then follows him through to his ultimate overall victory in the amateur section.

Throughout the DVD we hear excerpts from Charles’ interview by Clive Jaques. The information he shares on diet, nutrition and training is ideal advice for up-and-coming as well as serious long-time bodybuilders.

You’ll see tensing of his biceps and triceps from every angle as he curls heavy dumbbells. Awe-inspiring 21 inch+ guns that will blow your mind! He begins in tank top, which even further highlights his arms. And for those that relish tattoos, you won’t be disappointed. Charles will delight you with his brutal pumping and posing. It’s a hardcore gut-busting display.

Charles was destined to be a top Professional, firstly with NABBA and then the IFBB. See Charles Clairmonte in full contest and guest posing routines - both full frame and in close-up. Then we take you back to the 1986 NABBA Universe for the thrilling climax of the show. See Charles defeat a shredded Mr. America, Mike Antorino and then win the gruelling posedown for the overall title. Note: After a brilliant career with NABBA winning 4 Mr Universe titles and a Pro Mr World, Charles later went on to become a top IFBB professional.

1993 English Grand Prix

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This DVD includes a photo gallery.  Photos by Alex Mac and Wayne Gallasch.

NABBA Mr Britain, 2nd
NABBA European Championships, Tall Class, 1st
NABBA European Championships, Overall Winner
NABBA Mr Universe, Tall Class, 2nd
NABBA World Championships, Tall Class, 2nd

NABBA Mr Universe, Tall Class, 1st
NABBA Mr Universe, Overall Amateur Winner
NABBA World Championships, Tall Class, 3rd

NABBA Mr Universe - Pro - Winner

NABBA Mr Universe - Pro - Winner

NABBA Mr Universe - Pro - Winner
NABBA World Championships - Pro - Winner

IFBB English Grand Prix England, 17th
IFBB German Grand Prix, 15th
IFBB Dutch Grand Prix, 8th

IFBB English Grand Prix, Winner
IFBB Finnish Grand Prix, Winner
IFBB French Grand Prix (2), Winner
IFBB German Grand Prix (2), 4th
IFBB Spanish Grand Prix, Winner
IFBB Night of Champions, 4th
IFBB Mr Olympia, 7th

IFBB English Grand Prix, 3rd
IFBB French Grand Prix (2), 3rd
IFBB Italian Grand Prix, 3rd
IFBB Mr Olympia, 8th

IFBB Arnold Classic, 3rd
IFBB English Grand Prix, 3rd
IFBB French Grand Prix, 2nd
IFBB German Grand Prix, 6th
IFBB Russian Grand Prix, 4th
IFBB Spanish Grand Prix, 6th
IFBB Ukrainian Grand Prix, 5th
IFBB Mr Olympia, 10th
IFBB San Jose Pro Invitational, 2nd

IFBB Czech Grand Prix, 6th
IFBB English Grand Prix, 10th
IFBB German Grand, 11th
IFBB Russian Grand Prix, 7th
IFBB Spanish Grand Prix, 6th
IFBB Spanish Grand Prix (2), 10th
IFBB Swiss Grand Prix, 7th
IFBB Mr Olympia, 9th

IFBB Grand Prix England, 10th
IFBB Mr Olympia, 12th

That superb record was 4 NABBA Universe titles, 1 NABBA Pro World title and 4 IFBB GP victories.

* Available in NTSC (region free)

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