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The Jeff King Seminar plus Posing
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Duration: 120 mins
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The Jeff King Seminar plus Posing

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Jeff King was the 1983 AAU Mr America and 1983 NABBA Amateur Mr Universe winner. At the time he was one of the best amateur bodybuilders in the world. If he was a pro star in the current era he would no doubt be compared with a Branch Warren when in his peak condition. I would say that Jeff's genetic structure was more like that of Branch Warren than any other pro bodybuilder that I have seen in the last 25 years. 
The Jeff King leg development was unbelievable and way ahead of its time. Jeff was a great authority on bodybuilding and when he came to Adelaide, South Australia on his national posing and seminar tour, he packed in a huge crowd as he did at every appearance. This was just after competing in the 1984 NABBA International World Bodybuilding Championships where he won the Heavyweight Class and placed 2nd overall. You will hear how he surprised his seminar audience with some very interesting and controversial points of view.


His seminar was one of the most outstanding and informative ever given in Australia. He talked about diet and training and held nothing back from the appreciative audience of around 500 fans. Jeff was in great condition and his size and muscularity were displayed during his awesome end of seminar posing routine.

We have also added in some extra footage of Jeff's in-depth guest posing in other parts of Australia. Please don't forget that this was taped around 20 years ago and the quality is consistent with the technology available at the times. It was taped under less than perfect conditions, and the sound (quite frankly) could be better.


However you can hear what Jeff has to say and it's still very good - an historically unique DVD and worthy of a place in anyone's collection.
As Jeff's whole career was almost entirely with the AAU and NABBA, he never received the publicity he deserved in the USA magazines. This DVD and photo display below hopefully redresses some of this situation. He was one of the all time greats.                                

Please click here to see Jeff's letter to Wayne in thanks, after the taping of this seminar in Adelaide, South Australia on December 9th, 1984.

See the Interview and amazing article on JEFF KING by Rod Labbe.

Running time: 120 mins

(As provided to Wayne at the end of 1984, before the final 4 years of Jeff's career. It provides an interesting snap shot in time.)

AGE: 23

STATUS: Married

Honors Graduate High School
College Major in Health Sciences & Physical Education

Started training at age 14 Thereafter won many titles as a teenager, and then in open competition. See list under Contest Results below.

At 17, he entered his first contest, the Teenage New Jersey, and placed third.
At 18, he won the Teenage New Jersey.
At 19, he won the Teenage America and Teenage U.S.A. heavyweight divisions.
In April 1982, he entered and won the Collegiate Mr America, training, dieting, and keeping a 3.7 grade index.
In June 1983, he was graduated with honors and a 3.8 grade point average.
He's a perfectionist in his diet, training, and studies and used the scientific knowledge on training, diet and nutrition to help him prepare for his contests and for future growth.
On Sept. 4, 1983, he won his nation's greatest bodybuilding title, MR AMERICA, at the A.A.U. competition held in Tampa, Fla., beating 50 of America's best built men.

Two weeks later he won the NABBA OVERALL AMATEUR MR UNIVERSE title in London, England, against 34 amateur bodybuilders throughout the world including defending champion, JOHN BROWN who was Overall Mr. Universe of 1981 and 1982.
He is now ranked as the WORLD'S TOP AMATEUR BODYBUILDER.
He always has received solid support from his father, a high school science teacher in Lakewood, N.J., and a marathon runner. 
His mother, a nurse, also encouraged Jeff's training.
His brother Todd, now 20, (1984) and a science major at Pennsylvania State University, began lifting weights two years ago. Brotherly Competition!
Todd entered his first contest last November and won his class. In 1984 or 1985, Todd hopes to win the Collegiate Mr America as Jeff did.
One day, the KING brothers just might be bodybuilding's most famous brother competitors!

PHOTOS: Special thanks to Malcolm Whyatt for contest photos. Other photos by Wayne Gallasch and courtesy Jeff King.

Jeff King's Contest History  
Mr New Jersey - AAU, Teen Tall, 1st

Teen Mr America - AAU, Heavyweight, 1st
Teen Mr USA - AAU, Heavyweight, 1st
Teen Mr Southern New England - AAU, 1st
Mr Southern New England - AAU, 1st

Mr New England - AAU, 1st
Collegiate Mr America - AAU, Overall Winner
Collegiate Mr America - AAU, Medium-Tall, 1st

Mr America - AAU, Medium-Tall, 1st
Mr America - AAU, Overall Winner
Eastern USA Championships - NPC, Tall, 1st
Eastern USA Championships - NPC, Overall Winner
Mr Universe - NABBA, Tall, 1st
Mr Universe - NABBA, Overall Amateur Winner

World Championships - NABBA, Tall, 1st

World Championships - WABBA, Professional, 2nd

Universe - Pro - NABBA, 2nd
World Championships - WABBA, Professional, 2nd

Universe - Pro - NABBA, 6th


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