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Facing Goliath
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Duration: 48 mins
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Facing Goliath

The award winning and nationally broadcast documentary about Ray Taylor and his natural bodybuilding friend, Sebastian MacLean.

A  year ago, Ray found out he was gradually losing his remaining eye sight, so he contacted Sebastian to find out if getting into better physical condition might keep him out of a depression. Sebastian challenged him to a twelve-week physique transformation.

By taking up that challenge Ray lost forty pounds. Now almost a year later, Ray is discovering that he may have only a few months left to see anything. Sebastian has been involved in bodybuilding for over a decade as a natural bodybuilder. Now after having isolated himself in training for a number of years, he is emerging to compete on the non-drug tested national bodybuilding stage. His aim is to represent a physical condition reminiscent of past classic physiques, proving that the sports origins are more impressive than the exaggerated physiques of the present arena.

He is facing men far larger than himself in an effort to be an example of the balance for which his sport used to be admired. FACING GOLIATH is a story that examines a young man's realization that the strength of a determined heart is far more powerful than any muscular physique. Originally setting out to paint himself as the hero, Sebastian began helping his middle-aged friend, Ray Taylor, to confront the prospect of going blind by transforming himself into muscular specimen.

Sebastian believed the story would end with Ray inspired and awe struck, as he loyally watched his heroic trainer rise onward to national competitive victory. But after failing to reach his competitive goals, Sebastian witnesses Ray achieving more than anyone thought possible. Through taking hold of his emotional and physical condition, Ray journeys beyond his limitations to discover what is possible when you believe there are no limits. Facing blindness and having a long history of being a couch potato, Ray succeeds in transforming himself to the point of outshining his trainer on the national stage.

Both Sebastian and Ray face the hardships of reaching for the top, while capturing the triumphs of human spirit realized along the way. A friendship is tested, as each man pushes to meet their final goal, where the ultimate lesson teaches us that real heroes are measured by their hearts, not by the shell in which it is found to beat.

* Available in NTSC DVD Only (Region Free)

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