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The Golden Age Of Muscle: Part 2 1984/85 Mr Olympia
Code: A-1168DVD
Duration: 265 mins
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The Golden Age Of Muscle: Part 2 "1984/85 Mr Olympia"
plus "The Challengers" Documentary

Mr Olympia 1984 Watch the legendary Lee Haney take his first Mr O, beating the all time greats, Sergio Oliva, Mohamed Makkawy, Tom Platz and more.

Mr Olympia 1985 Lee Haney takes win No. 2 over Gaspari, Christian, Beckles, Padilla, Platz and more. A real champ.
Approximate running time of each Mr Olympia is 100 mins.

The Challengers Includes the following: Tom Platz training, Rich Gaspari training and posing, Lee Haney, Al Beckles training arms and posing, Bob Paris interview plus training and posing, Frank Richards training and posing.

Also appearances by Joe Gold, Pete Grymkowski, Charles Glass training, Mike Christian training and posing, Luiz Freitas training, Rich Martinelli, Teagan Clive, Carla Temple, Janice Regain, Lori Green and Michele Thomas.
The Challengers Running time: 65 minutes.

This is three complete movies on one massive DVD!
This is an authorized and licensed copy made directly from the broadcast-quality master tape. It does not come with the original video cover information.

Total Running time: 265 minutes.

1984 Mr. Olympia Results 
1 Lee Haney USA
2 Mohamed Makkawy Egypt
3 Jusup Wilkosz Germany
4 Albert Beckles England
5 Roy Callender Canada
6 Samir Bannout Lebanon
7 Bob Paris USA
8 Sergio Oliva USA
9 Tom Platz USA
10 Bob Birdsong USA
11 Chris Dickerson USA
12 Tony Pearson USA
13 Boyer Coe USA
14 Chuck Williams USA
15 Bill Grant USA
16 Charles Glass USA
17 Robby Robinson USA
18 Hubert Metz Germany
19 James Gaubert USA
20 Appie Steenbeek Netherlands

1985 Mr. Olympia Results 
1 Lee Haney USA
2 Al Beckles England
3 Rich Gaspari USA
4 Mohamed Makkawy Egypt
5 Mike Christian USA
6 Berry de Mey Netherlands
7 Tom Platz USA
8 Sergio Oliva USA
9 Bob Paris USA
10 Frank Richard England
11 Bob Birdsong USA
12 Tony Pearson USA
13 Wilfred Sylvester England
14 John Brown USA
15 Jacques Neuville France
16 Danny Padilla USA
17 Ali Malla Lebanon
18 Johnny Fuller England
19 Gerard Buinoud France
20 Salvador Ruiz Spain
21 Appie Steenbeek Netherlands
22 Renato Bertagna Italy
23 Sean Jenkins USA
24 Ben Herder Netherlands

It all started with the film "Pumping Iron", starring a young Arnold Schwarzenegger, whose dream was to be the best bodybuilder in the world.  To do this he had to win Joe Weider's top show "Mr. Olympia" and win it he did.
An amazing 7 times, retiring undefeated in 1980.

For over 20 years Video 4 has been producing the ultimate in bodybuilding contest and documentary videos.  Venice Beach, Santa Monica, USA now called Muscle Beach is where some of the greatest bodybuilders of all time started their careers.  Preparing and training at Gold's and World Gym with one aim in mind, to win the prestigious Mr. Olympia contest.

The Golden Age Of Muscle: Part 1  "1982/83 Mr Olympia" plus "Battle for Gold" Documentary A-1167DVD.

The Golden Age Of Muscle: Part 2  "1984/85 Mr Olympia" plus "The Challengers" Documentary A-1168DVD.

The Golden Age Of Muscle: Part 3  "1986 Mr Olympia" plus "The Olympians" Documentary
and "Schwarzenegger's Super Stars of Muscle" Documentary A-1169DVD.


Dear Body Building Friends,

"When I first conceived the 'Mr Olympia' contest in 1965 I never dreamed that a few years later so many great bodybuilders would be competing together for that title..."

Sincerely Yours
Joe Weider

* Available in NTSC DVD Only (Region Free) at this stage.

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