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1988 BDB Mr Germany - The Show
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1988 BDB Mr Germany - The Show

This 1988 event was one the hardest fought in years. Featuring Men and Women, the evening show is 97 mins of muscle action featuring the best amateur physiques in Germany. The brilliant Overall Men's Winner was EDDY DANNAPFEL.

Some of the competitors had major careers in the IFBB and one became a Professional star - namely ACHIM ALBRECHT.
RAINER GORBRACHT went on to win the Overall Amateur NABBA Mr. Universe of 1991.

Andreas Krebs and Eddy Dannapfel both had substantial careers. To see our training DVD which features EDDY DANNAPFEL, please click here for GMV-354DVD.

To see RAINER GORBRACHT winning the 1991 NABBA Universe, please click here for the PREJUDGING, GMV-138DVD and click here for THE SHOW, GMV-139DVD.

We have ACHIM ALBRECHT in many DVDs including Mr. Olympias. To see him guest posing at the 1992 GERMAN GRAND PRIX, please click here for GMV-080DVD.
In the Women's section, Tamara Konz also won many titles.

These RESULTS are courtesy of Tamara Konz.

1988 BDB German Championships
Junior III
1. Michael Beisser
2. Sigi Ruppert
3. Jerry Thielmann
4. Reinhard Mertel
5. Gerd Engler
6. Ray Militzer
Junior II
1. Dirk Fröse
2. Michael Ton
3. Martin Schmalz
4. Thomas Kret
5. Ulli Laub
6. Frank Maurer
Junior I
1. Clive Salz
2. Ingo Lambrecht
3. Klaus Schemer
4. Fabian Behner
5. Uwe Wunder
6. Michael Hammer
Overall Junior Winner: Clive Salz
Women II
1. Christine Breitenbach
2. Sibille Meister
3. Carola Lambrecht
4. Monika Boelitz
5. Karin Habisreuter
Women I
1. Tamara Konz
2. Sabine Brecht
3. Beatrix Glück
4. Helga Habenich
6. Esther Hoyler
Overall Women's Winner: Christine Breitenbach
Masters Over 40
1. Heinz Horling
2. Karl-Heinz Mildner
3. Wolfgang Schöber
4. Horst Schaus
5. Branco Kravnic
1. Tamara Konz / Jürgen Schwambach
2. Blum / Lambrecht
3. Säpachi / Gohr
4. Meister / Schaumberg
5. Klesse / Schröder
Men Class 4
1. Rainer Gorbracht
2. Frank Blumberg
3. Axel Blase
4. Gerhard Wehner
5. Jörg Buschmann
Men Class 3
1. Andreas Krebs
2. Frank Ehrenberg
3. Peter Seydlitz
4. Tarador Säpachi
5. Marco Dengel
Men Class 2
1. Eddy Dannapfel
2. Günther Schweikert
3. Armin Brunder
4. Horst Welz
5. Horst Kraschewski
Men Class 1
1. Achim Albrecht
2. Klaus Ragg
3. Markus Müller
4. Uwe Reifferscheidt
5. Frank Knebelkamp
6. Ulli Schröder
Overall Winner: Eddy Dannapfel


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